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The success of every organization depends on how innovatively it is using futuristic technology to bring value to the customers. Using creative ideas and advanced business solutions is a key factor towards its growth and prosperity.
One such organization is ‘Arraystorm’ which focuses on the LED lighting business, and aims at delivering custom designed, high quality and high value products to people and places worldwide. The name ‘Arraystorm’ comes from the term Array (LEDs are made out of Arrays of Diodes). The company wanted a name which relates to the work it does. Secondly, it had a clear vision that it would like to storm the LED world with its Innovative Intelligent solutions.
The company’s byline– ‘Sense the Future’ comes from its vision of using the most innovative and Futuristic technology today to bring value to its customers.
The company started in 2013 with the focus on futuristic trends. It aimed at high quality and futuristic product designs. It also looked at adding intelligence and invested in RND and software platforms to manage lighting and get into IoT connected lighting space indigenously.
Arraystorm offers a complete range of LED lightings for commercial indoor spaces, retail spaces, and industrial spaces combined with connected IoT Lights using complete wireless lighting control systems and sensors. It is in the B2B segment of the business and handles green field and brown field projects for lights.
Dedication towards Customer Experience
The greatest strength of Arraystorm has been its commitment to giving customers the best Lighting Experience and bringing out innovative IoT Lighting products and cloud platform. It delivers the best lighting output which gives the guaranteed required light and also is soft to their eyes. Its future plans also are driven by these two pillars. It is currently the No. 1 IoT Lighting Company in India and wants to expand its presence globally.
Arraystorm has many brand promises which distinguish it from others. All its products have 5 years warranty. Its products have original designs which are not available anywhere in the world. It also offers lighting intelligence which is completely wireless and easy to install. The company makes everything in India with pride.
An Arduous Journey to Success
In this world of cutthroat competition, a new unknown brand like Arraystorm had a lot of pressure to compete. Its clear vision and passion to give the best to customers and educating the customer were very painful and difficult. Initially, it lost for not compromising its values. However, its firm commitment to its passion paid off and it is proud to have many repeat customers of very large brands over 3 years’ time.
Insightful Leadership
Pradyoth Raj Varma, the Founder, and CEO of Arraystorm, leads the company to the heights of success. He has vast experience in the field of LED lighting.  He has provided his services to many companies like Wipro Lighting and Videocon. He has undertaken various Six Sigma Projects and has vast knowledge and efficiency in areas like logistics, supply chain, and CRM. His grasp of logistics, supply chain management, and CRM is unequalled. Pradyoth is a B. Tech from NIT and completed his ‘Management Development Program’ from IIM Ahmedabad.
Constant Efficiency Improvement
The company aims to improve efficiency by very good detailed planning, discipline of implementation of the strategy and taking up tasks which are in line with its vision.
It conducts personnel planning with a tool called Evernote and prioritizes tasks on a daily basis. Also, every team member does a weekly plan. Every department does their planning in different ways suitable to their operations, like, Product design and RND follow MPP (Microsoft project Planning) tool, Factory and Operations use a tool called KissFlow, and Sales uses a tool called Pipedrive. It aims at creating a culture to plan.
Weekly reviews are conducted on Monday to ensure that the task gets done.  This is done one on one with functional heads. Secondly, another weekly review is conducted where the complete leadership teams meet together and have a joint common goal to achieve as a team and not individual functional goals.  This has helped tremendously to give a cross functional push to achieve goals efficiently. It decides what it wants to do and what it doesn’t to keep its focus on Strategy clear and its Vision in Site.
Faith is Critical for Success
Pradyoth advises budding entrepreneurs that strong belief in oneself is very critical to achieving success. He suggests them to build a great team and sacrifice their interests for the team. Only a good team can build businesses. Entrepreneurs should ask their team what needs to be done.
They should always think what is good for their customer. They should build relationships with customer, vendor, partners, and employees. They will help and grow businesses. They should have great respect for everyone, big or small.
Source :-The 20 Pathbreaking Brands to Watch in 2018

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