Madhura Dixit Keskar: YouTuber at Madhura’s EVA.

Madhura Dixit Keskar[Women empowerment, homemaker, family empowered, Women environment, woman entrepreneurship, womenentrepreneur2020]
Madhura Dixit Keskar
  1. What is your philosophy of efficient leadership in a corporate setting?

A true leader is one who takes the responsibility of well-being and all round development of his teammates. One who understands the value of hardwork and compassion. One who focouses on the mental health of team so that in turn would result in greater productivity and create an environment where there is no ME its WE!!!

2. Given the chance, how would you redefine woman entrepreneurship?

I have and will continue to focus on mental well-being of women. Its important to understand that this is the strengthening of roots. The innate quality of a women is nurturing, and she does that beautifully to her business. That leads to the most inspiring, powerful and trusted entrepreneurship.

3. What is your channel all about?

My Marathi YouTube channel focuses on Mental well being of women. I have always believed that a women play a crucial role in building a society. If her mental and emotional health is taken care.. she in turn would contribute in creating a healthy and happy family. This is the change that I am trying to create through my videos. My videos have impacted the mindsets of women and helping them to transform from within, Creating healthy mindsets!

4. What are your organization’s vision and core values?

Women empowerment, Mental well-being of Women. Helping women to understand their own worth, boosting their self confidence, no matter if they are a homemaker or a working individual. A Women empowered is a family empowered!

5. What would you choose between following your passion and being practical? Why?

I believe passion should be used for contributing to the society because there lies the true happiness and fulfillment. Passion gives me a sense of pride and joy when I get feedback from people that my work has helped them to create change in their lives. What else could be the true giving back to the society, that only Passion could make it happen!

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