Namrata Banerji: India’s Women Icon of Strong Entrepreneurship

  • Tell us about your responsibilities as a young dynamic Entrepreneur?

I am Namrata Banerji, Chief Operating Officer at Make My Brand Social and Wisteria Media®. Strategic Digital Marketing & Event Management is our Company’s forte and I am in-charge of managing operations of both the firms. I ensure we work as per the vision and mission set by our CEO and MD; Mr. Pancham Banerji.
I love challenges and consider them to be stepping stones to success. I believe in growing and flourishing and bring this attitude into every decision I take for both the companies.
When we take up a client’s project, we take up a huge responsibility. I ensure a stringent process to deliver the best results which in turn boosts our team’s confidence and goes a long way in making us a successful Multi-Service Marketing and Advertising company.

  • How did you get your idea or concept for the business?

​Frankly speaking, the idea is of our CEO and MD; Mr. Pancham Banerji. I became a part of his vision and the amazing ventures he has created. Research shows that, a very small percentage gets allocated to digital marketing activities. Reason: businesses lack processes to evaluate R.O.I and direct results from digital marketing initiatives.
This is where we come in. Make My Brand Social’s mission is to show the way to execute great Digital Marketing campaigns and ensure substantial R.O.I for our clients.
Our success factor: We started as a Digital Marketing Company. We are now a Multi Service Marketing & Advertising Company with 44 active clients from FMCG, Real Estate, Food & Beverage, Education, Bollywood, Healthcare industry and growing.

  • What are the hurdles you had to face because of young age and lack of experience in the starting phase?

I welcome challenges. It boosts my capacity to do better.
In terms of experience, I am no greenhorn. I have several years of experience in the Management, HR & Legal domain. I never tried my hand with Operations. But I am here now and enjoying every moment of it.
I will be honest to say, there were trying times. The team was small. Lack of able manpower, training, allocation of resources and time management were serious issues faced. Now, we’re in a much better position.  The good news is that we are soon going to start our first overseas branch.

  • What made you choose this type of business? What is unique about your business?

Anything, in which creativity is involved, excites me. Over here, along with creativity, comes a huge responsibility towards our clients, and we cannot go wrong there. This was the deciding factor. We’re unique in terms of our approach towards Marketing which is focused towards R.O.I, analytics and consumer centric marketing. ​Fortunately, we have been able to deliver the best to our clients.  It is seen in the return business we get and client loyalty we enjoy.

  • What were some of the biggest lessons that have impacted the way you work? What was the lesson, and what was it like before and after?

“Mistakes are teachers in disguise”. For me what matters is, whether I deal with mistakes in the right manner.
Before, I was more reactive to situations and people. Now, I look at situations with a bird’s eye view and come up with efficient solutions.

  • To what do you attribute your success?

Success is not a one man show. It is always a team effort. Having a good and efficient team, is a sure fire way to succeed. That’s what we have and are continuously improving. We would like to thank our Senior Team Members: Bhavesh, Sheikh Abdullah, Faisal Khan, Ritu Malhotra, Abhishek Verma, Vishal Bhattacharya, & Chitra Kodavoor who has played crucial role in building Make My Brand Social.

  • If you had one piece of advice to someone just starting out, what would it be?

An entrepreneur needs to understand that business works on the fundamental process of demand and supply. If your product is not creative or innovative, you are going to end up being just another company.  To survive and ensure steady growth in a challenging market like this, innovation or a creative approach in meeting the needs of the market is important.
Sustaining any venture will require innovation, determination, sacrifice and inner passion to excel. Needless to say finance management, as a skill is one of the most important in setting up a modern day enterprise.
However, Chill. A magnet sticker on my fridge says, “Enjoy the journey more than the destination”.

  • What are some of the qualities which make a person an entrepreneur?​

Some of them are:

  • Persistence, Energy, Focus and Determination,
  • Ability to think different.
  • Good hold on finance management.
  • What’s unique about your work culture?

Over the years, we’ve created a sustaining and a great workplace. Our team members enjoy corporate parties, festive occasions, spot activities and much more. An inclusive culture helps us attract and retain talent. Dignity of the individual is a non-negotiable priority.

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