Hiren Bhandari: Believer of ‘Hard Work is the Key to Success’

Being an entrepreneur is not an easy task at all. If given a choice, most probably, people will choose to be a self-employed person, but with the excuse that it is the lack of money which does not let them be an entrepreneur. Though this can be true in some cases, it cannot be as true in all the cases. Many businesses can experience failure instead of having a great money backup. On the other hand, there are many successful businesses, which stand tall with the fact that they were started with a very less amount of money.
So, if there is not just the money factor which diverts a business to success then what? The answer is fully determined, highly confident and passionate Entrepreneurs. It is the entrepreneur who makes the business successful let there be any difficulty. One such young entrepreneur is Hiren Bhandari, Founder & Director of Mantra Softech India Pvt. Ltd.
Having all the needed qualities of an entrepreneur, Hiren is totally committed to his business. A highly communicative person in today’s business world, Hiren always emphasizes on keeping his employees motivated, not by money or fear, but by respect and trust. Additionally, being a modern and successful young entrepreneur, Hiren is very straightforward in all his dealings with customers and suppliers.
Mantra Softech, the Best Biometric Security and Business Solutions
Developers of the first optical fingerprint sensor in India MFS100, Developers of the First IRIS Sensor MIS100, Developers of the First web based GPRS Fingerprint Attendance System, being India’s First company to have an FBI Certification, First Biometrics company in India to be UIDAI Enrolment Agency and, Secured lowest FRR Ranking at FRR competition by UIDAI / STQC / CDAC, Mantra Softech is ahead in the business.
Mantra Softech India Pvt Ltd is an organization registered under ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 which is committed to the establishment and maintenance of Quality Management System as per ISO requirement.
Company is certified by various technology companies as Windows Embedded Partner, Microsoft Registered Partner, Intel Software Partner and Fujitsu Leading Expert Partner. Mantra’s various products are certified on various quality standards like CE, FCC, WHQL, UL, IEC60950, FBI, STQC, CB etc.
Mantra Softech (India) is a leader in Biometric Security and Business Solutions having presence across the nation. Established in the year 2002, they develop identity management and access control solutions for the information security requirements of large and medium sized organizations. They are the manufacturers of large range of Biometric product and works on all kind of biometrics technologies (Fingerprint, Face, Palm Vein, IRIS etc.) available. Mantra Softech is the leader in biometric security and identity related hardware, software & solutions.
RFID Products & Services
An RFID tag is an object that can be applied to or incorporated into a product, animal, or person for the purpose of identification using radio waves. Some tags can be read from several meters away and beyond the line of sight of the reader.
Most RFID tags contain at least two parts. One is an integrated circuit for storing and processing information, modulating and demodulating a (RF) signal, and other specialized functions. The second is an antenna for receiving and transmitting the signal. Chipless RFID allows for discrete identification of tags without an integrated circuit, thereby allowing tags to be printed directly onto assets at a lower cost than traditional tags.
Hiren asserts, “Mantra Softech India deals both in products and services. We manufacture RFID products based on customer requirement. We do designing and manufacturing based on customer requirement”
Transforming the Biometric Technology
Head quartered at Ahmedabad, Gujarat Mantra Softech has its presence all over India. Their branches are located at Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, Jaipur, Kolkatta, Jharkhand, Lucknow, Bhopal and dedicated support team are always available for round the clock service.
Clientele of Mantra Softech India Pvt Ltd Includes Major Government Organizations, PSU, Corporates, Financial Institutions and various System Integrators across India. 8 of India’s top 10 corporates are customers of Mantra. In fact 60% of top 100 companies are among Mantra’s Customer.
Mantra Fingerprint Sensors and IRIS sensors are used in various Flagship programs of Government of India. Those programs Includes Aadhaar Enabled Biometrics Attendance System (AEBAS), Jeevan Pramaan, Aadhaar Based Digital Signature, MSSDA Program, CSSDA, PMKVY, MANAS, VTP Program, Aajivika Program etc. Apart from various Biometrics related software, Mantra have also developed software related to Smartcard and RFID.
The company’s innovation is to transform the Biometric technology where any integrator, customer or manufacturer can pick its own product and be able to keep the existing legacy software and be able to integrate hardware with it for effective usage.
“We are committed to meet the customer requirement & satisfaction by providing quality products, meeting international standard each and every time. We do achieve and maintain high standard of quality management system by employee motivation, participation and by achieving continual improvement in the system,” Hiren adds.
Quote: “We are committed to provide Biometric, RFID and Smartcard based solutions to give technology leverage in enhancing business and security.” – Hiren Bhandari
Company Name: Mantra Softech India Pvt. Ltd.
Management: Hiren Bhandari, Founder & Director
Description: Mantra Softech (India) Pvt Ltd is a leader in Biometric Security and Business Solutions having presence across the nation.
URL: www.mantratec.com

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