Radha Giri: A Passionate Digital and Social Media Marketing Strategist

Radha Giri
Radha Giri

Women empowerment has become the axiom today with women working fearlessly in all the territories, and creating benchmarks in every sphere they are working on. Today’s women are synonymous to multi-taskers, whether she is a homemaker taking care of her house and kids or an entrepreneur running a business. She is progressively gaining control over her life and is happy with her choices in life and enjoys it. And one such dynamic entrepreneur is Radha Giri, Founder and CEO of Midas Touch Consultants. Radha is a young and dynamic entrepreneur who has her passion for marketing and is also a technologist. Adding to her forte, she has directed highly creative marketing teams and defined successful go-to-market strategies for several innovative and award-winning software products & services.
Radha’s Journey in a Nutshell
Radha in her early life decided to go for civil services but while pursuing MCM from Symbiosis College she realized that she is not meant for the government job, to work under someone who is possibly not well-qualified to lead. Then she decided to pursue her career in computers. But, since Radha was bought up in judicial atmosphere she got encouraged for pursuing LLB, and her sheer dedication towards studies led her to stand first in her batch. Dual degrees lend a solid foundation to her proficiency, a Master’s in technology kept her ability relevant to her enterprise, whereas a degree in Law allowed  her to  better understand  legal aspects of  patent writing and trademark filing for several software products and also running a business.
Kick Start of her Career
Radha got her first job with Harbinger Group through campus placement and joined as a Software Engineer.  In her 10 years of career with the company she got numerous opportunities to work on various things like product management, program management, technical support team setup, digital marketing and sales, and also got a chance to get involved in digital marketing in the year 2003. She believes, “Harbinger was one of the best things which happened to me. I thoroughly enjoyed my 10-year stint there – learned a lot of things, contributed to ground-breaking innovations, worked on patent-filing, got to work with some really wonderful people, represented the company at global conferences all over the world.” Then in 2010 she left her job and wanted to do something bigger and different.
Since, Radha had her passion in marketing and hard core knowledge in technology, as a result of which Midas Touch, a digital and social media marketing company came in to existence, Midas Touch is a professional B2B focused Social Media Agency. Ever since the early days of online marketing, founders of Midas have played a vital role in achieving company’s long term business goals using digital, content and social media marketing.
They are leveraging various channels that ensures exemplary results for their clients, whether it is social media platforms, email marketing, webinars, podcasts, website content, inbound marketing, ePR or blogs.
Midas Touch has won various awards conferred by The Global Youth Marketing Forum such as Best Social Media Agency for the year – 2013 and Best B2B Social Media Agency for the year 2014.
The Pacesetter Leader
As the CEO of the company, Radha has extremely high standards of performance & expertise, thus, she expects same kind of passion and competency from her staff.
“I think the most important decision is of choosing the right people to do the right job. Once you put the passionate and qualified people to the job, you don’t need to worry about the quality of the work and the deliverables” asserts Radha.
Ethics of the Sattvic Mind

Radha is a spiritually inclined individual and a firm believer of karma. She believes that reading more books can contribute towards living a balanced life. Even though she is a successful entrepreneur but then again she is someone who is very down to earth and compassionate. She firmly attributes towards honesty, hard work and integrity.
Radha believes, “Start with yourself. Stop blaming the government, the leaders, and the politicians. Follow the traffic rules, complain to the authorities if you see garbage lying around – do small things. They can bring in the change. If you don’t even step out to vote, then you have no right to complain about anything.”
Visionary Statement for Budding Entrepreneurs
Radha believes that every woman should learn to follow their passion and instinct. She even suggests that if an individual does not love what she is doing, she should just change it and should never get complaisant. She says, “If you get too comfortable, you will not make progress.”
Radha is confident about the fact that if something at its beginning is very difficult; it will definitely lead towards stunning results.
Future Perspectives
Radha being from business background perfectly understands the importance of social media and digital marketing; as the growing adoption and awareness about the same is increasing. Thus, these should be seen as perspective fruitful outcome rather than just branding perspective. Hence, Radha wants to strongly position Midas Touch with this ultimate objective.
Besides everything Radha wants to create awareness among people about the fundamentals and key principles, as the people are unaware of social media practices and how they can actually get benefit out of it. For this very purpose she provides her knowledge about social media marketing through her blog posts.

Source :- Inspiring Stories of Indian Women Leaders in Business

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