Kamaljit Gatore: A Passionate HR professional

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“Always be hungry, be patient, and Network within the Industry. Hunger will not let one become complacent, patience will help in clearing obstacles and make better decisions and Networking will give the necessary jumpstart which is needed to become an HR entrepreneur”
This is the mantra which drives one ahead and makes one a successful leader. A true businesswoman learns from mistakes and always overcomes the challenges which life throws at every step. One such women who abides by this mantra is Kamaljit Gatore, Sr. Manager-HR at iResearch Services. She is a persuaded visionary who believes that everything is achievable through honesty, transparency, focus, clear communication, and hard work.
Kamaljit has always been passionate about HR functions. She holds a Master’s degree in HR and has more than nine years of work experience in the same. She began her journey as an HR Executive. This helped her to build the foundation that was required to becoming an HR leader. She has dedicatedly worked in the entire lifecycle of HR function, right from the basic role of sourcing candidates from professional networks and portals, interviewing candidates, employee retention, creating compensation benefit plan for employees to managing complex roles like creating HR policies, leadership hiring, driving culture, nurturing talent, and setting business aligned workforce strategies.
Dedicated Leader, Innovative Company
iResearch Services is providing best-in-class marketing-first services to the global brands with focus on dependability, customer service, and uniqueness. Since 2008, the company’s research enthusiasts & sales scientists are helping brands to build their digital-trust. She is one of the pillars of iResearch that bring in years of acumen and professionalism in the business. With her positive approach, she is dedicatedly driving the team of iResearch towards a better future.
Under Kamaljit’s aegis, in span of three years, the strength of the company has grown from 70 to more than 400. She has hired 40+ executive in record 15 days along with introduction of anti-harassment policies. “The Human resources team under my leadership team has grown from a team of one to a team of five”, asserts Kamaljit.
Usually most people do not think about HR when it comes to branding. Majority of people emphasize that strong brand brings in good talent, however Kamaljit believes that strong brands are built on the foundation of strong talent. “The business model that I have implemented at iResearch is to allow our employees to be engaged, to be free and responsible, we encourage our employees to communicate and we appreciate the efforts that are taken to get the result”, says Kamaljit.
Converting Challenges into Opportunities
At the end of the day, success comes to the people who take risks. Recently, iResearch acquired a potential client; the requirement was to add forty resources in a period of 15 days which was a very challenging task. Kamaljit and team took this challenge and completed the recruitment in a record 15 days. “There were multiple risks associated, high salaries for people without the required skill, losing the client if we did not meet the hiring criteria, however we embarked on a journey with multiple career drives, campus hiring, hiring from competition, weekend walk inns and ended up with the required number,” says Kamaljit.
This seven years journey of Kamaljit at iResearch has been a roller coaster ride filled with lot of challenges. Talking about most memorable moments Kamaljit said, “I faced no shows, had multiple people accepting offers and not joining, fighting with practice leads about implementing policies, dealing with people who never stick to timelines, and arranging parties. Having said that, I have made some remarkable friends, met inspiring people, I have been able to make changes in a few people’s lives and I can certainly say that I have been successful in running a tight ship”
Kamaljit’s Inspiration
Kamaljit truly believes that to be the successful in the life one must have inspiration and clear focus to achieve anything. Yogesh Shah, Director of Intellectual Research Services inspired her in many ways. He allows Kamaljit to make mistake. To quote him –“If you do not commit a mistake, how would you know the difference in what works and what doesn’t,” she says.
Yogesh has always encouraged Kamaljit to be adept with new HR practices and technology that are getting implemented nationally and internationally. Talking about Yogesh, Kamaljit says, “He leads his team and me to never stop learning and exploring new things in personal and professional life. He has always encouraged me to introduce and practice technology and be adept with new HR practices that are getting implemented nationally and internationally”
A Road towards Better Future
In today’s interconnected and digital world, technology is revolutionizing HR function in an amazing way. Progressing forward with the positive approach, Kamaljit will continue to lead the HR function at iResearch. She is dedicated to implement and equip iResearch’s team with social and referral recruiting tools, mobile app based HR systems, talent analytics, and learning technology. “We are implementing technology that can be leveraged to reduce the heavy lifting and allow my HR team to engage with our employees and take initiatives,” asserts Kamaljit.

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