Suman BK: A Passionate Gamer and Venturous Entrepreneur

“Well done is better than well said,” says Benjamin Franklin. Executing things are difficult than just having a talk on it. But, the amazing things that are being done in the world are happening because they’re being DONE. Action is the significant element of progress, not talk, or even ideas for that matter.  Focusing more on actions, not just talk, Suman BK, Co-Founder & CEO of Juego Studios, has proved the entrepreneurship is not just founding new ideas, but executing them effectively. “Multiple opinions, discussions, disagreements & conflicts are healthy, Rather moving towards debate come to conclusion & test it,” says Suman.
Suman BK has founded Juego Studios with the vision and comprehensible plan for change. Juego Studios is a leading Game Design & Development Company with 200+ successfully delivered projects 80+ Clients across 20 countries. Their service offerings involves Art & Design, Game Development Across different Platforms, Digital Gamification , Virtual Reality Applications, Augmented reality Applications, and Game Porting.
Juego Studios is a society of some creative innovators, artists, storytellers and game developers, who are building some awestruck games for diverse platforms including Android, iOS, Windows, iOS and also for virtual & augmented reality, cross platform.
Headquartered in Bangalore with Sales office in the US, Europe & Middle-east. They are team of 100+, who has worked for fortune 500 companies like Disney, Warner Brothers, Animoca, 20th Century Fox, Puma, Emirates and many more to come in future.
Suman BK has completed B.E in Computer science and Engineering from VTU. After working with companies like, Robosoft, Sourcebits & Tritone as a programmer & Architect, Suman founded Juego Studios. An Energetic entrepreneur & passionate gamer, he handles the Sales-Estimation, R&D department, Human Resources Management and Operations in the organization.
Suman’s journey towards Entrepreneurship
Since Childhood, Suman love playing games and he was very excited with the Mobile evolution. Since then he possesses an aspiration of founding a gaming app company, which will not just provide games but make people more engage so that it results in a fun and engaging story.
“At an outset more than making profits or revenue our mission is to build the best portfolio so no one questions your capabilities. Create addictive & engaging apps with no compromise on quality, be one step ahead on what your customer needs,” expresses Suman.
Overcoming the Hurdles in his journey
As a start-up, you will always have the hurdles on each and every phase, starting from capital to hiring the right resources, getting new clients, Infrastructure – setup, Project-management, Fine tuning the process, deliverables etc.
As a start-up Suman also has face those hurdles. But, there are some key points which have helped him to grow in his entrepreneurship such as adaptive to latest tools & technologies with strong basic foundations, precise development process, fun at workplace, empowerment, and trusting each other’s ability.
They started Juego Studios with just a team of 5, Today they are a team of 100 + headquartered in Bangalore-India and with sales offices in US , Europe & Middle-East.
Juego Studios’ Uniqueness
Rather than focusing on all, Juego believes in quality over quantity. “We do not want to be a company which does everything & anything. Our Strength lies in Gaming & Conceptualization and using this we deliver games & solution based application in form of Gamification , Virtual & Augmented reality Apps across various platforms,” evinced Suman.
Success Attributes
When you are at the startup stage, bumps and bruises are a way of everyday life. But every now and then you’ll meet the challenges that feel similar to a devastating blow to the gut. However, it’s very important for company leaders during these critical times to remain focused on what actually matters.
“Never give up and motivate yourself because you have ups & down every day and its very important you hold your nerve, engage , motivate yourself & team so that you can pump the energy to achieve your milestone ,” says Suman.
According to Suman, for becoming a perfect entrepreneur requires effective time management for effectively prioritizing tasks, precise vision for growth to achieve long-term and sustainable growth, endure for improving the quality of the service, and finally you can create a positive environment by filling it with positive vibes.
A Piece of Advice to Young Entrepreneurs
Suman’s mantra for success to young Entrepreneurs is “Drive your passion & Take risk consciously”. Commit to your decisions, take responsibilities for them and understand whatever ‘risks’ life brings your way that you’ll move through them as you commit to them.

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