Jasal Shah: A Courageous Idealist-cum-Researcher who Successfully Utters his Expedition

Jasal Shah
Jasal Shah

“The market research seems as a systematic investigation aimed at discovering what is going on and, most importantly, on what is changing in the environment,” says Jasal Shah, Managing Director and CEO of Markelytics Solutions. According to him, Market research is an organized endeavour to congregate information about the targeted audience or market. It plays a very pivotal role in maintaining competitiveness. Discovering consumers’ expectations, demands and needs, well in advance, are essential for running a business and remaining competitive in the Market. With growing potential in the area of MR, many entrepreneurs grabbed the opportunity and established themselves as a market research expert, among them is Jasal.
The Peregrination of Jasal Shah
Jasal, the market research expert expresses that he is someone who strongly believes in giving latitude to people for manning some important task; everyone should be allowed to bring the personal edge to its task or else they will lose the differentiating factors. In addition, he also keeps on telling himself including his team mates that the aim of the employees is to make clients’ goals their own and then execute it because that will definitely bring a difference.  His experience has taught him that when people have a motivated team, nothing would seem impossible.
Jasal comes from a research background and it immensely helped him understand the nitty-gritty of the industry and paved the way for an idea of Markelytics. In the beginning, the company was introduced as a reliable offshore MR agency. However, through the course of time, he has expanded company’s services and forayed into things that keep their clients happy and satisfied.
Jasal Shah is an entrepreneur with a passion for promoting Market Research as the main ingredient for all decision-making activities for any organization. He has spent more than 17 years in Market Research industry. He worked with top fortune companies and reputed agencies before he set up the world’s leading offshore MR agency in India. With able leadership and strong client-acquisition skills, Jasal has made the brand match global standards and set its footprints across the globe. He is a globe-trotter attending several conferences, meetings & exhibitions and maintains relationships with clients in the continents of North America, Europe, and Asia.
Aspect of the organization
Markelytics was established in 2003 with an approach to be a reliable offshore MR company but over the years it has included more services in its armoury and till date, the company has achieved more than 4.1 Million completes with proprietary healthcare panels in 10 countries and a vast global online consumer panel. The Major Service vertical is Service Bureau, Global Online Panels, Full Service and Technology. Headquartered in Bangalore, India, the company has other branches in New Delhi and Mumbai (India), San Francisco (US), Dubai (UAE), Singapore, and Tokyo (Japan) as well. This market research company does business with clients in 80+ markets across the globe covering Asia, Africa, Middle East, America and Europe and use state-of-the-art technology and operational excellence to best serve their clients.
The company has the capability to offer bespoke Research Solutions with quick turnaround time and cost-effective solutions across Asia, Africa, America, Middle-East and Europe. In addition, it can also offer Full-Service Research capability, including Study Design, Survey Programming, Fieldwork, Data Processing, Reporting results, and Online Panel services.
Leadership, Challenges and Inspiration
Jasal believes every leader should have the ability to filter leaders, identify them, mentor them and make them even greater leaders of their age. He wants to make more leaders because today’s challenges are more, competition is more and hence industries need more and more overseers. In the same breath, he confesses that it is a challenge to introduce enthusiastic leaders.  It is not that easy to be able to decipher any genetic configuration for a leader. People need to evaluate one on many factors, test him/her and observe its tact in difficult situations; challenging times and then only anyone can be able to find what industry is looking for.
Jasal acclaims, “My mother is my inspiration. She has given me the tenacious attitude and that’s why I have never given up easily in my life – stuck to the belief, made progression, changes and scaled to where things were envisioned. I still follow the same in my life and hopefully, someone will take this thought even further.”
Future Mind-set of the Company
Markelytics is moving on the way to greater technological integration and distinctly branding their service verticals to be clear with their brand positioning. The company has set very judicious targets regarding both scales and reach and remain very positive about their future prospects and growth.

Source :- The 30 Young and Dynamic Entrepreneurs in 2017

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