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Kreative House
Pavan Kakade | Partner and Principal Architect | Medha Kakade | Founder and Principal Architect | Kreative House

Hyderabad based Kreative House is one of the most sought after firm for residential architecture and interior design in India. It has gained popularity in Hyderabad and Pune as a firm for perfect Design and Execution of Luxury and Green High-end Residences without compromising on quality and workmanship. In more than a decade, Kreative House has completed sustainable and innovative designs for close to 15 lakh sq. ft. of space across commercial, residential, retail and hospitality spheres.
Complementing Each Other – In Life and Work
The design firm with husband-wife architect duo – Pavan Kakade and Medha Kakade at the helm has grown to become a single-stop shop for its prospective clients.
An astute sense for the design comes naturally to Medha, the Founder and Principal Architect. Her first job was with the reputed architectural and interiors’ firm in Sangli. Her strong design sensibilities saw her handling major interior projects completely on her own. Her stint at the firm came to an end in 2002 which paved the way for the foundation of Kreative House.
In 2012, she was joined by her husband Pavan who was working in the capacity of ‘Chief Architect’ at AHIDCO (Aditya Housing& Infrastructure Development Corporation). Hailing from Solapur, Maharashtra, Pavan was born and brought up in Hyderabad. With a passion for architectural design, Pavan enrolled in JNTU (Jawaharlal Nehru Technical University) to pursue Architecture. His creativity was acknowledged by NASA (National Association of Students of Architecture) when Pavan designed a “Futuristic Living Module” which was selected as one of the best designs in the competition. His career started with a leading architecture firm, moving on to to the role of lead Architect with HDFC for architecture and interior works of their new branches and project evaluations, then AHIDCO and finally Kreative House.
Medha and Pavan’s working styles and expertise are a perfect complement to each other and Kreative House’s abilities are only poised to grow. With their rich knowledge in designing and project handling, they have taken the firm from a home office of staff four people to one of the leading architecture and interior designing firm in Hyderabad and Pune. Its work is also seen in Vizag and Solapur.
Services That Enthrall
Team Kreative House comprises of architects, interior designers, civil engineers, research assistants and surveyors. The team designs and executes customized amenities to suit the individual personalities and needs of the clients. Projects handled by the studio reflect the studio’s focus on good space planning, explorations with varied decor styles, and minute attention to detail. Its services comprise of:

  • Luxury High-End Residences

Luxury high-end residences add multiple aspects which make our lives safe, secure and more comfortable. While a basic home consists of kitchen, bedrooms, living and dining, luxury residences have a home theater, spa and sauna rooms, gymnasium rooms, private terrace gardens, infinity pools, recreation rooms, sensor and temperature controlled sanitary and plumbing accessories, dimmer and sensor-controlled mood lighting and more.
Architectural design plays an important role in deciding the outcome of all the above aspects and giving that sophisticated yet pleasant look. A good design also redefines the overall experience of the space.

  • High-End Green Residences

Green is the new black. Saving our planet and ecology has become more important today, than ever before. Green building design in general and residence in specific has to be sensible in reducing carbon footprint and it should consider the site factors like local climate, locally available building materials and how technological advances can be used for the betterment of this objective. Goals of the green building are:

  • Life Cycle Assessment
  • Building Design Efficiency
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Water Efficiency
  • Material Efficiency
  • Waste Reduction.
  • High-End Interiors

High-end Interior is a matter of choice and selection. There are different styles in interiors like contemporary, classical, neoclassical, country etc which is defined by specific design, material, finishes, colours and so on. It is Kreative House’s job to design, find and source the right products to achieve a stunning interior experience. Luxury finishes range from premium exotic veneers, gold or silver leafing/gilding works, very premium Italian marble for flooring or cladding, and more.

  • Project Execution

Kreative House has well-designed systems and process in place to handle large luxury and green residential projects. Dedicated and experienced team of professionals supervise the execution works in minute detail. It ensures that the client approved design is strictly adhered to and deviations if any in special cases are done only after proper consent of the design team and clients.
Keeping it Kreative!
Team Kreative House keeps exploring the new ideas in designing, by understanding the individual client choices and requirements. This makes every project unique from others. It is also leveraging the services of technology and using a new material which is energy-efficient and eco-friendly. It uses new software like lumion, 3d max etc to develop 3d concept, which makes it easy to convince the client’s, by presenting the 3d views. Use of project management software facilitates the completion of a project on time by keeping a track on project daily basis.
Being a single stop solution of all the Architecture and Interior works makes the client happy to be associated with Kreative House for their project. Added to that, the hard work, creativity and dedication of its employees make things easy in designing and handling the projects. Attention to detail is strictly adhered to and therefore the results are never short of being superlative.
Word for Newbies
The couple’s advice for the budding designers:
“Interior design industry is one of those industries, which changes with time, technology and new materials in the market. So, it is very important to be updated.”
Futuristic Designs
For a decade and a half, Kreative House has been delivering nothing but the best, within stipulated deadlines. It has completed several prestigious projects across multiple cities in the states of Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra covering a wide spectrum of residential, institutional and commercial spaces. Each one of these projects has been received with great appreciation and satisfaction from individual clients and corporate groups. Their ability to redefine living concepts with aesthetical designs and innovative ideas has been greeted with high regards. The company aims at creating and designing spaces that will leave a permanently great impression, even on the global scenario. And going forward, as an architect, interior designers and landscape architects, it would like to handle multidisciplinary projects across India and the globe.

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