Ankush Nijhawan: A Visionary and Determined Leader

The role of CEOs is unique and crucial as they stand at the top of the pyramid and alone encounter the meaningful outside at an enterprise level- for comprehending it, explicating it, advocating for it, and exhibiting it so that the firm can respond in a way that facilitates sustainable growth and profit. A CEO remains in continuous pursuit to refine personal integrity, domain expertise, leadership skills and strategic focus. These cardinal strengths are essential for business growth, but the team also plays an important role.
It’s important for the CEO and team to develop a close working relationship. With an effective communication strategy and basic strategic development planning structures, CEO and team can work together to boost profits; stay on the same course to reach company’s end goals for the betterment of the whole company. TBO Group, a multinational corporation and India’s largest B2B travel portal has witnessed the same success, and the reason behind that is none other than its CEO and Co-Founder, Ankush Nijhawan. The fundamental aspects that have helped Ankush to overcome all the hurdles are determination, energy to take strategic risks and an incredible team behind him. He does not hesitate to go to extraordinary lengths for causes he believes in. According to Ankush, a powerful transformation story creates and reinforces commitment. The ultimate impact of the story depends on the CEO’s willingness to make the change personal, to engage others openly, and to spotlight success as it emerges.
Meet the Maestro Behind TBO Group
Ankush Nijhawan has come a long way on the path of prosperity and growth with his extraordinary strategic and innovative vision. A graduate of the Bryant University, the USA with majors in Marketing and Psychology, Ankush today by far is one of the most successful youngsters in the travel trade. He is a master of detail and a realistic, hard-driving, aggressive individual who believes in technology. CNBC chose him as a Young Turk for revolutionizing the travel trade through his B2B travel portal.
My responsibilities as an entrepreneur is to ensure that my group conducts business in an ethical and transparent environment with my shareholders, employees, and stakeholders, says Ankush.
Staying Focused on his Goals
Ankush with his strategic goal and vision thrives to direct the TBO Group to become a front runner in the travel industry. His focus is on establishing the overall brand proposition and positioning the group with its core business value by exploring new growth avenues for developing a market leadership. Ankush realized that technology would be the key mantra to success in the future as a lot of techs were being innovated, and the travel industry was one of the first to adopt the technology. This impelled Ankush to co-found Travel Boutique Online (TBO) in 2006. Backed by a cohesive team of professionals, and their clairvoyant attitude, Ankush assessed and realized the potential of the B2B market. He has diligently proved himself, and today, he is admired as one of the main pillars on which TBO is standing with its head held high. It’s the result of his leadership and extraordinary management skills that TBO Group is one of India’s largest B2B Online Travel Company servicing more than 30,000 travel partners in the Middle East, Africa, Latin America and Southeast Asia. A truly multinational company born out of India proudly services nearly 34,000 Travel Agents across 78 Countries for their selling requirements through their 18 global offices.
Ankush states, “I have always tried to set an example in front of my team, you have to be a tough nut full of passion for making it a successful one! Strong sense of leadership, ambition, charisma, ability to take risks and initiative are some of the skills that are a must have for success.”
A Unique Approach towards the Existing Market
Transformations require extraordinary energy, and Ankush believes that vision backed by an action plan helps align resources smartly. He has always felt that their commitment and ability to innovate has helped the company. His purpose as a boss has not been in preaching but more often in shepherding and mentoring. Ankush’s task has been towards mapping their people on to the bigger canvas so that he can see them take over responsibilities and blossom. Their robust and unwavering sense of ethics and uncompromising nature in an industry full of agencies using unscrupulous means to get business has turned out to be obstacles at times. But they are happy to be a value based company.
Bright Future
With a bright future in the Indian tourism space and the global emerging markets, Ankush intends to create a global presence and wishes TBO to be considered as the number one choice by travel agents worldwide for any travel related product. At present, India is considered the third largest aviation economy, and he is sure there’s enough room to grow in the next ten

Source :- The 30 Young and Dynamic Entrepreneurs in 2017

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