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Mountasser Hachem | CEO and Founder | Monty Mobile

One of the globally innovative and competitive company, Monty Mobile is providing completely genuine services to the customers. With the mission to become a leading company providing superior quality products and services at competitive prices, Monty Mobile was founded as a member of Monty Holding Group in the year 1998.
The company is working closely with worldwide mobile operators, aggregators, and enterprises to facilitate the international flow of Voice and SMS across global markets. In its quest to constantly evolve and meet customers’ demands by exceeding all expectations, Monty Mobile also extended its portfolio to include a wide range of Data Monetization, FinTech, and Mobile Advertising solutions.
Ambitious Man Behind the Idea 
Mountasser Hachem, CEO and Founder 
A risk taker, Mountasser  founded Monty Holding and its subsidiaries and dove into the telecom world over 2 decades ago. He has been very successful in building career and transforming the company into an International Hub with several branches all over the world.
Passionate about the communications and telecommunications industry,  Mountasser constantly seek to invest in promising business opportunities whether in the Middle East or beyond. In the past decade, his focus was undoubtedly geared towards establishing, growing and further developing a number of telecom companies that provide SMS Hubbing, Roaming Brokerage, and Wholesale Voice Traffic services among other advanced telecom solutions, all under one mother company -Monty Holding.
Wide Range of Products
Monty Mobile is helping operators to maximize their revenues and to support them through innovative revenue-generating products. It is a reliable organization engaged in this business with a qualitative range of industrial products. The company positions itself as an international SMS wholesale intermediary hub, Roaming broker, and a leading VAS solution provider. It is also one of the leading companies of this highly commendable range of products.
The company’s team of experts maintain a vigil on the quality of the products. Every single piece of work is ensured with proper quality assurance. Since its inception, it is continually improving its quality to serve the clients better.
“Although innovation in the telecom industry seems to be getting scarce day by day, it/I believe there are still lots of opportunities for those who dare to take the risk. All what is needed is an agile, lean approach where innovation is a must.” said Mountasser.
Monty’s USPs

  • Use of Modern Technology
  • Industry Standards
  • Timely and Quality Deliveries
  • Experienced workforce

Overcoming the Challenges
Besides company’s comprehensive product portfolio, it is very well established and reputable among operators, and thus committed to keep upgrading and enhancing it. It was very hard for an entrepreneur from the Middle East to enter international markets and gain the trust of operators everywhere. The high level of competition was really a challenge. However, with a wisely built product portfolio, high quality service, and seriously dedicated team, Monty Mobile has come a long way in the telecom business and is now proudly partnering with International Operators from all over the world and competing amongst the top players in the field.
“We encourage a team-oriented environment that contributes to improved employee communication, cooperation and performance, where each person is motivated by the company’s goals. We all work hard as one, have fun along the journey and celebrate the success together.” says Mountasser.
Industry Opportunist
Mobile operators have a lot of lost opportunities when it comes to Customer Data, Value Added Services, Mobile Advertising, Mobile Money, Financial services, or others. Unfortunately, they are not utilizing them in the right way. For example, Social Media players are making billions of dollars through mobile advertising, while the operators are doing nothing. As a matter of fact, operators are the owners of a huge pool of customer data. If such data is monetized properly through Customer Profiling and Data Analytics, the operator can drive huge mobile advertising revenues! And, this is what all are currently working on to enhance and develop.
“We jumped at the opportunity because of the nature of the industry and the innovation that we could see coming.” said the team Monty Mobile.   
Word of Advice
“There are lots of opportunities as well as lots of challenges in the telecom industry, just like any other industry. But it is very important not to give up, and to have the will and confidence in one’s self and the team.” stated Mountasser.

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