Nilesh Palresha: An Eminent Technologist and Tenacious Leader

Nilesh Palresha
Nilesh Palresha

“Entrepreneurship is living a few years of your life like most people won’t, so you can spend the rest of your life like most people can’t.”
The traditional path to success is, “do well in seminary, go to university and find a secure job.” When people quest a new way to prove their abilities and desires, they transcend to become an Entrepreneur. Being an entrepreneur is not everyone’s cup of tea; in fact, it is the most challenging and the most rewarding job in the world. These New age young entrepreneurs have proved themselves with their out- of- the- box thinking, leadership qualities and execution styles. One such inspiring entrepreneur is Nilesh Palresha, Executive Director of VTP Group, whose entrepreneurial journey has an inspirational story for many entrepreneurs. Nilesh’s engineering knowledge helped him to understand the technicalities, processes and systems and his MBA helped him to cultivate the skill of delegation and management. On the other hand, Nilesh has also done a course in Strategic Management from Harvard. This course helped him to realize his dream to be an entrepreneur.
 Nilesh Palresha, the New Age Entrepreneur
Nilesh has previously worked with Tata motors for a year and then joined VTP Group where he was looking after the factory and dealt with construction materials. During this time, Nilesh used to meet builders and realized a strong customer centric brand was missing, when they decided to set the foundation of VTP Realty. The success of their projects, Urban Space and Urban Nirvana boost his confidence, and since then he has been with VTP Group.
His responsibilities are to ensure that his team is constantly aligned to the overall business goals and strive to achieve customer delight at every level. He spends considerable time finalizing & implementing the latest technology for the company to ensure that the team maintains its competitive edge. Besides this, he is also striving to maintain a positive environment and encouraging work culture so that the team is motivated to put its best foot forward.
On the other hand, Nilesh is a young Entrepreneur who is extremely down to earth, and he highlighted, “Family relations are essential. The better your family understands your vision, your goal, your aim and priorities, the better support you receive.”
 Conviction and Verdict of Nilesh
Nilesh believes in financial discipline which is important as consistency. There are always highs and lows in any business, and financial discipline helps bridge that gap. Budgeting for the year should be done with utmost sincerity for better financial results.
“Product should be designed as per the need of the market & consumer insight and should be able to project the future need of the customers (please look at the grammar and adjust this sentence accordingly in the para.)You should be able to sell and market yourself and your product very well because there is no point of doing something good if you cannot market it and people don’t know about it. It is important to reach out to correct people with the right marketing strategy,” asserts Nilesh.
Epitome of the company
Established 30 years back, today VTP Group is a well-diversified group with a strong presence in the construction material and construction industry. This strength of the Group makes its real-estate vertical stronger in terms of delivering a good quality product and ensuring deliveries in time. VTP group has multiple brands under their banner namely, VTP Realty (i.e. Real estate), VTP Foods (Earth Food) VTP Materials, VTP Ventures and Viraj Projects India Pvt. Ltd.
The company’s vision is to make it a preferred brand by treating the customer’s right and becoming a buyer’s brand.
 Formula of Success: Maintain Growth Equilibrium and Motivate Employees
The most difficult task faced by an entrepreneur is to maintain growth and sustainability of the business. Nilesh feels these both should always go hand in hand, as rampant growth without sustainability will surely damage the business in the long run. At VTP Group, employees are trained to harbour a never quit attitude with a focus on developing the employee’s problem-solving skills. The company sets realistic goals to ensure that there is motivation to achieve set objectives and that is what keeps the organization on track to success. They celebrate every success and acknowledge every effort, and all that helps maintain the staff motivated and inspired.
New Venture with Nilesh
The company is right now very much focused about its venture VTP Food offering Earth Food. As said by Nilesh “We realized that residue free vegetables were difficult to acquire in the local market and hence decided to opt for residue free farming. Earth Food is designed to provide an end to end supply chain in residue free farming. Right from crop selection to market delivery, Earth Food follows strict quality control. In the coming future, we wish to expand our range of products and also venture further in residue free fruits.”
The primary objective of Earth Food is to provide fresh and residue free fruits and vegetables first in Pune market and by the next year Mumbai and Bangalore.
Future Graph of the Company 
People are becoming more and more conscious and prefer sustainable and Pure food. This behavioural change is slow but steady. As expected the current demand of such farming to rise in the future. Earth Food offers residue free vegetables and fruits, which they believe are extremely safe to consume. As described by Nilesh, “We follow a farm to fork philosophy with minimum human touch that ensures superior quality. That is what differentiates us from our competitors and keeps us ready to face the future.”

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