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Sanjana Bubber | Aanchal Bubber Mehta, Founders | The Bubber Couture Store

Today, a woman’s role in society has far transcended that of a home-maker; she is now a primary decision maker, abled, and a skilled worker. In a country transforming the new age of women, we will delve into the entrepreneurial journey of duo woman personality who are making a difference in the fashion sector and are crucial in building successful businesses. Insights Success has clinched the opportunity to profile these inspiring duo woman prowess.
Bubber Couture, the ultimate destination for luxury fashion wear in India is owned by the Founders and identical twin couturiers, Sanjana Bubber and Aanchal Bubber Mehta.
Carving Glorious Journey of the Personalities
The women of substance, always envisioned of building and growing a business that is focused on designing multi functional, affordable and impeccably adorned luxury Indian couture. The twosome always wanted to pursue a career in creative field which enabled them to undergo an in-depth training in fashion, at SNDT college in Mumbai.
After a good three years of training at SNDT university, they wanted to explore the field of menswear. Two years after training with a reputed menswear designer in the industry, they felt the need in the industry for affordable and subtle Indian menswear.
While growing up around the art and architectural background, they developed a burning desire to design a bigger, brighter picture of their own in the fashion world. That picture today is known as Bubber Couture, a brand dealing in fashion and lifestyle products of unmatched aesthetics, quality and price points. They embarked on the journey of making the brand in April, 2011 combining their combined inspirations of art and architecture.
Both Aanchal & Sanjana design the collections collectively but both have their own strengths and visions. Aanchal’s design aesthetic is more bold and structured and her strength lies in creating unique silhouettes and designs. She handles the pattern making, design operations and administration. Sanjana handles the creative ideation, marketing and public relations of the business.
A Unique Style to Offer
With menswear being their strength the twins are famous for their bespoke services, reversible and multi functional products with subtle and sophisticated designs catered to the commonest man.
Their designs blend traditional and a contemporary feel corroborating diverse silhouettes handcrafted to perfection.
The story behind the designs at the business are always derived from history or art. The outcome are exquisite and unique collections by the designers. The inception of the firm is inspired by modern art, architecture, mythology, psychology, cinema, and history. For the collection of innumerable designs with incredible talent themes, the Bubber Couture clothing line canvases the twins’ artistic visions combined with luxury and valued garments solutions for the subtle yet trendy man. The uniquely designed garments promote fusion art vehemently through the story behind the collections.
The designers’ brain storm each theme with their associates to create and express a distinct vibe. Their current collection comprises of a genesis of their own Trojan warriors expressing their love for industrial blue print sketches. They have used detail on their pieces like a play on armour, grain lines, roman inspired drapes, patchwork and gilded and aged metal and stud embroideries. The collection is inspired from Trojan shields, chain mail, armour, and battle gear.
Each theme they choose governs their fabric, colour, texture, and print choices for the collection. Post-theme selection, the designers analyse how a theme can be made into unique yet wearable luxury Indian couture.
A Weave of Craftsmanship, Culture and a Touch of Modernity
Aanchal & Sanjana most enjoyed designing a collection called ‘Amotan’, inspired from the famous art mockumentary “Treasures from the Wreck of the Unbelievable”  by Damien Hirst. They took the ship wreck & archeological fantasy creating an all blue hue collection with antique details inspired by the oceanic drowned treasures.
In other collections, the designers’ have highlighted the handcrafted, organic and reflective art installations by Artist Joachim Sauter. Using his ‘TRI’  installation as inspiration the twins have created a geometrically inspired collection derived from the interplay of reflective triangles and overlapping shadows in the piece.
Furthermore the designer’s have taken a dive down history lane creating pieces inspired by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius leading to the destruction of the ancient city of Pompeii, the Trojan war and even the British Vintage Circus.
It is these interesting themes that help the twins create a unique space for designing garments reflecting their own individuality. They extract colours, textures and a mood from chosen themes and combine it with contrasted techniques to create modernistic prints, fabrics and garments. The fashioners’ try and give their clients two contrasting statements within the same garment adding versatility and value to their clients wardrobe.
Extending their Vision through Technology
Updating machinery, software, and processes to stay up-to-date remains an important aspect of the business. The designers try to deliver a better product finish, quality and productivity. New age technology has quickened the processes and offered solutions to simple and lengthy problems. The designers have been investing in the latest fusing techniques since most of their couture garments are fused. The inventory and stock software programmes makes the tracking of stock easier.
Advanced advertising strategies on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook has made the firm’s social connect, and advertising cheap and accessible.
The technology friendly approach has made them explore 3d mapping software that can scan body measurements accurately. Since most of their fabrics and prints are made by them, Bubber Couture also offers clients the opportunity to design their own custom digital prints, fabrics or even 3D print their own cufflinks. They even create digital drawings and colour charts for distant clients to choose and visualise colour shades for customized garments.
To know more about Bubber Couture and its offerings, connect with Aanchal & Sanjana or visit

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