Mr. Pankaj Singh: Cognizing the Unmet Medical Needs to Create a Healthy World

Mr. Pankaj Singh
Mr. Pankaj Singh

A wise leader is characterized with an open attitude towards ever-changing tides of technology and innovation. And, only the guidance of such great leader can yield to produce an outstanding outcome which shall meet the need of the moment thus paving the way for collective growth and success. The epitome of every strategic planning begins with the recognition of unmet needs and functioning towards the fulfillment of the same. With an ability to think straight to curve out a solution rather than focusing on the problem that is known to persist and ability to take calculated risks for newer ways of operation, Mr. Pankaj Singh, CEO at La Renon Healthcare is leading the pharma industry to fulfill the unmet medical needs of the society.
In the year 2007, India was a nation laden with chronic and lifestyle diseases. For a vision of creating a healthier society, it was also a pool of opportunities in chronic disease management. Observing this, Mr. Pankaj lead his team of professionals to this foray thus crafting the idea of La Renon.
During that time, the approach of the industry was majorly to target the diseases which had made relatively magnified damage rather than considering the chances of early diagnostics. Under Mr.
Pankaj’s guidance, the company focused on early stages of lifestyle induced chronic diseases thus exemplifying a damage control mechanism. Thus, early diagnosis was promoted and formulations were developed to delay the progression of these diseases.
The industry scenario suggests that the Indian pharma industry was expected to grow by 15 percent per annum between 2015 and 2020, thus outperforming the global pharma industry, which is set to increase at an annual rate of 5 percent between the same period. With a mission to target early chronic disease management and offering a prolonged life thus creating a healthier society, Mr. Pankaj is aiding the Pharma world with his team of highly trained professionals.
Overcoming Hurdles to Improve Human Lives
Like any other industry, the pharmaceutical industry is rapidly expanding and evolving its terms daily. With modifications, comes new challenges and hurdles. One of the major challenges in the pharma world is to achieve the technical competence which in turn is a major factor contributing to the quality outcome. On the other hand, any business in the pharma industry cannot be fully automated rather, it requires to be driven through its personnel and thus acquiring, developing and maintaining the right personnel becomes a challenge. To counter these challenges, Mr. Pankaj introduced robust HR policies to develop in-depth training and built their in-house R&D center, as a step towards developing new formulations and improving the existing ones thus leaving a mark in the industry.
Mr. Pankaj says that his company is made up of people, the team who plays a pivotal role in achieving success. The reason is that the team is kept motivated and in sync with the goals of the company, ultimately helping them to achieve their goals together. He provides a platform to the employees to think out of the box and always encourages them to develop more productive ways to perform the same task innovatively. Along with helping employees to succeed in work satisfactorily, developing a sense of belonging to the community, regular training sessions, one-on-one meeting with management, introducing reward programs to keep employees inspired and motivated; Mr. Pankaj feels keeping an eagle eye on the industry and economy on national and international grounds is a must to frame the future business strategies.
The man behind La Renon is always motivated and passionate about offering something more to the people, and staying updated about news and recent happenings helps him to plan and form strategies to ensure meticulous growth. He believes flirting with the ideas, experimenting with them and then communicating with knowledgeable and accomplished minds, fuel their growth and development.
Inspiration can be found in many if you have the eye for it!
A Role model is someone whom we look upto and is revered by us. Many a people try to imitate their role models as well. Unlike them, Mr. Pankaj Singh does not limit himself to idolize one
person as his role model, instead, he tries to amalgamate the qualities of many. He believes every person has a significant role to play, and he adapts the best from the all the people with whom he crosses path. He believes that each individual has a different personality and attribute to offer. Thus adapting the best from the lot makes one a pool of all good things.
Entrepreneur Leader’s Advice to Budding Businesspersons
Mr. Pankaj believes that the best leaders are the versatile thinkers. It all begins with having a vision and tapping the opportunity to fulfill that vision. The parameters that need a persistent check are setting purpose with high standards, keeping perception and reality in sync, deputizing others, implementing various ideas on the field and most importantly develop a ‘Never give up’ thought process. Entrepreneurs should strive to understand the people’s needs. Walking with the same fundamentals along with having a futuristic approach and a laser beam like focus on chronic disease management, La Renon, strives to fulfill the gap between unmet medical needs and supply thus achieving their desired destination.

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