Navitus Education: Making Education Interactive and Affordable

With the size of the online education in India currently estimated to be about $20 billion, Navitus Education creates highly interactive courses which constantly keep the students engaged in the course materials. These courses are structured by their Instructional Designers working in conjunction with the mentors and then developed further by Graphic Designers.
The seed for Navitus Education
Online education is seen as a low cost alternative to the existent brick and mortar educational institutions, considering the fact that several established institutions would need to enhance employee skillsets by embracing online education.
Apart from cost savings, the biggest reason for opting for an online platform has been the added advantage of having it molded to track and monitor a student’s progress and make the course correction on an individual basis. Of course, this would be fairly tedious in a classroom teaching.
However, even before they started operations, they did a thorough recce of the online education landscape to understand the contents on offer, the levels of interactivity, LMS platforms and other new upcoming concepts.
Benefitting the Perennial Learners
With the aim of becoming a value provider in the area of online education, Navitus offers three main products.

  1. eLearning Content Development

Navitus creates two types of eLearning Content – Custom Built Content and Off-the-shelf Content.

  • Custom Content

The raw contents from the clients or SME such as Word Documents, PowerPoint Presentations and PDFs are converted into eLearning content by Navitus’ Instructional Designers, Visualisers, Graphic Designers and Content Developers using authoring tools and core technologies such as Flash and HTML5 to produce eLearning content that has variety  of interactivity and engagement levels. The engagement levels can be Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, and Level 4 as per Instructional Design Maturity Model.

  • Off-the-Shelf Content

Navitus has built a large number of ready-to-use eLearning courses for clients in Banking, Finance, Insurance and Soft-Skills Development.

  1. navitusLMS

A world class, award winning, feature rich Learning Management system, navitusLMS automates Learning and Development initiatives within an organisation to support all the learning modes including Self-paced, Virtual Classroom and Physical Classroom Training. It is available on On-Premise as well as Subscription/Cloud (Hosted) based license.
Using this, organisations can incorporate conventional and blended & flipped classroom methods of learning which allows organisations to enhance the effectiveness of learning and to minimise costs.
It supports a blend of Instructor-led Training (Classroom) and eLearning (Online). navitusLMS supports Multiple User Roles, Course Components, Assessments, Course Configurator, Course Catalog, Calendars, Learning Goals, Competencies, Learning Path, Notifications and much more and also offers mobile app.

  1. navitusBytes (Byte-size Learning on the Move)

navitusBytes is a unique innovative micro-learning system that can be easily integrated with sales data or HRMS to boost its effectiveness.
navitusBytes is geared towards micro-learning with smart/short snippets as compared to navitusLMS which distributes SCORM or Tin Can content. Main focus of navitusBytes is easy content creation with images and text and fast distribution for everyday learning. For example, it can be used by a trading house to distribute ideas for trading or by a large corporation to disseminate sales data or even conduct quick surveys for feedback.
It is available as a stand-alone product or as a premium addition to navitusLMS.
Highlighting a few from the Prominent many
Navitus Education is the brainchild of a team rather than a single person who came together with a noble purpose of helping in democratization of education. The founding team has over 100 years of cumulative experience in diverse areas such as Strategy and Finance, IT, Product Management, eLearning Content Development and Customer Support.
Three members of the Founding Team manage the company full-time whereas the other 3 serve on the Advisory Board giving valuable feedback and making immediate course-correction a possibility.
The management currently consists of –
Anjana Khare (Head of Content Development) is responsible for eLearning Content Development and Delivery. She has 12 years of experience in e-Learning and management education. She is an expert in proposing strategies, conducting need-based analysis and designing and overseeing the execution of diverse sized e-Learning projects. She is an innovative and organized instructional designer.
Swapnil Pundle (Head of navitusLMS) is responsible for managing LMS Development team and its implementation & support. He has the unique experience of working with both large organizations and startups. He has consulted multiple life insurance companies to design and implement technology led transformation initiatives. He has led the implementation of one of the earliest and pioneering e-learning initiatives for financial advisors at a leading life insurer in India more than 13 years ago.
Shankar P. Khadye (Head of Strategy & Finance) is responsible for the overall company strategy and finances. He brings versatile skill sets ranging from technology, product management, finance to corporate strategy and restructuring.
Lessons Learnt on the path to Success
Over the course of operations, Navitus has internalised four important lessons:

  1. Innovation is very important to survive and keep our customers interested. We are constantly experimenting with new ideas such as mobile learning, interactivity and gamification.
  1. An existing customer is worth twice (or even thrice) that of a potential customer. It is important to keep existing customers delighted while you go after new clients. Navitus can claim its success simply because their existing customers keep demanding the products and services it has to offer.
  1. To ensure cost effective growth. That means balancing growth with profitability of the company. This, Navitus believes is the only way to ensure that they are in this game for the long term.
  1. Hire the right employees and develop them by developing the right culture within the company. Provide space for individuality and creativity while keeping them focused on the long-term goal.

Analyzing the Future Aspects
They plan to launch a newer version of their LMS which will be upgraded to their existing LMS clients for free. The new version will incorporate advanced analytics and AI. For Content Development, the focus will be on interactivity using new innovations such as Virtual Reality.

Source :- The 30 Best Startup Companies

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