Shefali Desai: Fusing Strategy with Design to Create Visual Magic

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“It’s a lot of struggle! If you have the passion for it no matter what happens just doesn’t give up ever!” –Shefali Desai, Founder & Design Director at BASE 501 
Bringing in adaptable design solutions for the betterment of the masses is Shefali Desai, a multidisciplinary Artist / Designer. She is the Founder & Design Director at BASE 501, which also known as ‘The Doodleist’. With her substantial experience in Fine Arts, Strategic Design Thinking, and Design Management, Shefali breathes life into brands by detailing them out with the love that life itself encompasses within it.
Raised the Bar Higher
Shefali has vast experience of working with noteworthy brands such as Starbucks, Pepsi, Redbull, Star Movies, TATA sky, CBRE, etc. Her passion for art and design has fetched her some prestigious awards in the industry along with being featured in various magazines like Creative Gaga & Kyoorius to name a few.  She was also honoured with – Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals in Design Execution.
Shefali has even made it to the list of Top 100 Women Illustration Artists in India, Wacom Spotlight Artist. She was featured in the ‘LIVE DARE CREATE’ by Wacom, with numerous opportunities to widen her horizon, in the field of Art, Print, Digital, and Spatial.
Know Her Better
Having done her Masters in Design from Singapore, she has created high standards by demanding and delivering consistently superior art and design solutions across 100 + brands and multiple agencies. These agencies include start-ups and high-end brands over the past nine years of her career.
Shefali is also a member of the ADI (Association of Designers of India). She is recognised for her contribution in the design education space as well, with having three years of teaching design as Visiting Faculty at Raffles Design Institute and currently an Adjunct Faculty at NMIMS School of Design.
“My family (Husband and Parents) are my biggest motivators they always encourage me to keep going and keep pushing” said Shefali., “My role model is Chris Do. He is the most inspiring designer, businessman I have seen and I inspire to reach that level one day,” she added further. 
About the Company
BASE 501 is a multidisciplinary design agency, with a set of talented sparky designers brought together by their passion for design. The company believes that every assignment is an opportunity for insight and innovation. It is an indication that every designer is an expert in something important for its clients and thus every client is a willing co-conspirator for great projects that work and that every account is a case study for its design leadership. Hence, the company helps its clients create, conceive, and implement functional, meaningful, and personalised design solutions for their business.
While sharing notable moments of her life, she said: The most memorable moment for us as a company is to be approached by a brand like STARBUCKS to create wall mural art for them for their cafes in Kolkata and Bangalore.”
Services Making the Brand Unique
Base501 is known for its strong illustration skills and branding, which they weave into multiple creative services such as Wall Murals & Branded Environments, Brand Identity Design and Packaging, Video and Photography, Print, and Digital.
What makes the company stands out is its sheer passion for good design; no matter what the size of the client it offers quality filled customized design services showcasing its versatility.
A Start-up Checklist from Shefali 

  • Never let what others think of you bother you, be determined.
  • Always do your research.
  • Don’t give up on your beliefs. If you want it, then you have to go get it.

Incredible Future
Creative business is quite competitive, with a burst of start-ups and independent creative artists. “Though there is a huge gap on how design is valued, as per my experience so far the value and appreciation for design is just starting to blossom, but it’s still a long way to go.” said Shefali.
With the constant change in design trends, it is very important to be flexible and versatile, and the company-Base501 wants to be just that!
The company is making great ideas come alive through excellent designs driven by innovative executions. And, with full potential of good design, it is driving a new era of development, growth, and productivity.

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