Rohil Sharma: Revolutionizing the World with Digital Transformation

Possessing a unique combination of proven business knowledge, forward-looking technical knowledge and market vision, Rohil Sharma, Founder & CEO of Perpetuuiti has become a thought leader in the technology world by enabling leaner Digital Management to Organizations.
Rohil realized that, with the growing complexity of devices, network and systems, and with intensifying digitization organizations today face complex business challenges such as new business models being innovated disrupting the old ones, business enablement & customer engagement through digital channels, increasing productivity by optimizing processes to reduce errors & waste, cost reduction, enhancing service excellence, reducing operational risks, engaging & empowering employees, expanding to new geographies and so on. These challenges impact a business in critical ways ranging from revenue loss, reduced productivity and customer dissatisfaction highlighting the need for organizations to have IT and business process automation solutions in place.
Rohil found that there was a huge gap in meeting the automation requirements of the customers and hence he aims to enable Digital Transformation for companies by building Futuristic Software Products that help transform the way businesses operate.
Rohil as an Entrepreneur
Rohil bears more than 20 years of entrepreneurial experience building, advising and investing in successful companies across the US, Middle East and India. He has Investments in Real Estate, Bio Fuel, Data Centre, Venture Capital, Media Business and IT companies. He has successfully raised Angel and VC Investments. Rohil’s strategic priorities towards his company include accelerating the growth of new innovative products, delivering exceptional service and value to customers, and maintaining a focus on the financial health and growth of overall business.
Uniqueness of Company
With business organizations increasingly adopting automation to achieve greater efficiencies, Perpetuuiti uniquely enables Intelligent Automation solutions to automate user’s business and IT processes on-the-fly. Without disrupting the existing infrastructure, Perpetuuiti automates these processes using futuristic technologies of Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Computing, Machine Learning, Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) thereby negating the need for prior knowledge of the user’s business process. Perpetuuiti’s automation solutions help increase the efficiency of these processes, which in turn reduces the user organizations’ total cost of ownership and time, and helps enhance the overall productivity.
Furthermore, Perpetuuiti’s solutions are Simple to Implement, Non-Intrusive, Adaptable and Scalable to work with the user’s environment. All their products are Modular and can be integrated with one another to enable SEAMLESS and INTELLIGENT Automation. However, most of the products available in market today offer Piece Meal solutions with No Integration to one another and work in Silos. As a result, customer organization buys too many products which are not integrated with one another and hence, the number of touch points increases which hampers the manageability, visibility and accountability. This further adds to the operational and SMEs’ cost and thereby increases the RTO of decision making increasing the Revenue Leakage.
Overcoming Initial Hurdles
Today, Perpetuuiti definitely casts a shadow of success, but to come this far, Rohil and his team had to face many challenges. Prospects not ready to be Sounding Board, Sustainability because of limited funds, Hiring of experienced resources with Domain Expertise are some of the major difficulties Rohil had to face while bringing his idea into reality.
Also, being a young organization, finding a good pool of resources was an important complication. While defining and redefining the GoTo Market Strategy, they also had to make sure that their products and features match market trends and technology evolutions.
However, to stay relevant and deliver technology that enables business objectives and satisfied customers, Perpetuuiti believes in staying committed to delivering the best. Harboring satisfied clients from Fortune 500 diverse set of industry verticals such as Telecom, Banking, Manufacturing, Insurance and Consumer Products, the company continues to incorporate new technology applications and best practices into its solutions. The company continuously adapts itself with changing business needs and evolving technologies. “We keep innovating to ensure we are abreast with latest technological advancements and continue to focus on how to diversify the scope of our products and solutions. Our business strategies, go-to-market strategy, product scope and features are all defined and redefined to ensure we are with/ahead of the market trends and technological innovations and requirements,” says Rohil Sharma, Founder & CEO, Perpetuuiti Technosoft (P) Ltd.
Today’s business man is busier than ever and works in an environment that is unpredictable and dynamic. He has to travel, work at odd hours, experience unanticipated losses, go through the mental and physical strain. This is when he requires the support of his family and friends the most. The backing of family and friends during stressful stages in Rohil’s growth cycle helped him regain his confidence and move on with positive energy. Family and friends played an important role in making Rohil a successful entrepreneur. Rohil says that Family/Friends and business are two distinctly different parts of an entrepreneur’s life. However, the entrepreneur is emotionally attached to both.
Qualities which makes a Person an Entrepreneur
Being a successful entrepreneur, and having plenty of experience in the market, Rohil shares his views on the qualities one should possess to become a successful entrepreneur.
An entrepreneur should be excited by the prospect of work. He should always have a strong drive to succeed and overcome obstacles. Regardless of the countless setbacks, he must be able to achieve his goal.
Also according to Rohil, a successful entrepreneur always has a strong sense of self-confidence and a healthy opinion of their skills and abilities. His/her personality must be assertive and strong. An entrepreneur should always be on the lookout for new innovations and ideas in order to emerge as a winner. One should constantly reinvent himself and think of better ways to run a business and improvise on the products and services offered.
Another important quality of a successful entrepreneur is openness in adopting change. One should not be headstrong and stubborn when it comes to choosing other options. Change is the only thing that is constant in business no one can make any profits on age-old methods.
In addition to this, Rohil gives a piece of advice to young entrepreneurs, “find partners who are experts in an area you aren’t, who possess the talents that you are lacking.  As a first-time entrepreneur, your idea is going to change.  The monetization strategy may pivot, consumer adoption may stall, and things could get dire. You will need a solid group around you to successfully build your idea and execute.” 

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