Sourabh Nyalkalkar: Being a Brainbox Towards a Startup

The startup is a receptacle of creative innovations, enthusiasm, the broad dynamism, and challenges which constantly pop up the best experiences of failure. The challenge of creating a team, working on some out-of-the-box inventions and pondering to shoot the proposal for the fundraising is the real amusement. Most of the Startup minds are day dreamers, and they love to work mostly on nights. An interesting fact about a startup is, an idea strikes only when the pockets are wholly deserted- and then the expedition of management starts on.  Startup pushes out analysis to construct some unbounded territories.
Sourabh Nyalkalkar, Manager (Patent & Analytics) who is based out of Bangalore office of LexOrbis, is a person that every startup founder would be interested in talking to since he provides a productive, strategic and a long term proposition in relation to their intellectual property rights to all budding entrepreneurs. Being one of the senior team members at LexOrbis – Bangalore, Sourabh has a vast experience in working with start-ups. In fact, he has worked in building a strong portfolio for some of the highly rated start-ups in India. On the other end, Anand Balagopal, a communication expert with advertising and marketing background is also a vital team member at LexOrbis and has a great exposure in handling start-ups and helping protect their IP. Sourabh and Anand are two of the key members from the Inolyst – LexOrbis merger who have built a strong bonding with their customers and both of them believe that the customer experience plays a vital role in building a long lasting customer relationship. The issues surrounding Intellectual Property Rights can confound any individual or company that creates or holds Intellectual Property.
While Anand talks to customers and answers their queries, Sourabh steps into the technical discussion with customers and guides them on the other processes involved in protecting IP. Sourabh says, that “People usually believe that they have invented something path breaking, which is quite rare to find today. What I call invention is basically an incremental advancement over something that already exists.” While the incremental innovation can be patented, he cautions that startups do get carried away with a wrong idea that a single patent can make them rich.
Sourabh has worked so extensively in the startup space that he would have touch based with most of the tech start-ups nationwide, at least once. He strongly believes in knowledge sharing and development. As a part of this initiative, LexOrbis has partnered with many government bodies, institutions, start-up incubators, and accelerators nationwide in conducting regular workshops and mentoring innovative start-up ecosystem.
Sourabh’s Journey at his Workplace
Sourabh is a proud engineer from Visvesvaraya Technological University and has also capped the degree of masters from National School of India University from Karnataka. Sourabh is a registered Patent agent and has been in the IP profession and has been through thick of things at various segments in the IP industry, be it a KPO that largely focuses on backend IP operations of global MNCs to a boutique IP Consulting business and now at LexOrbis, a law firm.
A quick brief on LexOrbis
LexOrbis is a 20-year-old law firm which is one of the most recommended and highly rated full-service IP law firms in India operating from one of the limelight cities such as New Delhi, Mumbai, and Bengaluru and has clients across the globe. It consists of more than 85 highly dedicated 85 personnel. The firm’s Patent Department has over 70+ attorneys and agents with a wide range of domain expertise.
Some of the world’s leading technology companies and several reputed foreign law firms, along with numerous PSUs/research institutes, are partnered with LexOrbis. The company has also worked with some billion dollar start-ups alongside working with hundreds of start-ups and individual inventors by assisting them to protect their Intellectual Property Rights.
Protection of IP is a cue driver of business sustainability. At LexOrbis, utmost prominence is given to IPR helpline, which is created with a basic intention of answering IP related queries at a free cost. Individuals/Start-ups can call LexOrbis helpline number at 080 3927 5503/05 to get their queries on IPR at no extra cost. Team LexOrbis is answering numerous counts of calls per month from different parts of the country.
Team that Multiplies the Success
Sourabh truly believes that for an employee to be motivated, it is most important to have a competitive environment coupled with learning opportunities. LexOrbis provides a highly challenging, competitive yet friendly environment for its employees and also appreciates the efforts of the performers by recognizing them and awarding them. Currently, Mr. Anil Kumar who dons the hat of a chief consultant is working in Lexorbis. He constantly works with the in-house technical team by sharing the best practices that he has cultivated by working with the big corporates.
Sourabh’s Advice to Aspiring Entrepreneurs on IPRs
Sourabh believes that lack of IP awareness is one of the prime causes for the slow growth of India on the IPR front. Although the trend has been changing in the recent years, there’s a long way to go before India enters the top IP filing nations. With recent initiatives by the government and support structures being put in place by way of private funding, it is high time that the growing startup community in India is stimulated to find more ways to monetize their innovative products and solutions – Intellectual Property Rights being one of them. The priority and goals of LexOrbis are to protect client’s Intellectual Property Rights through the expertise, experience, and commitment and also, to continue working in this area by reaching out to the startup community, making the entire gamut of IPRs easily accessible, thereby adding value to every successful start-up story.

Source :- The 30 Young and Dynamic Entrepreneurs in 2017

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