Rishika Inamdar: Founder, OfficeCraft Virtual Assistant

Rishika Inamdar[entrepreneurship, Virtual Assistant, Small & Medium Enterprises, Project Management, Event Coordination, womenentrepreneur2020]
Rishika Inamdar

1. What is your philosophy of efficient leadership in a corporate setting?

Leadership covers several aspects of relationship building; first with oneself. As a leader one ought to innately practice ‘being watched’, it’s the primary element of being conscious in a progressive thought process.

 ‘Leadership’ is an intangible bond created within a team, but as a team member through selfless yet goal oriented actions where one earns the regard and respect as a ‘doer’. Leadership is motivation through action.

2. Given the chance, how would you redefine woman entrepreneurship?

Women are enterprising in nature; they hold every attribute entrepreneurs could possess. Women don’t seek opportunities, they create them, for themselves. If there is any redefining, it’s in the mindset. Neither domain knowledge, nor fuelling encouragement is a necessity for a woman who has identified her own traits and has sensed her purpose.

A report shows; women entrepreneurs have greater likelihood of innovativeness than men across 74 economies. Women are redefining entrepreneurship.

3. What are the services/solutions/products that your company provides?

OfficeCraft Virtual Assistant services helps entrepreneurs & professionals build their Personal Brand optimising their digital presence to generate leads and increase traction within their network, creating consistent lasting impressions and build valued relationships. OfficeCraft Virtual Assistant Services is driven by the honed penchant for Personal Branding, Corporate Communication, Project Management, Event Coordination whilst enhancing Operational Efficiency for Small & Medium Enterprises.

4. What are your organization’s vision and core values?
Integrity, Competency and Credibility are the adage and core values of OfficeCraft Virtual Assistant services.

As India’s First Virtual Assistant, I am successful in creating a proficient service model that is time-saving, cost-effective and facilitates accelerating growth for emanating entrepreneurs. OfficeCraft Virtual Assistant Services envisions growing as integral and reliable operating partners and aiding in making today’s Small & Medium Enterprises – tomorrows’ Global Ventures.

5. What would you choose between following your passion and being practical? Why?

I chose to practically be lead by my passion not follow it! I believe there is no reason why any individual should need to choose between the two. I didn’t. I see myself as an ordinary person taking extraordinary steps to reach my goals and raise the bars, reach and raise again. Today’s millennial has more time at hand, advancing technology and far more clear vision unlike our previous generations. All one needs to do is align. Pursue Passion – there are no two ways about it!

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