Navyug Infosolutions: Designing and Developing Products like they should be

A technical partner to many, Navyug Infosolutions is a software developing company that has got everyone’s attention.  Being technology agnostic, Navyug opts for varied technologies that best solve their customers’ problems, but their prime focus is currently upon proven open source frameworks for the Web (especially Ruby on Rails, Python) and Mobile (Native and PhoneGap) that provide proven reliability, scalability and value for money to their customers.
The Journey that started Everything
The Founders of Navyug decided to enter the software field, because they believed (and still do) that software was one field where they could make a huge difference. They also observed that India had several software services companies, but few product based software companies. This gave them the idea to launch software products that hold the promise of changing the lives of many for the better.
The journey of Navyug started with lots of struggles. Their first office was an attic, where they put together their furniture with the help of a local carpenter! Starting in June 2010, they got their first order in the month of September. After that, there was no looking back. They knew that if they did excellent work, their clients would keep coming back and would keep sending others too.
Throughout their journey, they have stuck to their core values which they have abbreviated to the humorous sounding acronym, WITAPES (Wisdom, Integrity, Technology, Atypical, People-centered, End-Outcomes and Self-Management). They do what they promise and have under-promised to their clients to always over-deliver later. Navyug Infosolutions also has a strict policy of zero outstanding payments to any vendor, in keeping with their value of Integrity towards all.
The Story of the Creator
A Co-founder of Navyug Infosolutions, Col Sunil Prem (Retd) had defied all his family norms to join the Indian Army and his success story as an Army Personnel spans more than 23 years.
In those 23 years, Col. Prem notched up many credits. He won the Best Army Cadet at the National Defense Academy. He is the recipient of President’s Gold Medal at the Indian Military Academy. He has done the prestigious Staff College course from both India and Australia and has also served in the United Nations. He also led the Best Training Unit at the National Defense Academy. Sunil has commanded an Engineer Regiment. He was the Colonel General Staff of a strike formation as well as a B. Tech (Gold Medal) & an M. Tech (CPI 10/10) from IIT Kanpur.
Always the adventurer, Sunil left everyone astonished when he took premature retirement, declaring that his field soldering days were over. No one was surprised however, when he co-founded two successful companies post his Army life. He co-founded Navyug Infosolutions with his IIT Kanpur friend, Sanjeev Kumar. He also joined his ex-military friends to establish Arnima Ventures LLP. Apart from these, he has himself designed many unique counter-IED training products (see, helped develop a remotely operated vehicle (ROV), started the Soldier2ndLife Project, written a comic book and launched home wine and beer making kits. Like a true adventurer, he has the risk-appetite of an entrepreneur, the fighting-spirit of a karate enthusiast and the compassion of a writer and a trainer.
What they are known for
Navyug Infosolutions prides itself on having 3 alumni from IIT Kanpur as its Directors – Sunil Prem, Sanjeev Kumar and Rahul Singh all are from IIT Kanpur. Rahul Singh is also an alumnus of ISB. Through their High-End Team, they have famously achieved extremely high customer satisfaction. The services they provide include:
Web Application Development
With the likes of Prime Revenue as a Client for Supply Chain Financing software, they are known for building elegant, powerful software to meet the ultimate objectives of business.
Mobile Application Development
Understanding users and building apps that engage them the way they expect their users to, is another area of specialization of Navyug. They have developed SciSupplier (US) for Supplier payments, Paytronic (India) for mobile recharge, and Credihealth that searches doctors and hospitals nearby.
Testing Services: Manual and Automation Testing
They also validate the effectiveness of applications. They have conducted Testing Services for-
Indian Army (OTA Gaya, India) for Officer Cadets Training Management
Ammi’s Biryani and Dana Choga (India), Food ordering Mobile Apps
e-suite (India), a Corporate Internal Training Program
Do you want to know whether your architecture is scalable or which technology will best solve your business problem? Navyug Infosolutions provides Consulting services to help you to take the right decision. Their excellence in technology and business helps them give their customers the best advice.
Technology Migration
They have undertaken migration projects for Larsen and Toubro (India), Sparsh (India) and many more.
Internet of Things
Navyug has showcased its expertise in building IoT applications. They have carried out projects for esteemed clients like SafeHur (India) and JanaJal (India).
Navyug Infosolutions has designed many out of the box and valuable products. Some notable ones are:
Soldier2ndLife: A unique concept to assure soldiers a second life to earn and learn, even after they hang up their uniforms.
Savior ROV: An ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle) for disposal of improvised and other explosive devices.
DoPrep: An online learning platform that helps candidates clear Engineering Entrance Examinations
SCITR: A unique Software Controlled IED Training Range that helps security forces rehearse in near-real conditions.
Looking through the Field glass
Navyug Infosolutions has always fostered a culture of learning and development, which is visible in their current focus on Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence. They consistently train their employees to innovate and to remain two steps ahead of the technology wave.
They have set their eyes on expanding their software services overseas and for that, they have set up an office in Europe.
They look at every customer as a life-time customer. Therefore, they are not in the game of trying to earn from one transaction / order. Rather, they focus on ensuring customer delight. And once customers experience the quality that they always deliver, they always return.
Their work speaks for them. Navyug usually challenges new customers to point at any past customer and invites them to take direct feedback from them on their work.

Source :- The 30 Best Startup Companies

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