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If you want to make predictions for the future, you need to find the trajectory of events in the past. So to work out what shape digital technology will likely take next year, we should look back to the important development of 2016. And the past year’s developments point out to 2017 shaped by the next phase of augmented and virtual reality, the development of  Internet for artificial intelligence and the creation of personalized digital assistants that follow across the world.
Incorporated in November 2013, situated in Delhi, Simulanis is India’s first Ed-Tech multi-award winning startup leveraging on Augmented and Virtual Reality for Industrial Training and Technical Engineering Learning.
Simulanis is a company which develops immersive and interactive products and platforms, to facilitate learning within the technical higher education domain, for the students and graduates of technical universities. They have developed interactive games, applications, walk-throughs, and e-learning courses promote a unique work culture where the emphasis is given on smart work owing to the nature of the work.
Simulanis encourage creative ways of developing new products and keeping it simple and innovative. Innovative ideas and integrating business strategies empower their team to shape the company and make it meet new horizons thereby making them successful entrepreneurs.
Backbone of Simulanis
Raman Talwar, Founder and CEO at Simulanis, is a well decorated, top-rank holder and a multi-award winner. He holds a Masters in Chemical Engineering with Honours in Research (MEng. Hons.) from the University of Manchester (UK).
On the back of some groundbreaking research work in a specialized domain, he has received prestigious accolades from the university and several nominations from the industry during his time in England.
Whilst taking on challenging assignments ably testifying his impressive technical and transferable skill-set, he has the experience of working for some of the world’s most respected FTSE-100 companies in the FMCG, Engineering Consultative and Process Design industries. His core interests lie in the development and application of process simulation and optimization models to solve real world problems.
He also takes a keen interest in the field of computer-aided design and development of process safety solutions applicable across a range of industries including oil & gas, pharmaceutical and chemicals.
Recently, he inducted in an illustrious group of Movers and Makers, by the Make in India magazine published by CONDE NAST India, of 40 change-makers and innovators under 40 years of age, striving for excellence and fueling India’s ascent as part of the Make in India campaign across sectors.
Journey of Simulanis  with Teachnology
Whilst working within the industry and observing the burgeoning skills-gap between industry requirements and the technical knowledge level of engineering students, Simulanis was initially started by delivering training services to engineering students and graduates at their centers, college and corporate. Post their success in the physical / offline / brick-and-mortar training service delivery domain, to achieve scale, they went to the online route.
To make a better online suite of content-centric training products, Simulanis added Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Technologies (AR-VR) to their portfolio back in January 2015, and till date. They have been evolving a range of education, skilling and training focused products leveraging on AR-VR technologies. Their developed AR-VR products for education was simple which effectively enables students, skill-seeking trainees and industry professionals to visualize technically challenging content, and learn the difficult concepts easily and interactively through immersive AR-VR and 3D gamification methods.
Simulanis have had its share of disappointments, despair, and grief as well, but these feelings and emotions have only spurred them to achieve greater things.
While defining his journey at Simulanis, Raman said, “We at Simulanis had our share as well, but in my own experience, I always viewed them as stepping stones in the journey to achieve larger milestones. Starting up really is a rollercoaster ride – from experiencing the most ultimate highs to staring at depressing lows – everything comes a full circle. From team building, to office setup, to the first paying customer acquisition, there were a range of challenges we faced. Getting the minimum viable product developed in the most frugal way, and generating early user traction, were some of the other challenges we faced early on. However, I will rate the overall journey as satisfying. It has been nothing short of exciting, exhilarating and unpredictable.”
Providing Delighting Services
Simulanis develop Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) applications with a view to bridge the skills-gap between industry demands and engineering education curriculum, intended for students, under-graduates, graduates and professionals, revolving around the K-12, Higher Education (Engineering) and Vocational segments.
They are the first ones in India to commercialize and promote AR/VR hardware and peripherals such as head-mounted-displays (HMDs), leap motion sensors, hand controllers, multi-touch solutions, haptic sensors, and wearables specifically for technical engineering learning. Coupled with a consistently high rating of their products and an outstanding feedback from all the clients, the content-centric quality and a high engagement factor of Simulanis’ technologies and products sets them apart, and positions them uniquely.
Sketching the Future with Superiority
Simulanis humbly believes that the role AR and VR technology play is a global one, and for this reason, a global immersion is critical to their success. In-line with this the company have set up offices abroad, and scaling up their teams whilst for gearing them effectively to overcome the future challenges. The push for Simulanis now is to become truly world-class, and they are taking all the essential steps in that direction.

Source :- The 30 Best Startup Companies

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