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Khandhar Mehta & Shah Chartered Accountants

Based out of Ahmedabad, Khandhar Mehta & Shah is a protuberant firm delivering astounding legal services since its inception in 2004. The sturdy team of KMS comprises of highly skilled and motivated professionals including Chartered Accountants, Certified Information System Auditors, Lawyers and Company Secretaries who have hands on experience in consulting and advisory services. Over the period, the firm has gained about 100-man years of demanding and insightful experience in providing a multitude of services, ranging from Direct Taxes, Indirect Taxes, International Taxation, Transfer Pricing, Audit and Assurance Services, Financial Advisory Services to a BPO/KPO – representative office.
The firm is spearheading with its state-of-the-art techniques that deliver the finest GST services. It has its own GST Software names as GST YUVA and holds a sturdy team of over fifty people in Indirect Taxation. It also provides effective training to its staff as well as clients and has continuous interaction with the ministry and lawmakers which makes KMS a trustworthy name in the domain.
A Profound Leadership
KMS Chartered Accountants was founded by C.A. Amish Khandhar, C.A. Gautam Mehta, and C.A. Tushar Shah. They founded KMS in 2001 which turned their friendship into a professional relationship.
CA Amish Khandhar is the Managing Partner of the firm and a prominent entrepreneur who co-ordinates the outline team to drive towards success. Amish is engaged with various organizations like GCCI, CA Institute and other Charitable institutions. He looks after the Indirect Tax Practice of the firm and is specialized in Service Tax. He has been instrumental in structuring and formulating effective tax strategies for various corporates that have culminated into substantial tax advantages. Apart from this, Amish also lead KMS Indirect Tax Litigation practice. He has also received appreciation from Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his implausible works.
Matchless Services
KMS is much focused on its practice areas and it offers service in the matters of Income Tax, International Taxation, Service Tax, VAT, Excise and GST. It provides training to various departments including IS & IRS officers and also has received appreciation from C&AG for conducting the successful training seminar for their offices. It also renders various refinements as well as suggestions to the Ministry of Finance along with representing the chambers of commerce. KMS provides high quality services to its clients through deep and continuous research in the taxation areas. These areas focuses on various industry specific, geographic specific situations and find solutions which meet the regulatory requirement along with helping clients in complying with the new and dynamic law changes. It is also supported through publication, regular review meetings with clients, continuous updates on the law changes, creating scenario with possible solutions and sending regular updates to clients a part from meeting their regular compliance needs.
Also, KMS runs diverse auditing services such as statutory audit, VAT audit, Excise Audit, Government Audit, Forensic Audit, IT/System Audit, Fraud Investigation Audit, etc. Its Income Tax services include Preparation of Income Tax Return for Individual, Firm, Company, Trust, Calculation of MAT (Minimum Alternate Tax) for 100% EOU/STPI Units, Scrutiny Assessment, CIT (Appeals), ITAT matters, High Court matters, etc. Additionally, it includes international taxation which has Compliance with Transfer Pricing regulations including documentation and DTAA calculation and filing of Ex-patriate returns.
With respect to the diverse organizations, KSM provides an array of services such as Formation of Private, Public Limited, Section 25 company, Formation of 100% Subsidiary / Branch office / Liaison Office of Foreign companies, Drafting of memorandum and article of association of companies, Conversion of a private company into a public company and public ltd. into a private ltd, Statutory meeting and statutory report, Conversion of Proprietorship / Partnership Firm into Company under Chapter IX, and many more.
Apart from all these services, KSM doesn’t lag behind in providing precise service tax services which comprise of Classification and Registration, Classification and Registration, Filing of half yearly Service Tax Returns, Refund of Service Tax Paid on input services by 100% EOU, Reply to Show Cause Notice(SCN) / Commissioner (Appeals) / CESTAT matters, etc.
Paving its Way through Challenges
The firm was started in a small routed office on\f300 Sq. Ft. with no funds on hand and no background in the city. However, ethics, Hardship, out of box thinking, Blessings of elders and well hoped us to reach this level today”, asserts Amish on asking him about the toughest challenges he has confronted. KMS’s competent team of tax experts is always on the edge with the changes in the law vis-à-vis changes in the business, which perfectly blend the need v/s supply. The firm also believes that its deep knowledge roots, continuous updates, scenario building and solutions development, futuristic predictions with preparations have created its unique space in this industry.
KMS has done a deep-neck analysis on GST of various countries. With its rich domestic experience in indirect taxation, the firm is well positioned itself to face various challenges that may emerge in the future. The firm believes that implementation of new technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, and Automation will reduce the ‘compliance practice’ of CA’s and GST consultants after few years as most of the data will be generated automatically. However, KMS suggests that structuring of transactions, review of the existing process, litigation, opinion, and audit opportunities should be concentrated by GST practitioners to bring in more opportunities at the doors.
KSM is very precise in delivering prompt customer support through calls as well as emails and correspondence is dealt with the matter of priority. This is because the firm considers time as the most pivotal element both for itself and clients. The concerns of each client are handled by its hands-on partners to ensure a high level, in depth, consistent and hassle-free and friendly service as well. The company has over 4000 sq. ft. of office space which is fulfilled with all the amenities and advanced communication systems. The company also offers a highly energetic as well as computerized environment which minimizes the paper work.
Outlining GST from KSM’s Perspective
The introduction of the Goods and Services Tax is a very noteworthy step in the field of indirect tax reforms in India. By merging a large number of Central and State taxes into a single tax, GST is expected to significantly ease double taxation and make it easy for the industries to generate revenue. For the end customer, the most beneficial in terms of reduction in the overall tax burden on goods and services. Introduction of GST also makes Indian products competitive in the domestic and international markets. Last but not least, GST, because of its transparent character, will be easier to administer. Hence, GST system holds great promise in terms of sustaining growth for the Indian economy.
Moving with its Core Vision
KSM’s primary vision is to serve a wide spectrum of Indian industries. The firm aims to be highly professional and most reliable in the domain. While following a path of uncompromising integrity and honesty, the firm also keeps it stick to the profession, clients, society, and nation. The firm is moving ahead with its goal of serving diverse industries which includes infrastructure, construction, pharmaceuticals, entertainment, trading, government sector, education & welfare, and many more.
On asking his advice for the budding entrepreneurs, Amish assert, “Today’s youth is more energetic, knowledgeable, and hardworking than earlier generations. I would only suggest them to have wisdom and patience which will help them achieve their dreams”.

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