Ajay Gupta & Raghu S: Athirst Twosome Behind Circuit 9

High-strung personalities, Ajay Gupta & Raghu S, Founders and Directors of Circuit 9 Communications Pvt. Ltd., were thoroughly drenched in the passion of doing something different with a revolution which resulted in the foundation of Circuit 9 Communications Pvt. Ltd. Well, it all started with a cognizance, ‘now we have acquired significant experience of working with the most prestigious brands as well as a large industry networks’. And this was the time these two aspirants decided to branch out on their own.

Initially, Ajay and Raghu graphed the idea that they will help companies in India communicate their brand messages in ways that would be perhaps more creative and flexible than the way they may usually be accustomed to. Ajay says, “We were encouraged by the start-up boom in Bangalore and believed that the many brilliant, bright and talented individuals (i.e. ‘the new era’ entrepreneurs) who were starting out around that time would be hungry for new ideas, to meet the evolving expectations and higher standards of the modern audience.”

Being people who are totally passionate about business and business strategy, Ajay and Raghu had an objective of positioning themselves as ‘value for money’ advertising which would attract the attention of the said business owners who were looking for more flexible options. Raghu elaborates, “We were counting on gaining goodwill from them that would eventually spread via word of mouth, which eventually we were successful in building.” On the other part, presenting Circuit 9 Communications Pvt. Ltd. as an integrated, multi-service agency gave the clients the incentive to choose them. This was done by allocating proper hierarchy and talented employees who could offer fast creative solutions to various challenges while they focused on their core strength, which was strategic planning for brands.

Idiosyncratic Way of Business

While reverting on the question of the reason behind choosing this business, Ajay says, “I view it less as a profession and more like a lifelong calling. Advertising has grown significantly in the last 10-15 years particularly with the rise of digital marketing and social media, it has become an incredible global paradigms. It hasn’t fallen into a pattern and still can surprise people. Ads still make you feel that a simple idea can help change your company’s entire perspective. We’ve also noticed that people tend to hold fond memories about ads and thus have a lot of nostalgic value, which can act as a powerful communication device.”

According to Ajay, ads offer a gateway into almost every other industry there is and that’s another added advantage. Especially, for a socially enthusiastic person like him, it’s almost a necessity. The team loves meeting people from various Industries like BFSI, Technology, Automobile, Education, Lifestyle, Hospitality, FMCG, Real estate etc. and adding them to their list of acquaintances, business or otherwise. Ajay says, “There is a minimal amount of stagnation in this industry and you’re never doing the same thing over and over again, which to us is an incredibly important facet.”

Ajay & Raghu, Facing the Challenges like Warriors

Ajay and Raghu together share the responsibilities like, overseeing the entire business strategy, organizational planning, and execution, as well as orchestrating the brand strategy for their clients as well as business promotion. Both of them believe that they are fortunate to have a young, dynamic, talented and passionate team who work hard round the clock with great enthusiasm.

Ajay and Raghu admit that two things gave them an edge: Firstly, their experience gave them an eye for spotting talent. As hiring the correct squad is the most important thing, especially when you’re starting off. Because the first couple of years can be the most significant in determining whether an organization can make it or break it. “That was the most challenging part. Plenty was at stake and we couldn’t afford to make big mistakes,” says Ajay. Secondly, the extensive list of industry contacts that they had established throughout the years backed up by the knowledge and experience of the business gave them confidence in their business model.

But while facing all the challenges there was a strength which was instrumental in defining their success, which is their clients and colleagues, and last but not the least, their team.

“Path to Success” in Ajay’s Words

You have to have undying, unceasing passion for what you do. Simple as that. And if you’re fortunate enough to have success, use it well by being more ambitious instead of playing it safe. Keep your ambitions high, but goals relatively more achievable during the early years. Focus on short-term goals first and building a foundation for your business instead of just throwing blind darts in the darkness. Your first priority is to build a successful business model and a loyal crew of effective employees and management. Put one step above the other and start working the hardest you can. Profits are a long term proposition. They will come eventually with passion and perseverance, but it is important to keep a cool head until.



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