Sudip Kumar Mukherjee: An Innovation Driven Entrepreneur

Today, organizations need some competent leaders who can understand the traditional ways of processing, have a firm grip on the technology trends and use their understanding and creativity to innovate the procedures to get better outcomes. The leaders who have this ability are often referred as Innovative Leaders, signifying their creative engagements. Sudip Kumar Mukherjee, Founder & CEO of EUOR Group, is one such person, who is leveraging his innovative approach to provide Agri-commodities, Healthcare and IT Solutions to his associates.
The Inception Story
The inception of EUOR Group was the result of inspiration from Sudip, and the idea just popped up from his day-to-day activities. It came from seeing people struggling to get proper information, guidance, convenience, affordability in healthcare and insurance. In India, there are huge gaps in non metro/small cities in healthcare and insurance sector. Getting proper healthcare is the right of every person, so Sudip decided to contribute towards fulfilling this need and established the EUOR Group.
Creating a Brand – ‘EUOR Group’
Kolkata based EUOR Group has a network for the procurement of Commodities, deals with grains, cereals, pulses, and spices. They import and export globally; as-well-as majorly in the countries like Africa, Middle-East, CIS, and India. Also, they execute Bulk Shipments in Vessels of about 5,000 MT to 25,000 MT. EUOR has an integrated healthcare and IT platform for individuals and their families, it is a complete healthcare solution and insurance hub. On the other hand, the company is also a marketplace for healthcare service providers. Irrespective of business vertical, their core objective is to provide end-to-end solutions with a strong technical backbone to their valued customers.
“My major responsibility is to create and establish an organization which shall be followed by people and society for ages. I must be honest both as a professional and as a person towards everyone associated with me including my work, team, society, and family,” says Sudip.
Sudip is leading the EUOR Group towards growth by identifying the right people at the right place to get the optimum level of results and motivate the entire team towards the destination of ultimate success. Fulfilling their mission to build an organization which would be followed and looked upon as an epitome for many years, EUOR has by filled gaps of human life and has strengthened work culture.
A Remarkable Entrepreneurial Journey
“I firmly believe that birth is not in our hand, i.e., with what fortune, reputation and legacy we come to this world. But definitely, it is in our hand to die with wealth, reputation, and legacy as we have the ownership of creating these for us. No one else will earn this for you. This sense of feeling made me what I am today. No endeavor of mine was instant or just over thought,” assures Sudip. Becoming entrepreneur was a collective influence of his ideologies which he followed along with a great reflection and enthusiasm. He left the job at his early thirties so that he could absorb any shock or failure before rising to success at an age where the risk taking appetite is more.
Sudip asserts, “Entrepreneurs leave everything to start new things. So it is just a mindset to see more hurdles or no difficulty which makes you a true entrepreneur. For me as an entrepreneur, the most important challenge is to build trust with all stakeholders including customers, my team members, investors and at large in society. It cannot be built overnight; it comes from continuous efforts with each passing time.”
In his entrepreneurial journey, Sudip considered every day as a starting phase, be it day one, or months later, after a year or many years, later, he knew hurdles have always been there. The essence is to come over these hurdles by giving your best every single day. Sudip is a real follower of Swami Vivekananda who instilled him the seed of honesty in his characteristics which are the most important aspect of his entrepreneurial life.
Sudip’s Concept for a Successful Business Strategy
Sudip’s most important decisions on the daily basis are related to identifying the growth route from his regular activities and being observant about it, utilization of available fund in the optimal productive way, and delegating the task to the team members.
To keep employees and his organization inspired and moving forward, Sudip tries to connect with his team members. They all share their experiences, ideas, obstacles, success, food, and have fun together with each other and he considers himself just one of them. They all are, focused on the collective growth of an organization.
“This is of my never ending spirit of achievement after every odd and reverse situation. I always credit each success to my team members and take ownership of failures which makes my team members motivated to emerge as leaders in their prospective area by following the same ideology. Regularly I conduct workshops and open house meetings to discuss and share the story of each success and experience with all,” Sudip assures.
Advising Startup Entrepreneurs, Sudip has some Suggestions
“I believe leaders should never give up at the hands of hurdles. They must be determined for growth and capable of visualizing a better tomorrow by identifying feasible action plan and actualization of same. I feel the most pressing challenges for today’s leaders are to emerge from the competition. The main reason behind this is fluctuating along with ever changing the market trend and consumer behavior. Another skill must be how to manage both internal and external stakeholders as they play a vital role in the existence of the business. A leader must be honest to his team members, customers, and investors at large to society. To become a leader, a person has to be a good team member first, and honesty is the key driving factor in any situation as it builds trust among your stakeholders,” Sudip advises.

Source :- The 30 Young and Dynamic Entrepreneurs in 2017

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