Maheka Mirpuri: A Multi-faceted Brand with a Penchant for Chic Haute Couture

Maheka Mirpuri | Founder[fashion designer]
Maheka Mirpuri | Founder

When we talk about the world, we call it a creation of nature. It’s something that came to be designed in a certain manner. This concept has continued to permeate through every living being. Today, we have individuals who are contributing to this world of design – Fashion Designers.
One such person who has taken the world of finery, embroidery, colors, and hues by a storm is Maheka Mirpuri. What initially started as a passion, gave rise to Mumbai’s only ‘by-appointment’ fashion atelier. Maheka turned into a brand with the launch of her Couture de-Salon. The brand’s primary aim is that every woman should be highlighted in the most natural way possible. They aim to emphasize their individual personalities. Maheka’s designs found a place in the world of haute couture due to the spectacular, classy and chic women’s creations.
Journeying Towards Her Passions
Maheka Mirpuri the Founder’s (of the brand -Maheka Mirpuri) passion for design is well known and seen in her various designs. Her growing years were all about experimenting with colour, creating her own style statement and dressing up. There was a mutual sense of appreciation among friends and family for her sense of style which inspired her further. She soon started by designing exclusively for them and also organized exhibitions to put her creations on display. They were always an instant hit and would sell like hotcakes. Gradually, her constant efforts gained her and her designs more admirers who came to her for their ensembles.
This was Maheka’s turning point which gave her the push to move her work out into an actual studio. This dedication towards her designs also earned her a client base among corporates, socialites and celebrities. Her sensuous yet chic designs have been carried by celebrities like Sonakshi Sinha, Parineeti Chopra, Deepika Padukone, Karishma Kapoor, Sridevi, Sushmita Sen, Neha Dhupia and many more.
About the Artistic Brainchild
Maheka believes that fashion is the most exhilarating way of propagating all her experiences, enthusiasm as well as reverie with others. Those who share the same thoughts have always been appreciative of her designs. Some of the distinguishing features are that she loves playing with colors and tones. She experiments with her own combinations which in the end become the colour and look of the season.
Speaking of collections including her latest one, Maheka states, “Every collection is special to me and is unique in its own way. Every collection has a different inspiration. My latest one is titled Untold Stories.”
Elaborating on Untold Stories
Every couture collection has something that stands apart from the others. Many factors inspire them and with Untold Stories it’s all about time. In Maheka’s words, it sparks from a time gone by and memories so dear. So delicate, yet so potent. This collection is focused on Indian accents and combines various elements to bring out the best in it. It portrays the moment where the designer’s mind captured the artistic vision. One that has now become embedded in the very fabric of Untold Stories.
The prime emphasis for this collection is placed on every piece having originality and also reflects innovation. There is a flow of lyrical poesy and every outfit reflects style, elegance, sensuality as well as sophistication. The brand consistently works on revitalizing classic designs but by giving an urbane touch.
The colour scheme that is used in the attire belonging to the collection mostly reflects an Indian twist. Some of the popular shades are sophisticated pastels to earthy palettes and cherry reds with indigos, blacks, pale pinks, ivories, ecru, silvers, greys and champagnes.
The fabric is the key element that can either make or break any outfit. Maheka’s brand thus implements fabrics that are both delicate and tough as well. Some of them in trend this season are – rough spuns like jute to the finest muslin, silks, Chanderis – a traditional fabric that is lightweight and has a sheer texture, taffetas and lehariyas – a material that uses tie dye technique to create wave like patterns across it. Every fabric goes through a long process of being crafted with the finest details, and Maheka’s collections constantly reflect authentic Indian design.
The use of thread work, mirror work, Gota Patti – an embroidery technique where fabric is sewn to create elaborate patterns. Chikankari (a technique that originated in Lucknow)
and Phulkari (which literally means flower work), pleating, are the various textures beautifies an outfit further. Defining the collection is also the amalgamation of Indian silhouettes with a western touch. The shape and cut are well defined and made on an anatomical analysis which creates a harmonious visual effect. This effectively counterbalances both the broad and the narrow within the same outfit. The entire collection follows a delicate draping method which when styled with grace and elegance translates into feminine styles. The silhouettes have volume implemented into them and project a couture-like, majestic and aristocratic appearance.
The final outputs of the long yet splendid design process are shararas, long kurtas, flouncy skirts, short choli blouses, and sarees. Statement pieces such as shawl like dupattas are a huge trend within the collection. Big shoulders & billowing silhouettes, low necklines to tatted collars, puffed to pagoda sleeves & flared flouncy skirts are part of Maheka’s AW19 collection.

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