UXInterface: Simplifying Complications through Best Designed User Interface

There is a tremendous increase in the number of products being added to the world. But the market hardly focuses on user experience. Whenever a product is being developed, there is a user for the same. Your product might be highly tech-savvy and smart, but the user experience also plays an important role when it comes to materializing the product. A successful design gives user’s needs and requirements the top priority. It is a common scenario that most of the product owner/developers overlook the end users’ requirement. For an exceptional UI and UX, successful designers design for the user and not just to charm to the needs of the client. With a passion for improving UX and following a user-centric approach, UXInterface was introduced.
Products developed by various companies become complicated due to the assumptions, while most of the users want simple approach to any kind of product. At UXInterface, every design is the result of a careful discretion of the most suitable UX process. The growth of the company is owed to their simplicity.
Sanjat Mishra, a Persistent and Dedicated Persona
“After a stint for about a decade and a half in the corporate world, I thought it is time that I start my next innings as the founder of my own enterprise.”
With immense passion for “Creativity” Sanjat Mishra, Founder and CEO of UX Interface, recognized “UX Designing” as one of the key professions to face challenge and show creativity. The initial days were not easy, as he donned the founder’s hat. As a new consultant, it was extremely difficult to win the faith of the clients. Projects were hard to come by. And it was difficult to explain the clients why UX is required.
Sanjat started working as a sketch artist in Ludhiana in a small garment firm and was working as garment designer till 1999. After which he shifted to Bangalore for multimedia studies at Arena Multimedia and worked with Shoppers’ Stop simultaneously. In 2000, he shifted to the IT industry working in the web designing and multimedia department with various organizations. In 2003, Sanjat got his big break with an MNC and he has spent a fair time of his career in Huawei Technologies India and has learnt many things as a beginner at Huawei.
Story of the Startup
In the beginning of 2014, Sanjat was approached for a small assignment that came from overseas, but they wanted to work with a registered firm. Hence the registration process started in the month of March and he registered his firm in the name of UX Interface. There were a lot of initial difficulties with no financial assistance, no moral support, and many hurdles. Early days were really tough to contract projects; it was like a fresher hunting for job in the industry.
Sanjat takes us back into his struggling days as he explains his story, “I attended an interview in a very renowned and well established company. I had cleared all my technical rounds and was patiently waiting for their response. Finally I was called-in by the HR and the gentle woman said, “Everything is very good Sanjat, but you are not certified from a reputed university.”  It certainly damages an individuals’ confidence. It sounded like “I am happy to serve you pizza, but sorry you are not an Italian”.
“It always hits to my mind that when honey bees make beehive or birds make their hanging nest or a spider makes the web, from which reputed university they get their certification for their artwork. I felt designing is very natural to me and it is always there whether I would certify for it or not. Then I thought to take the challenge and started with zero investment.”
Today, the company has been selected as one of the top ten Design startups in India. Their greatest moment of pride arrived when they were selected by the UK based distributor of the film ‘Bahubali-2’ to promote the film.
Sanjat has two qualities which he nurtures and treasures the most – Patience and dedication.
Nurtures Talent and Develops as a Whole Team
UXInterface has an excellent creative, energetic and young team. They fondly and proudly call themselves TUXI (Team UXInterface). The team members take their job very seriously and provide different kinds of after-effects with outstanding animation. Every design is the result of a cooperative effort of not only designers and developers but also from HR, marketers and social marketing personnel. They involve even non-designers because as users, they give their needs and feedbacks which are integrated into developing one complete output. Some of their team members are physically challenged too. Many of them also don’t have a formal educational background, but are hired purely based on their natural talent in various kind of design work. UX Interface today is not just a business enterprise; it is a social enterprise too.
Envisioning Growth and Success
There are a few product ideas lined-up, but they aren’t really thought through. There is a plan for a product which will add value to the entire range of product users in terms of their business. It’s a manual product which TUXI is planning to automate in near future.
With a team of, very analytical, perceptive, passionate, creative, active listeners and rational convincers, UXInterface foresees a successful journey to become a full-fledged designer enterprise, which develops designs that are not only artistic but also fulfills the user’s need.

Source :- The 30 Best Startup Companies

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