Manoj Rathi: “Go to Market” Strategist & Inbound Marketing Specialist for Real Estate

Before you do anything, you have to do something else first.” Before you ask the customer to make a buying decision, there are a series of bases you must touch. Any attempt to bring the sales process to a conclusion, there must be a check to elements like “Is your product or service desirable?”, “Does the customer believe in your company?”, “Can the customer use what you are selling?” etc. ,with even one of these elements missing can cost you the sale.
The vision of being a marketing partner to every company, adding new advertising services, disruption in the existing services and being a knowledge partner for the marketing divisions of the companies, to fulfill  these effective closing requirements, out of desperate need to solve the sales problem, is where Krono took birth in 2006 with industrious efforts of Manoj Rathi, Founder & CEO.
In 2004-2005, when Manoj was gaining experience in different companies, he realized database & digital reach were problem for every marketer and they did not have companies who would assist them in reaching out. The mission was to ensure being a solutions partner to every business in meeting their sales goals.
The Man Behind Krono
It was no easy job for Manoj Rathi to grow such a vast empire as there was neither the guidance nor major experience in managing a team or running a business. He knew it all along that challenging times will keep coming in all departments on a day-to-day basis and he has crossed the bridge as it comes. He considers himself fortunate enough to meet good people, good clients, and most importantly good employees who helped him to achieve the dreams.
With this positive attitude of not giving up easily, he always considers these responsibilities as major steps for reaching bigger goals. Towards  Clients – Offer them the highest quality of service. Give them solutions which help them take their business to the next level. Towards Employees– Professional development and Job Satisfaction. Treat them as partners in the business and not just mere employees. Towards Himself ,”I always ensure that I do what I am passionate about. There is no point in doing a business that earns you money, but you are not happy doing it.
To Be at the Top of The Business Mountain
There are entrepreneurs who are extremely successful and everything they touch seems to turn to gold, and there are some that do not see as much success. What are the deciding factors that separate those that crank home run after home run and those that struggle at the plate? And as a successful entrepreneur, he describes the qualities of entrepreneurs must possess:
Self-discipline– The first trait that entrepreneurs must possess is self-discipline. Self-discipline is the most important quality for success in life and business. If you can discipline yourself to do what you should do, whether you feel like it or not, your success is virtually guaranteed.
Integrity– The second trait that entrepreneurs must possess is integrity. Develop a reputation for absolute integrity. Be honest in every transaction and activity.
Persistence– Program your subconscious mind for persistence well in advance of the setbacks and disappointments that you are going to have on your upward quest toward success.
Clear Sense Of Direction – The fourth trait that entrepreneurs must possess is a clear sense of direction. You need to set clear targets for yourself and for every part of your business. In fact, perhaps your most important responsibility to your people is to give them a clear sense of direction in their work.
Decisive And Action Oriented– Make decisions quickly. Be in the discipline to take action and to carry out the decisions they have made. Move fast and get quick feedback from their actions. If made a mistake, quickly self-correct and try something else.
 Success Mantra For Building Work Wardrobe From a Scratch
Krono, Mumbai based firm is already servicing corporates and individuals PAN India and is now tapping into the high potential international market. Even accomplishing so much, Manoj’s words “ Firstly as I always say it, I have just started my journey  so I have a long way to go before I tell myself that I am successful, but whatever or wherever I stand today is thanks to my family, my team, my well-wishers, my friends and most importantly my clients who have supported me all along the way” describes his humbleness.
Manoj’s success mantra as well notion to inspire every first organization and its employees is that “Times are gonna get tougher for each one of us as number of business shrink and specialist grow in every single field/vertical. Ensure you learn the art of saving from the get-go and invest in the right technology platforms or people as and when the need arises. Value your employees as they are your assets and they make you truly what you are, its never the reverse.”


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