People First Leadership Academy: People’s Progress is Our Passion

We often ponder upon, what are the characteristics of an effective teacher? Teaching is a noble profession, and great teachers don’t teach, they build a person’s character. To train the teachers with the best possible facilities, People First Leadership Academy (PFLA), designed the ITTC Certification program for teachers to help institutions hire quality teachers. Through this, PFLA is creating ample employment opportunities for home makers, fresh graduates and corporate employees as well, who are passionate about teaching.
Leaders of a Different Trait
Varada Murthy K.S, Founder of PFLA, is an Entrepreneur by soul. Having a rich educational background, Varada has done his Post Graduation in Human Resources from Bangalore University and has a PG Diploma in Business Management from Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies, (NMIMS), Mumbai. He also has a specialization in Education Management. With over 20 years of professional experience in the area of Human Resources and Educational Management in various MNCs within India and abroad, he  founded People First Leadership Academy (PFLA), with a mission to Empower People.
Varada believes in working with people and working for people. He regularly visits various educational institutions to do research and work closely with teaching and student communities to understand their needs. He loves challenges and is passionate about working with young students & teachers and train them to develop key skills required to succeed in their personal and professional life.
Nalina Murthy, Founding Parnter of PFLA has done her MS in Counseling & Psychotherapy from Kuvempu University in association with the Manasa Educational Foundation for Mental Health.   She is also certified on “An overview of Anthroposophy and Waldorf  Education” at Bangalore School Trust.  Her never ending quest to acquire knowledge has propelled her to learn more and more, so now she is pursuing Inclusive Education at Spastics Society, Indiranagar, and Diploma in Early Child Care and Education at IGNOU. At PFLA Nalina is responsible for designing and developing various programs .  Nalina has over 16 years of experience as a facilitator, trainer, counselor and a student coach, mainly focused on Preschool training and coaching. Her areas of interest are; intervention to Behavioral, Emotional and Cognitive problems in children, Parenting, guiding teachers to work with disruptive student behavior and maintain classroom discipline.
The Story so far
Varada always wanted to start a venture of his own. But PFLAs inception took place because of two different incidents which Varada faced. Describing the two incidents Varada says; “Honestly, my son’s teachers in Dubai are my true inspiration. During one of the Parent-Teacher meetings, they complained that my son dreams a lot in class. That triggered me to do a bit of research and I learned about Left and Right sides of the brain and its functions. Secondly, my own experience of meeting and interacting with the youth while hiring for companies during my corporate career.” Soon he was able to figure out that Schools must focus on developing certain essential skills along with academic brilliance as it alone does not help them succeed. This is when Varada decided to design a Leadership program for students that would help them for life. This Leadership program won many accolades and received excellent feedback and encouragement. This motivated Varada to move further as school authorities asked them to design programs for Teachers as well. After the success of Leadership program Varada never looked back. After launching a trail of successful programs Varada finally decided to design the ITTC Certification program for teachers to help institutions hire quality teachers. Now through ITTC certification program PFLA is creating employment opportunities for house wives, freshers, and also corporate employees who are passionate about teaching.
Providing Tailor made Service Meeting Client’s Needs
PFLA believes that academic brilliance alone does not guarantee success in today’s highly competitive and fast-paced world. With Academic achievements, skill development is an absolute must, to be employable, competitive and succeed in Life. PFLA  purpose is to help people unleash their true potential through life transforming Programs and inspire them to be successful in school, college and in real Life. PFLA have trained and coached over 40000 people that include Teachers, young students at schools, colleges and business schools, corporate and government employees on various skills and academic oriented programs.
Here are some of those programs:
Teachers Training Certification Program (ITTC), Leadership skills for Teachers and students, Preschool Support Model – Colours, Language Development Programs, Professional enhancement programs for  Teachers and Principals, Employability Skill Development programs for youth, Empowered Teacher –  a magazine dedicated to the teaching and parent community, School Profiling, Events for Schools, Academic support to Schools – School Improvement Programs, Teacher Recruitment Services
What describes PFLA as company the best is Quality services. They have received the Future of India award for emerging and dynamic entrepreneurs under the category Quality in Leadership.
Future Perspectives
Looking forward for a bright future Varada asserts; “We wish to add a few more services. One is the “Colours” to help preschools to improve quality education” a new age curriculum to preschools  that we are introducing, soon.  Second, we are working on spreading ITTC Teachers Training Certification programs to other cities through the franchise model”.

Source :- The 30 Best Startup Companies

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