Shrenik Gandhi & Mitesh Kothari: Digital Marketing Professionals

Digital marketing is impacting the businesses with its presence in nearly every single industry because of its cost-effectiveness vis a vis traditional marketing. It measures success by the percentage rate of incoming traffic and facilitates interaction with the target audience. This leads to higher conversion rates and better revenues which is why brands today need Digital Marketing.
There are two such digital marketing professionals, Shrenik Gandhi and Mitesh Kothari, who have judged the perfect nerve of the market demand for Digital Marketing and feel that ignoring Online marketing is like opening a business but not telling anyone! They have started providing the best digital marketing solutions through their endeavor: White Rivers Media.
White Rivers Media, A tribe of the digital marketers with creative minds
Since the digitalization, communication and marketing have become faster, more versatile and practical. Shrenik and Mitesh have understood the importance of making the brands easily accessible to the customers. With the aim to increase brand recognition, which is very essential for making a product or service, they started White Rivers Media, a Design, Digital & a Tech Marketing company which partners with the brands to achieve success.
White Rivers Media focuses on Solutions that are a mix of storytelling, technology and numbers. They operate in verticals across F&B entertainment fashion in the fields of Ecommerce to whom they provide exclusive end to end services.
The Agency has seen itself growing as a creative powerhouse for new and established businesses when it comes to digital marketing designs, services and technology development.
Passionate Persona, Shrenik Gandhi
Shrenik Co-founded White Rivers with zeal to satisfy the digital marketing needs of the clients. This explains that he is a pure breed entrepreneur. Starting from an early age, Shrenik was actively involved in the social activities of Rotract Movement for over a decade, winning several awards for his work. During his management days, he was a part of the entrepreneurship cell which made him realize his entrepreneurial zeal. He then started working for India’s biggest retailer, Future Group. He spent a good amount of time working with Mr. GR Venkatesh, the then HR Head. The day he put down his papers in the company, he was given his first task as an entrepreneur by his boss. This imbibed the belief of a strong moral support and inspired him to start his own endeavor.
He took this experience forward with White Rivers Media established in 2012, which within a short period itself managed to become one of the fastest growing digital marketing agencies in the country. From Retail Giants Future Group to Balaji Telefilms to Dr. Philip Kotler himself, his company has become the go to destination for anyone seeking ROI driven Digital Marketing Solutions.
A Dynamic Rationale – Mitesh Kothari
There is a rule that in order to stay rooted you need to ‘keep changing your direction with the changing wind’. Such is the belief of Mitesh Kothari. Digital Marketing is a business where new ideas are being introduced every day and a new day is a new experience. We believe that our competition is what we were yesterday. If we are not developing or creating better campaigns than the past, then we are failing at what we are doing.
With the changing world, brands need to incorporate the change by implementing digital marketing strategies. Here at White Rivers, Mitesh emphasizes on offering a completely new approach on building brands in this digital age.
Hard Work Leads To Success                            
These two young entrepreneurs’ hard work paid them in the form of trust they received from the clients. Though it was pretty difficult to break the first tile, these two dynamic entrepreneurs handled the situation brave heartedly. Shrenik asserts, all this was only possible because of the great team, support of the clients, help of the stakeholders and most importantly the great belief shown in us by Mr. G. R. Venkatesh.”
Shrenik and Mitesh attribute the success of White Rivers to the every single member related to the company. Mitesh says, “Team is what makes the work interesting; an agency can make or break the mark with the help of right set of stakeholders, especially the team. The passion of the cofounders might go in vain if the team is not as passionate. It is an honour to have a great team in place & a big credit to our success goes to them!”

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