Komal Lath: Have wings, will fly!

Komal Lath
Komal Lath

As a leader, you make lots of decisions over a course of time. And the most important one is defining a clear vision for your organization. Once that is in place, then comes taking people on-board for the journey that beckons, collaborate to chalk out the milestones on the way and device the strategy to chase the vision. The strategy is critical. Picking the right path for oneself is the soul of strategic thinking. And once you embark on the journey, empowering people with the right skill-set and getting the right people who can share the vision with you makes for the recipe to success.
A Leader with Out-of-the-Box Strategies
Komal Lath is the Founder of Tute Consult, a leader who is ambitious but calls herself a storyteller. As the head of the organization, Komal thinks that she doesn’t need to be involved in day-to-day affairs as she trusts her team and wants to encourage the bright and able people to feel empowered. But when it comes to vision, it should be strategic in which she would definitely like to get involved with. To put it simply, a clear thought that would make people to realize that and by benchmarking that thought can help attain a meaningful decision-making process!
Komal’s Path of Empowerment and Significant moments of her life
“My own personal path to empowerment has had many ups and downs all leading me to be a better person both at a personal and professional one.
I was bored of the mundane job of 9 – 5, hence the leap to do more. I went and pursued my further studies and started my own business from scratch. Knowing very little about being an entrepreneur, it’s been a roller coaster ride, with trying new things, pushing yourself and changing yourself and the world around you.
Many times when things did not go as planned, I was forced to learn to trust myself and believe in my inner strength, faith, and spirituality to find support and trust to keep moving forward. While we plan life, life has some other plans for us!”
Tute Consult: Not an agency, but a Solution and Strategic Partner
According to Komal, Tute Consult is not an agency, but a solution and strategic partner to all clients who look for great storytelling! It provides integrated communications solutions which includes – Public Relations counsel, strategic advisory, design and digital services. Its clients range from individuals to giant corporations across a vast field of health, beauty, retail and other numerous multi-disciplinary services.
Tute Consult’s Services Include, Tute Communique, Tute Studio, and Tute Collabs.
Komal’s Biggest Learnings from Her Delightful Journey

  • Pick the battles you want to fight.
  • Everything in the world can be solved over a conversation. If it can’t, don’t delve in more than what is needed.
  • Keep your standards high!
  • It is better to be stupid and ask questions when it is the right time than being foolish and lost in the herd later!

Attribute for Success
Vision: To have a clear vision, to passionately own the vision and accomplish.
Humanity: Be strong and humble, humanity is having the self-confidence and self-awareness to recognize the value of others without feeling threatened.
Focus: Make sure that everyone is focused and concentrated on the most valuable use of their time, which is essential for excellent performance.
“My vision for women in business is that follow your passion,” says Komal.
Everyday’s Balanced Routine
Every day Komal makes time for herself to do exercise, she eats healthy food and tries to get enough sleep. She surely spends time with family and good friends as they fuel her up with love and support. Komal says, “The day your personal life and professional life blur, you know you thoroughly enjoy what you do!”
Future Plans and Advice for Successful Business
According to Komal, growing business faces some challenges. As a business grows, different problems and opportunities demand different solutions, what worked a year ago may not work now. So Komal and her team are recognizing different ways for the growth of their organization, which suits well with their vision and principles.
“Recognizing and overcoming the common pitfalls is essential if your business is to grow and thrive. You need to ensure that the steps you take today should not create problems for the future,” Komal opines about the future-proof business.

Source :- Inspiring Stories of Indian Women Leaders in Business

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