Gaurav Chauhan: A Passionate Individual Who Bolstered to Amplify the Pharmaceutical Industry

“Obstacles don’t have to stop you. If you run into a wall, don’t turn around and give up. Figure out how to climb it, go through it, or work around it.”- Michael Jordan.
Flattered over the quote, Gaurav Chauhan CEO and Founder of  StatsMetrika, he thought to himself “Quotes aren’t meant to be simply read. If you run into a motivational quote, don’t just read and give up. Figure out how to comprehend it, apply it or implement it in your life”. That’s exactly what happened.
With the inception, the company faced many issues like- insufficient fund, lack of policies and standard operating procedures, a small team to handle technical supports, small monthly income, difficulties in getting business from big organizations due to their policies and lack of confidence to work with startups. Yet, this man never failed to live up to his responsibilities, his dreams and his desire to achieve what he wanted. He not only helped the organization to grow in terms of employee strength and a good revenue backup, his relentless efforts brought about a significant growth in business, by introducing innovation, automation and streamlining the end-to-end process.
Gaurav’s biggest challenge was to acquire skilled and experienced resources, despite a promising offer equivalent to that of Multinational Companies. He left no stone unturned to form a team he groomed to an extent that has caused the business to flourish today. He holds the value of employee satisfaction as his top most priority, which results in the employees putting their best foot forward at all times. He has made this company climb the ladders of success in success stories we just hear of and dream of achieving. This man has made it happen. My friends, chase your dream … it does lead to reality. This is a living example of exemplary dedication and hard work that has led to building a company from scratch.
Establishing Pharmaceuticals Globally
Gaurav is an ardent believer of APJ Abdul Kalam’s famous quote, “Education gives you wings to fly”. Having passed out from a prosperous Institute, IIT KGP, Gaurav piled up the confidence of handling situations under pressure during the tenure of his course. After his first break, Gaurav started providing consulting services to US based companies like ICON and eClinical Solutions. As his incomes began multiplying with the consultancy practice, he gained the confidence to start a business of his own – a business to bring about an innovation in the sector of Clinical Research –  in the world of pharmaceutical companies and to make his company stand tall and strong amongst its competitors.
Interests both Clients and Employees
The most challenging situations faced while establishing StatsMetrika was to comprehend the clients’ needs and promptly provide them with quality deliverables, Accurate estimation on fund management and utilization, Building Client Relationships and Client Satisfaction and  Staying by your company’s side even when it isn’t at its expected level of performance. His commitment and perseverance to deliver his project with quality and before time has gained him clients that do not wish to look elsewhere.
Not just clients, employees seem to have found the most promising and satisfying place at StatsMetrika with learning programs, incentives as well as the culture to work from home. The company provides an exposure through end-to-end delivery in projects which ensures employee growth as well as an increase in the spectrum of one’s knowledge base.
All about StatsMetrika                            
StatsMetrika is a services and product oriented company. It helps industries improve business with unique enterprise solutions. Experienced IITians founded the company with the principle to build as well as execute great pioneering ideas paving the path for their clients to grow and better their business prospects. StatsMetrika offers statistical services across numerous industries all over the world.
Being experts in the field, StatsMetrika offer guaranteed services and solutions to their clients in the areas of Analytics, Application development & maintenance, Biostatistics & Statistical programming, Consulting, Data Management, and Human Resources & Technical Trainings
Solving Business Challenges
A business often passes through several challenges. At StatsMetrika, they understand this and come up with strong technical innovations and experienced technical teams to resolve the hitches a business is facing. Moreover, their clients can expect to get faster results at reduced expenditure.
Fulfill client Mission and Vision
No business can run without a proper mission and a vision. With their expertise and industry-wide know-how, StatsMetrika assists their clients to operate the business in a better way by optimizing the level of productivity and efficiency that will automatically help them to acquire an organizational vision.
A Dedicated Team
StatsMetrika is proud to have a highly qualified and dedicated team to fulfill the needs of each of their clients. The team not only possesses specialized skills but also gets comprehensive training from the company so that they can cater specifically to all their clients globally. StatsMetrika consider its team to be one of its valuable assets.
StatsMetrika takes pride in being recognized worldwide owing to its sophisticated approach in delivering enormous business value with the commitment to uphold the same. They consider their responsibilities not limited to just developing a business, but also offer innovative solutions whenever called for. StatsMetrika deals honestly equally with each of their clients and partners as well. Working with us, our clients will see their businesses climbing the ladders of success in the long run.
Dedication with Patience can help you achieve your dreams
According to Gaurav, leaders are facing challenges in bringing innovation within their limits and funds. They fear to take risky decisions. To overcome this, the most important characteristics needed are a sense of dedication to achieve things, believing in yourself and quickly learning from mistakes. Not only this, understanding business needs, keeping a keen eye on expenditures and income being patient is also essential.
Bringing New Products and Services
The Pharmaceutical industry is at its peak. It is continually doing well and expectations are it is on its rise. StatsMetrika is bringing products and services that will help them increase their revenues and innovate in the avenues they have ventured into.

Source :- The 30 Young and Dynamic Entrepreneurs in 2017

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