Rrajesh Bakshi: Bridging the Gap between Technology and Education

Behind every successful company, there is an entrepreneur who put-forward his visionary concept into action. As innovators and creative intellectuals, entrepreneurs serve a wide-range of functions in the business environment. They inject a sense of excitement and enthusiasm into their industry, by rigorously tackling the business- and consumer-centric issues that are yet to be deciphered. One such entrepreneur who created, articulated and then executed his vision to perfection is Rrajesh Bakshi, Founder of Netspec Global. Since embarking upon his entrepreneurial journey in 1992 with Netlink Business Systems, Rrajesh has continued to raise the ranks of success with strategic innovation and development.
Under his able stewardship, Netlink achieved paramount success to become one of the leading system integration companies in India. Rrajesh received several accolades and awards for his services of strategizing partnerships and forming long-term alliances with global IT manufacturing companies like IBM, Lenovo, and HP for Netlink. Currently engaged in his third venture, Netspec Global, Rrajesh aims to develop multiple start-ups sequentially and nourish them into successful venture by making sure that the entire team and stakeholders are benefiting from the same in an equal manner. A consultancy and application development company, Netspec Global was formed two years back to incorporate technology in the education sector.
Spark of a Simple Idea Bursting into a Mighty Flame
After running Netlink for almost two decades and gaining extensive experience, Rrajesh got the idea of starting up an Ed-Tech business. He felt that there was a need for right technology to be deployed to enhance learning and teaching experience of the students and teachers. His desire to gain knowledge uprooted ever since he was a child while floundering through the traditional schooling system.
With a burning passion for every aspect of education, from the administration framework and hierarchy to mentoring scholars, he had an ingrained desire to enhance the experience of educators by re-defining the traditional teaching methodologies. His founding vision started to take shape when an online platform was developed, one which complemented the needs of tutors, learners, and distance programs; making learning simpler and beneficial in the process.
Delivering Education Solutions that Matters
Formed in 2015, Netspec Global is in a business of developing and deploying advanced digital education solutions. Their online platform, Jumping Frog, and eAcademy are focused on enhancing the teaching and learning experience within and beyond the classroom.
In today’s cut-throat market place every business runs the risk of chasing economic value at the expense of fundamentals, values, and principles. Rrajesh along with his team of experts are conscious of this fact and are determined to follow their values and principles as they embark on to achieve their economic goals. Having done Master’s in Commerce and various Management courses, Rrajesh has a sound financial knowledge and imparted the same among his management team to be on a strict planning, execution and review process.
A Leader who Inspires Action
The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.
To be a leader who facilitates success, one requires some sharpened skills and abilities. The tasks of an effective leader involve understanding how the workforce functions, thinking critically at every single problem and acting in a way which achieves results for the business. Although leadership attributes like communication, curiosity, integrity, and vision never grow outdated, but emerging trends have intensified the pressures upon the shoulders of company leaders.
Rrajesh believes that “The mark of a true leader is the ability to encourage the employee commitment and engagement that is the foundation for continued success.” Rrajesh instills this belief into practice by continually encouraging and motivating the entire staff to achieve a common vision, while focusing on the growth rate of each individual.
The role of a successful leader is to create more leaders, instead of him having several ‘robotic’ followers. Rrajesh pays an adequate focus to frequently assess the employee skills, identifying the gaps within an organization and finding ways on mending it, and motivating the employees by providing them with suitable training and enrolling them in development programs.
Investing in the Future of Education                               
India has become one of the biggest educational markets in the world with traditional teaching methods slowly but gradually mutating into a self-driven digital education learning platform. With the evolution of technologies such as Cloud, Data Centers, and Virtualization, the digital education ecosystem that we foresee is not a distant reality.
There is a growing affinity among the Indian youths for new technologies and products like tablets and notebooks, as there lays a huge potential for the Indian education industry with the incorporation of technology.
An investment in knowledge pays the best interest. And for that very same reason, Rrajesh ensures a seamless experience for the user by identifying and investing in the needs of an institute or an organization. Furthermore, at Netspec Global they ensure a smooth start while eliminating all the possible hassles of hosting, designing and integration.
Through Netspec, Rrajesh Bakshi has created a platform boasting a user-friendly design alongside their product offerings to deliver learning and engage learners. It can effectively maintain sync between the teaching style and different learning styles. Rrajesh has a determined mission set in his mind to make millions of students and teachers use their digital platform and enhance their educational experience.
Eyes Focused on the Stars and Feet Placed on the Ground
Unlike most entrepreneurs, Rrajesh had a distinctive role model who was popularly known as the “Metro Man.” Delhi being one of the toughest places in India compressed with political power and influence, made setting up an infrastructural business and delivering quality services a hard feat to accomplish.
But Mr. E. Sreedharan, “Metro Man”, single-handedly as the CEO with his handpicked team changed the face of public transport in Delhi and NCR regions, with no signs of corruption and record delivery time.He was the man who impacted Rrajesh Bakshi, along with 22 million New Delhi residents, with his sheer dedication, persuasion and focuses to be successful.
Taking a leaf out of the books of Mr. E. Sreedharan, Rrajesh has the following advice for aspiring entrepreneurs, “Be courageous enough to take bold decisions, dedicated towards their aim and also always focused and persuasive toward their goals. A Team Runner and Best Coach is what make a great Leader who knows how to build his team and run his own show successfully.”

Source :- The 30 Young and Dynamic Entrepreneurs in 2017

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