Rahil Qamar Siddiqui: An Innovative Mind who’s Driving Technologies & Inspiring Greatness in Others

Rahil Qamar Siddiqui
Rahil Qamar Siddiqui

Leadership is not about titles, positions, or flowcharts. It is about one life influencing another,” says John C. Maxwell. Influenced by the quote, Rahil Qamar Siddiqui, Co-founder and Director of Sidqam Technologies is a highly motivated individual who likes to lead from the front and make leaders of her staff. Rahil is focused on empowering others within the organization, bears the primary responsibility of empowering the team and keeping them motivated to move ahead. She wants Sidqam’s employees should feel like that the company belongs to them and that’s a part of the ethos that drives the business. “It’s essential that people believe they have the power to make a change in a place they probably spend the most of their waking hours – their workplace!” says Rahil.
The Success Story behind Rahil
Rahil says, “Well initially I wanted to be a banker like my dad, but IT as a career just happened! Then I grew interested in the healthcare space as I have doctors in the family and thus began my career in healthcare informatics. I think my Ph.D. in improving the quality of data recorded in healthcare systems through the use of structured modeling approaches and standardized terminologies was my turning point. I traveled across the globe presenting my research at various healthcare conferences like Medinfo, AMIA, KRMed and others and became a well-known and credible figure in my area of work.”
Rahil always wanted to do something of her own where she could explore untapped skills that she might possess. While working for the NHS in the UK, Rahil often felt that technology could be improved to support the fast-paced and challenging demands of the healthcare sector. She used to feel that healthcare softwares are quite limiting in terms of coping with these demands. Therefore, when Rahil felt that she was ready for it, she quit her job and started her own healthcare software products company, Sidqam Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
“Not just do I have an MCA and a Ph.D. in healthcare informatics but I also have over 14 years of experience in the healthcare sector, which is a huge help in my journey as an entrepreneur so far,” asserts Rahil. Now, Rahil is involved in various health informatics forums and groups in India such as IAMI, IMA, FICCI Health Insurance Committee, Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), and others.
Sidqam Technologies: A Healthcare Software Provider
Sidqam Technologies is healthcare software products based company, which focuses on the development of clinical and patient-focused softwares. Their flagship product ‘Eventus’, belongs to a suite of web-based applications and mobile apps; based on the EHR Standards of India and compliant with various international healthcare IT standards. It is a cloud-based (SaaS), digital healthcare management system EHR to improve the recording, management, and sharing of patient and administrative data through the use of structured data modeling architectures such as ISO 13606 and standardized clinical terminologies such as SNOMED CT.
All strategies for growth stem from their fundamentals of ensuring high-quality software for their customer. But more than that they want to provide a high-quality experience for their customer, and they are engaging with a healthcare provider partner who shares their passion for providing excellent healthcare facilities in their establishment and is willing to go that extra mile to help them achieve it.
Responsibilities as a Young and Dynamic Entrepreneur
As an energetic entrepreneur, Rahil aims towards creating an entrepreneurial culture in an organization, strategizing about how to take the company to the next level and making it a cut apart from other players in the healthcare software products domain. She believes that ensuring the team can utilize their day most effectively through consultation and consensus does take up some time as well, but it is the key which is helping to keep the team motivated and excited about their day ahead. It’s also important to keep them informed and engaged about how and where the company is headed so that they can share the passion, pain, and thrill of the journey and feel every part of it.
Rahil’s willingness to share her knowledge and an ability to take knowledge from others makes her an extraordinary leader whose abilities inspire others. She has tremendous faith in her abilities which she tries to demonstrate through her actions to help inspire the people around her.
Rahil is doing everything to ensure that she continues to grow and develop as a leader. Rahil’s every day brings along with it new experiences and new lessons to be learned, and all this helps in shape the person she is. She listens to and understands what’s happening around her and constantly seeks to improve. This helps her to continue to grow within the challenging environment, orienting her in the right direction.
Creating a Future Filled with Success
The future of the healthcare market is fantastic. The Indian healthcare sector is expected to be US$ 280 billion market by 2020. Investment in the healthcare infrastructure is set to rise, benefiting both ‘hard’ (hospitals) and ‘soft’ (R&D, education) infrastructures. Sidqam Technologies is setting its cards up at present to make sure that they are at the heart of the change that happens, so they don’t just absorb the change but are the drivers of the change!
Rahil’s Instrumental Advice who are going into a Leadership Position for the First Time
“Believe in yourself and the goal you’ve set out to achieve. Be ready for good days and bad days. Remember that it’s ok to cry or get frustrated when things don’t go well, but it’s more important to wipe those tears and stand up again because real leaders don’t waste their time on non-productive, negative activities. There’s too much to do in too little time, so get cracking! All the very best,” assures Rahil.

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