Jigar Agarwal: Revolutionizing the E-commerce Industry

India has become the 5th largest country in the world of e-commerce and 2nd ranking country in Asia. Technology-driven e-commerce industry of India is luring the smart buyers with lower prices, heavy discounts and door-step delivery.
These are the reasons that, online shopping is becoming an emerging trend for marketers to promote their merchandise in the wide geographical area using the internet.The online shopping in India is growing and getting better day by day.
Evaluating the entire scenario, a young entrepreneur, started at such an age of 20, Jigar Agarwal with his sister Ekta Agarwal. This brother-sister duo founded a successful e-commerce portal, Ninecolours.com. While reverting back on the question of the idea of Ninecolours, Jigar says, “ I have been observing the global ecommerce Industry trends and I always knew it would hit India soon. According to me, 2013 was the best time to get started. With the support of my family and team, we started Ninecolours.com and since then there has been no looking back”
Jigar elaborates that there was a boom anticipated in the industry and that retailing was always a subject of interest for him. He says, “The uniqueness about his business is India”. The love for India’s ethnic fashion worldwide creates a vast market worldwide. It is his efforts which enabled Ninecolours to reach more than 220 countries worldwide with 26 currencies support and customized tailoring options giving their customers everything they want under one roof.
Ninecolours: Fruit of Hard Work
And the dreams of this young entrepreneur came true. Only at the age of 23, Jigar has made it all possible with his great efforts. Today, Ninecolours is actually spreading colours in the life of people by the offerings it provides.
Ninecolours.com is one of the leading online Ethnic wear website with a focus on the range of products catering to customer’s all Ethnic and Home Decor needs. With the aim to be clients preferred choice in Ethnic Wear and meet all the stylish traditional and fashionable needs with artistry and style, Ninecolours offers Creative Designs and Innovative Fashion across the globe, which ranges from fashionable Ethnic wear to majestic Home décor products.
‘Success Enabler’, The Team of Ninecolours
Jigar gives credits to the team of the Ninecolours for its success. As a team, they endeavor to build a solid platform for all those ethnic lovers with a subtle range of products like Sarees, Lehengas, Kurtis,Suits, Gowns for Women and Kurtas, Sherwanis, Jackets, Kurta Pajamas for Men. For Children, they offer some amazing ethnic wear collection as well. No Ethnic outfit is complete without Jewellery; Ninecolours.com has a colossal range of jewellery to match the glory of beauty.
The team of Ninecolours understands that to be at your self-best, your home should reflect the same positivity and energy as you. Hence, their range of Home decor products are here to decorate each and every corner of your home, right from bed sheets to table tops, wall arts to diwan set, home furnishing, and handicraft category.
“No Pain, No Gain”
Jigar agrees with the saying, “No pain, no gain”, and explains that the situation was not really different as an entrepreneur for him too. He says that, everything has been a lesson in some or the other way. The team made mistakes but improvised right away to make sure it doesn’t happen again. It happened gradually that they learnt the art of being patient with it. He says that the biggest lesson he learnt in his entrepreneurial journey is ‘PATIENCE’.
Jigar’s Advice to the Young Entrepreneurs
“There are no particular set of qualities that makes one an entrepreneur. It is the ability to bring out any required quality in you according to the situation that makes an entrepreneur. Don’t be afraid to experiment but make sure you are really patient, from your product to your experiments everything will fail if you are not patient enough. ”
Jigar says, “Our responsibilities as young entrepreneurs are primarily to learn as much as we can, adapt as fast as we can, and grow as vast as we can.”

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