Intuition Payment Systems: A Powerful AI based Integrated POS for Businesses

Intuition Payment Systems

The undergoing structural change arising in the tech workplaces have changed the way business is being done. When we talk about the future of tech workplaces, one cannot avoid the subject of artificial intelligence. With its potential for automating various processes in any modern organizations in most industries, it is seen as one of the major factors in realizing the future of tech workplaces. Intuition Payment Systems is one such award winning software and analytics company which has a powerful proprietary platform and is providing new possibilities and opportunities for businesses.
IVEPOS: The Complete System for Business
Intuition Payment Systems’ IVEPOS is a smart and all in one POS and Payment system with simple and effective tools that a conventional billing machine can’t provide at an affordable price. The system is an integrated Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Cloud based solution for billing, payment, inventory management, intelligent reporting, micro inventory management, in-store marketing, accounting, customer management and many more features for easy operations. IVEPOS is lightweight, handy, and easily transportable and hence, it is suitable for events, temporary stalls, food trucks and mobile stalls which makes it a complete system for business. It is the most advanced, fast and completely integrated Point of Sale & Billing System from Intuition Systems.
The Creators of Intuition Systems
Serial tech entrepreneurs Anand Asaithambi and Arun Asaithambi founded Intuition Payment Systems in 2013. While setting up and operating their semi-automated and robotics based restaurant business, first it was difficult for them to find an easy to use and all-in one digital POS/Billing/Data management/Payment solution at an affordable cost. So, to overcome this difficulty, they built India’s first fully integrated touch screen system called IVEPOS.
Mr. Anand Asaithambi is the CEO of Intuition Payment Systems and designed the award winning IVEPOS series of payment systems. He is a Mechanical Engineer specializing in robotics and software integration. Dr. Arun Asaithambi is the CEO and Co-founder of Lantern Pharma Inc., a US based Biotech Company that is using genomics and AI for personalized cancer drug development. Arun obtained his undergraduate and doctorate degrees in the areas of biochemical engineering and biotechnology.
Asai brothers are building technology organizations that bring innovative technological solution such as AI, Robotics, Software, hardware, genomics to solve radical problems in multiple industries including fin-tech, retail, healthcare, and food industries. They founded Intuition Payment Systems that launched IVEPOS TM series, AI & cloud based POS systems. Intuition Bio-Systems that launched Inti TM , AI & cloud driven precision diagnostics and Dosai Asai Foods that launched automation and robotics based SAAMI TM making healthy fast dosa-wraps.
Overcoming Challenges
Intuition Systems is a growing multi-national company that is in operations in major Indian cities and expanding to other domestic and international territories rapidly. The company is serving customers in South East Asian countries with a huge demand of projects. The company is projecting revenues of over $50 Million in the next 5 years. One of the biggest challenges Intuition Systems faced is fueling such ambition of rapid growth and expansion. Some of the constraints for such rapid expansion include access to capital, human resources and partnerships. Currently, the company is organically revenue-funding their growth with a fast growing customer base and wants to focus on the best technological enhancement in Artificial Intelligence which will give an edge to business owners to run their business efficiently.
The Key Ingredients of Intuition Systems
Intuition Systems has the most advanced, cloud-enabled and AI-powered POS systems & payment solution which makes them stand apart from their competitors. Their aim is to empower businesses across the spectrum. Anand says, “We are in here to stay with our customer for the long haul through ups and downs and be a part of their success story. We are in this together and this thought process is instilled in our every team member. We keep our customers at the center of our operations.”
Intuition Systems is focusing on increasing their reach, customer base, customer support network, AI tech and products. The employees of Intuition Systems are stepping up their role to a more leadership and responsible positions aiding the new talents to work on cool technologies and projects. The company’s Technology, Marketing, Sales and Finance departments are recruiting talented engineers, scientists, analysts and managers to reach the milestones.
The Latest Concepts Incorporated in the Company
Intuition Systems has a transparent open culture with customer-centric attitude. They say, “The cohesive working of the team comes from the trust we inculcate in each other and this has reflected in the quality of our products and growth of our company.”
Trust is an important factor to be a successful team. After assigning a task, to incorporate that, the company gives complete autonomy to the person to achieve the goals. The company believes that this gives immense freedom to the person to achieve their full potential. In a long term, this imbibes in the company culture and has brought positive results for them. Employees are encouraged to subscribe the industry newsletter, monthly peer to peer learning sessions, and new technological advancement reads are few initiatives taken to keep employees upgraded.
Elevating the Company to Success
Intuition Systems believes, “Honesty, hard work, optimism, reliability, helping other team members and never give up attitude is what we believe in a team that can elevate the company to greatness.”
On the other hand Intuition Systems is very bullish in terms of expansion and wants to grow into the #1 tech company by providing best in class products and services. They are actually in the process of hiring and looking for talented people in Software Development, Product Management, Computational Biology, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Graphic Designing, Marketing and Sales. The company is also motivating the young talents from college and providing internship opportunities to come and work with them.

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