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What does it take to launch a startup? A bright idea? A skillful team? Money? Yes. All of those things. But more than anything what it takes is, conviction. A belief that there is an implication of the problem being tackled, and that the answer is something which the consumer wants.
Lex Protector is an outstanding International Law Firm specialized in providing Intellectual Property Law services for both established companies as well asstartups and mid cap companies who are looking to solve their problem of finding best legal services that enables them to move smoothly in the market. By striking the right balance between the interests of innovators and the wider public interest, Lex Protector is ambitious in fostering an environment wherein productivity and innovation can flourish together.
Innovator of Lex Protector
Aurobinda Panda, Founder and Managing Partner of  Lex Protector, has graduated with honors in IPR from School of Law, KIIT University. Also, He is currently pursuing his Postgraduate Certificate in Business Management from XLRI, Jamshedpur, India. As a bright law student, he was participating in many internships and college events. He has many publications in his name, that are published in journals of both National as well as International reputation.
Successful Journey of Lex Protector
Before starting his own venture Aurobinda used to take independent contracts for some of his clients and this is where he realized his potentials as well as limitations.  He shared that idea of forming a law firm with his fellows, namely Bhaskar and Atul, in the form of an abstract business model and finally the idea of Lex Protector materialized.
Lex Protector is basically one of the most awesome outcomes of Aurobinda’s life experiences. It’s a brain child of numerous events that he witnessed and enjoyed during the progress of  his Law Graduation which went on for  whole five years.
Aurobinda loves to face challenges with his troubleshooting attitude which let him be the best entrepreneur too. During his graduation, motivational teachers and his college amigos supplemented the brainstorming process of setting up a Law Firm which ultimately led to the formation of  Lex Protector in the year 2012.
He always gets inspired by seeing journeys of the founders of MNCs like Amazon, Apple and Alibaba, who single handedly started something that groomed into MNCs today.
While elaborating his successful journey of the venture, Aurobinda ambitiously says, “If one person can make such a huge difference, I realized that I am fortunate to have a good group of my college friends to achieve that, so why wait till we graduate. I thus officially launched Lex Protector while I was in my fourth year in the Law School. The other motive was to pursue entrepreneurship in the legal field, which in itself is a new thing and I was sure that if I can strengthen by firm’s bottom line by structuring the process properly, I will definitely succeed.”
Offering Unique Services with Advanced Approach
Lex Protector service base is not only confined to trademarks, copyrights and patents, but also covers issues related to Company Law and Competition law.
Lex Protector specializes in matters related to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and has successfully taken down thousands of copyright infringing content from the internet since the firm’s inception. This wouldn’t have been possible if services had not been so diversified. Lex Protector’s diversified service portfolio serves SMEs and Startups too, which has the potential to make them big players in the long run. This enables Lex Protector to establish a long term relationship with their clients and also helps it to learn the nitty-gritty of corporate culture. Their services have been articulated to expedite enforcement of intellectual property rights on the internet forum.
The expertise of  Lex Protector lies in proper utilization of IP resources to help their clients successfully. Their experienced associates and partners always help clients to formulate an impeccable business plan by doing a proper due diligence very cost effectively. They have protected the interests of clients both in developed as well as developing countries successfully through their services with best servings.
Future Limelight
Lex Protector intends to surpass geographical boundaries to provide best solutions for their clients. They are optimizing the quality of services to best suit their client’s needs. They are creating a good working environment at their offices to ensure quality at customer end. They completely believe that the growth will depend upon the level of client satisfaction and if the things go as planned, then soon they will be expanding their base while also keeping in mind their client’s interest.
They are also working on improving their website to facilitate scheduling of online consultations which allow clients to submit their request for service online for time saving.
Lex Protector’s client oriented service offering is broadening the vision for their future. Currently their client base has crossed 40 countries. They have done successful filings in countries like China and South Africa, which has also boosted their morale with another 250 International trademark filings.
Number of Patent and Copyright filings have also increased quickly.  Lex Protector has successfully enforced rights on behalf of clients by taking down more than 1000 copyright and trademark infringing works and products from the internet.  Lex Protector is executing their plans properly and are strongly focusing on both short and long term goals to achieve a dream of a leading organization in the IP service Sector.

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