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Anuradha Gupta Founder & CEO Amantya Technologies | Ambitious women in tech | Business magazine in India

This excerpt showcases the journey of a multi-faceted persona who had the will to convert every challenge into an opportunity. Anuradha GuptaFounder and CEO of Amantya Technologies – a startup striving to roll out Intelligent products and solutions through B2B and B2C offerings.
She entered the business world with a vision to bring her dreams to life. Leaving behind her well settled and growing corporate career, she started her entrepreneurial venture in 2009. She placed her best foot forward to reach the masses and transform their careers by embracing tech-enabled learning practices. Establishing an empire of own in an environment flooded with challenges was not an easy task for Anuradha. But her concrete endeavors to surpass these challenges are what helped her to stand tall as an entrepreneur and place the cornerstones of Amantya Technologies.
Her career span at Tier 1 Software Services companies like HCL, Aricent, and Harman, and a previous venture at NGN Technologies gave her the conviction and focus to empower Amantya Technologies to make progress in right manner. Anuradha’s corporate and entrepreneurship experience of more than eighteen years helped her to establish good governance and be a disruptor for an enhanced tomorrow.
What Triggered Success?
Focus on building Effective, Efficient, and Equitable solutions have been Anuradha’s forte since the establishment of Amantya Technologies. For her, continuous learning and improvement has been the key which has unlocked numerous opportunities leading to the success pathway. Looking up to successful people, visionaries, and their success mantras alongside the constant support from the family, enabled her to put the best efforts and achieve the desired results.
Hoots and Cheers to Achievements
Acknowledging the current market scenario, Anuradha along with her team has crafted out two Go to Market (GTM) Enterprise SaaS-based products:
EmpAnalytica ( – It is an intelligent employee efficiency analytics platform which monitors and manages employee efficiency and productivity. The web portal plays a significant role in measuring and reporting individual as well as team level analytics.
iDocManager ( – It is an intelligent Document classification and data extraction solution offering prominent support to the automation of document-intensive business processes. Supporting use cases like Invoice, Forms, KYC, Receipt processing and Data Extraction, this solution is applicable across various verticals like BFSI, Healthcare, Governance, etc.
Her next initiative is towards solution development for upcoming 5G Networks in Telecommunications. They are building solution to test Devices and Network Performance as per 4G and 5G network KPIs to help Service Providers, OEMs to bring best possible offerings for end users.
About Amantya Technologies
Bootstrapping the business world with Amantya Technologies, Anuradha has been instrumental in taking it to newer heights by benchmarking its presence across India and the US. The company strives with a vision to build an AI and Advanced Technologies enabled process automation ecosystem to bring measured effectiveness for enterprises to extract best possible value in their business process. They are building various efficiency systems based on process automation, employee efficiency, OCR, 5G and other technologies. Providing efficient solutions at competitive prices is what makes the company unique.
Team Amantya is well-equipped with exemplary technical expertise and enriched experience helping it to create out-of-the-box products and customized services. Embracing new-age technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Augmented Reality, 5G in Telecom etc. the company is striving hard to build a better tomorrow with its intelligent Software Product Engineering services. Since inception, delivering wide-ranging quality products having long-lasting impact on the clientele has been the USP of the company.
Founder’s Take on Technology
Anuradha believes that India has made significant advancements in adapting technology and still has a lot of potential to unlock, explore, and tap numerous novel opportunities. Recognizing that innovation and scalable deployments are the need of the hour, she says, “We have a strong and evolving startup ecosystem in place. Along with a visionary government, which is open to fairly associate with technology-enabled startups and enterprises, deployment and sustained development shall be a reality that will benefit in elevation of living standards of common people.”
Opining the Neophytes
Anuradha is looking forward to seeing more and more successful women entrepreneurs who will make a global footprint with their entrepreneurial knacks. She believes that success comes to those who are Passionate, Patient, and Perseverant about their chosen venture! Looking at the emerging opportunities in the corporate space, she advices the young minds to always believe in themselves and their work. “Don’t let challenges deter you. Let every difficulty be learning for you. Success is not achieved overnight. Tread the journey with conviction and stick to your values. Have the right team & support system and there will be no looking back,” she added further.
A Long Way to go
Anuradha is working very focused in making Amantya Technologies to be a frontrunner in the IT business ecosystem. She is on a mission to pin the company on the canvas of the most preferred software product engineering companies worldwide in the near future. Currently, she is placing her best foot forward in engaging new and retaining existing clientele. She is making every possible move to refine Amantya’s features and offerings. She is planning to expand the workforce with professionals who can effectively stir the technical, business development, and Sales/Marketing roles who would share same passion and commitment and a belief in mission and vision of the company.
Anuradha wants to make Amantya Technologies build tech-enabled product studio offering value in various dimensions, rather than focusing on a single product. The company will follow the product engineering journey backed by cutting-edge technologies with prime focus on measured Effectiveness and Quality. Under her aegis, the company is all set to disrupt the technology landscape and progress multifold to become a credible Technical Entity in the upcoming years.

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