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Radhakrishnan KG (RK) | Founder & Director | WebNamaste[digital marketing, Lead generation, social media, SEO,Online Marketing]
Radhakrishnan KG (RK) | Founder & Director | WebNamaste[digital marketing, Lead generation, social media, SEO,Online Marketing]

Consumers, today, know how to glean the right information at the right time. Armed with search engines and price comparison websites, they understand how to compare and choose the right product. Their choices are also influenced by reviews and other user-generated content to influence their buying decisions.  The role of a salesperson these days is to just answer some questions, get the contract signed and collect payment!

This creates a need for the brands to influence the decision of the consumers through visibility, and engagement. This is all possible when the brands engage on the web and social channels. Having a strong presence in the web and social media is an absolute must these days, for brands to succeed in their business.

One such full-service web marketing company, WebNamaste got established to help business customers target their audience. An award-winning Inbound Marketing Agency, WebNamaste is based in Calicut (Kerala), and serves clients globally.

The Beginning

With the mantra “Putting the team always first”; Radhakrishnan KG (RK), the Founder and Director at WebNamaste, is building a great culture and encouraging everyone in his company.

After freelancing for three years, Radhakrishnan started WebNamaste, during the recession period, 2009. That was a time, when he had a team of only three members (2 of his friends and his sister) at an office space in Bangalore. But, the team worked so hard, and that the clients from all across the world started working with them. Their first client was from Canada, second from Malaysia, and the third from the USA. From then, it has a truly global and distributed team with an HQ in the USA and has served over 400 clients to date.

Today, Radhakrishnan has a team of about thirty young, bright, and smart professionals. The whole team is specialized in Inbound Marketing, Social media, Copy-writing, and Design & Development. For almost 8 years now, WebNamaste is assisting its customers to generate new leads, sales, and increase their conversions. This all is done through a combination of Search engine optimization (SEO), Social media marketing (SMM), and Paid search marketing (SEM & PPC).

With the vision to create and nurture thought leaders by providing result-oriented solutions that drive growth, WebNamaste is now flying high. Also,/ In the same time it is helping agencies and professional service providers to double their revenue without raising their costs.“Our system is a result of over a decade of experience in what works in the long term” says Radhakrishnan.

RK -The Skilled Persona

Radhakrishnan has received his dual degree with a Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science and a Bachelor of Science in Applied Biotechnology from Bangalore University. He also holds a Diploma in Human Resource Management from Rai Business School, Bangalore. He has completed an Advanced Management Development Program at IIM Bangalore to deploy the Scale-Up best practices for startups.

Radhakrishnan is associated with Junior Chamber International and is a member of NASSCOM. He had/has actively participated in mentoring programs where he helped Young Startups to create an effective business plan. An active Rotarian, Radhakrishnan is a Paul Harris Fellow and has represented India as a Youth Ambassador in the USA in 2013. Also, he has served as the Secretary and the Governing Board of Calicut Forum for IT, an IT promotion council in the Malabar Region.

WebNamaste’s Model

At WebNamaste, it’s all about ensuring its/the client’s success; and that’s why the management has designed its process (The Growth Launchpad Methodology), just to smooth the path to success.

  • The Growth Launchpad Methodology

The Growth Launchpad consists of three essential components:

  1. The Growth Propellant (Traffic): Not just visitors, but targeted visitors who are likely to benefit from the offer.
  2. The Growth Engine (Conversions): To engage the targeted visitor into a “Qualified” prospect and eventually a customer.
  3. The Growth Metrics (Measurement): To measure the key metrics that matter to the growth of the brand.

The Strategic Future

Embracing its values, WebNamaste is expanding its horizon at a rapid pace. With sheer determination and the zeal to succeed, it has decided to focus on Training and E-Learning to help skill the aspiring digital marketers and to bring about standardization in marketing education in the upcoming years. Also, the company is exploring and applying its well-honed minds to scale newer heights of success.

WebNamaste: Core Values

  • Gratitude
  • Accountability
  • Attention to Detail
  • Always Demanding Excellence
  • Proactive & Instant Communication
  • Continuous Learning & Self Up-gradation

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