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Sanjay Kalathiya Founder and CEO Alphadecimal Networks | Telecom Solution Provider | business magazine in India

Sanjay Kalathiya | Founder and CEO | Alphadecimal Networks

Today, India is one of the largest telecommunication markets in the world and has registered strong growth in recent years. Availability of mobiles phone, digitalization, and technological advancements are some of the reasons that are fuelling the growth of this sector. The liberal Indian government policies and strong customer demand have further aided the growth.
On the other hand, there is a lack of professionals who deliver quality services. There is dire need of skilled professionals that can help to scale up this industry. Alphadecimal Networks Pvt Ltd (ANPL) is one such leading Telecom Network Planning, Deployment and Optimization Company in India which is delivering quality services to its clients. The company works for all major operators and OEM in India on 2G, 3G,4G, Wi-Fi, small cell, IoT, FTTH, Civil and Electrical turnkey projects.
Meet the Dynamic Persona
Sanjay Kalathiya, Founder and CEO of the company is charting the course for the future of the company. Before founding Alphadecimal Networks, he successfully handled diverse work portfolios including RF, Transmission, DWDM, POI, SYNC, and Wi-Fi as Senior Manager-Network Services at India’s leading Telecom Operator IDEA Cellular Ltd. Before that, he worked with ADA Cellworks Wireless Engineering Pvt Ltd. Academically, Sanjay holds Engineering Degree from DDIT Nadiad and Finance Management Degree PGDBA from Symbiosis Pune.
“I believe in empowering human resources, do excellence in Telecom Network, add values to the valuable human life by means of telecommunication that benefit society and country at a large”, Says Sanjay.

Delivering Best-In-Class Services

Alphadecimal team members have more than a decade of experience in GSM, EDGE, WCDMA, LTE, Wi-Fi, VoLTE and IoT technologies. It offers wide range technical services including wireless network deployment, optimization, EMF, and MRO testing, fiber laying, small cell, and IoT implementation to its clients. It works with wireless Carriers and OEM to upgrade and optimize their networks as they migrate from 2G to 3G to 4G.
Additionally, the company is offering a wide range of services including RF Planning, Drive Test, KPI Benchmarking, Drive test post-processing, SCFT, EMF Surveys, MRO Certification, TERM Audit, Transmission Network Planning, RF Optimization, Network Installation, Commissioning and Integration solutions to its patrons. The company empowers its employees with all tools and tackles and enable them with state of the art technology to deliver world-class services.
 Why Alphadecimal?
The word Alpha represents the first letter of the Greek Alphabet A to Z and Decimal represents the Latin Numbers 0 to 9. The combination of Alpha (letters) and Decimal (numbers) can create numerous opportunities. Similarly, the company works innovatively and endlessly to deliver the best possible technical solution for its patrons.
On account of its quality services and commitment towards work, the company is standing tall in a crowd. The company’s services are based on the foundation of trust, reliability and dedication.
The company truly believes in customer satisfaction, hence always ready to walk an extra mile for customers.
The company’s network solutions are helping its clients to achieve enhanced execution and prompt return on investment, by automating tasks and enabling engineers to focus on the most pressing issues.  Alphadecimal is integrating honesty, integrity and business ethics into all aspects of its business functioning.
Seizing Opportunities
According to independent reports, India represents ideal growth opportunities for the telecom sector as only 30% of cell sites are fiberized as compared to 80% in Korea, China, and Japan.  Additionally, in the enterprise segment, many MSME organizations are yet to get fiber connectivity.
Till now, the company has deployed telecom equipment to/at around 8000 cell sites and conducted network testing for around 6500 cell sites in India. The company works for all the major operators and OEM in India.
What lies ahead?
With technological advancements such as virtual reality, augmented reality, 5G and IoT, the industry is growing at an amazingly rapid pace.  Telecom industry is contributing a lot in the area of remote education and telemedicine.  Progressing forward with the positive approach, the company is expanding its foot print in the telecom sector and diversifying as an engineering company in India. Alphadecimal will continue to deliver exceptional services to its clients.

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