Winix Technologies: Making India visible, Wirelessly

It has always been a huge task for technical companies to find investment in India. The scene is grimmer when it comes to building an electronic hardware product. In spite of all this, the hardware companies have been performing exceptionally well during the recent financial year. With the government taking the initiative to boost the electronic produce in India, many multinational OEMs are setting up their plants in India.
Winix Technologies builds next generation Intelligent Wireless Solutions, which helped leading Consumer electronics and IoT companies to reach mass production faster and more effectively.
A Short Apologue of Winix
The founding team of Winix technologies has had more than 40+ years of experience in Audio Streaming and IoT Platforms that was gathered while they were working in multiple multinational companies and they wanted a company for quality electronic products that India could boast about.
With fundings from a Japanese Company that is already in the business of creating quality products for the last 35 years, Winix was formed in May 2015, with actual operations starting in Jan 2016. They had to work quickly to prove their engineering skills in front of the overseas companies and make them believe that genuine products can actually be built from India. The Japanese company is not just their investor, but also their partner in maintaining the quality of their products and a mentor in understanding the needs of the market.
Making India renowned for Electronic Products
Winix has always been careful in putting its best foot forward while launching a product. Currently, the IoT portfolio of products of Winix Technologies includes-
Wi-MAP is an Indoor Location Intelligence Platform that combines the best of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and low energy sensors. It can be used to collect movement of people through an area, provide them with turn-by-turn indoor guidance on a map or floor plan, and trigger actions when a device is near or leaves a point of interest. Using Wi-MAP, users can follow the movements of people and assets and more, in real-time. The best part of it is that all these features have been developed while keeping the privacy of people in mind. Wi-MAP is built as a part of the retail infrastructure to accurately define POS by knowing customer movement in real-time. In the schools, Wi-MAP can be incorporated to establish better security and to enable parents and teachers to have knowledge of location of their kids in real-time, from school bus to classrooms.
Wi-CAMs work completely on Wi-Fi and saves on cabling cost and the hustle of wiring. It differs from other IP cameras as it creates a powerful and self-reorganizing Wi-Fi mesh network which can cover huge areas. With Winix’s state of the art Interference Detection and Avoidance Algorithm (IDAA), Wi-CAM is more robust and is able to provide remote monitoring of the furthest corners of a building (which are away from the internet hotspot) right from a smart phone. Wi-CAM also provides the comfort of installing multiple Wi-CAMs which enables the customers to monitor them simultaneously using a single app on Android or iOS phone. Wi-CAM is also equipped with Winix’s state of the art face detection technology, which enables them to match faces with pre-stored ones. Wi-CAMs are also equipped to detect stationary objects like a stationary suitcase in a busy area and generate alerts for security if needed.
Apart from the products just mentioned, Winix provides state of the art solutions on Low Latency Audio streaming to Tier1 OEMs. It is widely known that higher levels of precision are required for signals streaming within 20ms in Audio products to maintain audio and video synchronization, which is almost impossible to achieve over Wi-Fi. However, Winix’s technology has made it possible to stream from source to destination in < 17ms, delivering the solution to multiple Tier-1 consumer electronics brand.
About the Sparks that keep Winix alive
With over 15 years of experience in designing Applications and Products on different embedded platforms & various other technologies, Subhajeet Roy, the Founder & CEO, has worked as Director of Engineering in multiple companies like Bridge Inc., Standard Microsystem (SMSC), and Microchip Technologies.
He has contributed to the development of various Wireless Media Streaming platforms which can deliver Rich Media Contents to the Handsets and Embedded Devices. He has also designed and developed a Wireless platform (JukeBlox 2.0) which is believed to be industry’s most comprehensive Linux-based platform for Wireless Audio and IoT.
The Chief Technical Officer, Ajay Singh Kathat, also has over 15 years of experience in Product and Mobile Handset Development and deployment. Ajay has previously worked as Senior Engineer Manager at Samsung India and Microchip Technologies. He brings years of technical expertise in multiple embedded platforms which enable standard devices to connect to the internet and reach the world using Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and various other technologies. He is an expert in building complete system architecture and in taking products to mass production quickly and effectively.
Attributes of their Success
At Winix, there is a strong belief that quality and robustness are the key to success. There is always the need of a product that can withstand the hardest of conditions. They always focus on making robust rather than somewhat working product because they know that a product that works in ideal conditions may never see the light of day.
Winix is determined to achieve its mission of portraying India positively in the International Electronics Manufacturing Scenario. They strictly adhere to the highest quality in software and hardware to earn customer trust.
The Team at Winix is constantly undergoing innovation and carries out rigorous Research and Development to stay ahead of competitors.

Source :- The 30 Best Startup Companies

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