Zebronics: Catering Most Sound and Preferred IT peripherals

Computer peripherals’ range in this contemporary world is pretty wider. It has got the potential to swap the scenario 360°, make or break your computing experience. Here is a company Zebronics, founded in 1997, can push you to the former end of this experience, rather than the latter.

The company was based on the ideology ‘Always Ahead’ making technology access available to a diverse audience. The company is known as the brand of the masses because of value for money factor that comes along with well-designed product built to last and without any compromise on the quality.

Journey from Small Brand to the Ultimate Choice of Customers

Success doesn’t happen overnight. But when you are very passionate about what you do, you would always find a reason to never give up on yourself ―Famous quote by Edmond Mbiaka.

Concording to the quote, when Zebronics commenced its way two decades ago, it was just a small-scale company offering peripherals in counter competition to the big MNCs.

It took a while to learn the ins and outs of industry but when they learnt it they just beat the game by being the only brand in Indian market which sustained to the IT Peripherals when most of the other brands deterred.

Zebronics truly believe that it’s not just passion, but sheer hard work and risk taking which makes the ultimate climb to the top. And currently they’re the biggest IT peripheral brand which has the largest range of products to offer.

Tale of Zebronics’ Earning Fame with Its Speakers

Rajesh Doshi is the Director of Zebronics. He says, “With a pretty challenging journey so far, identifying the reason that influence the customers buying decision in terms of speakers, the company having what it takes, is now recognized as one of the best speaker brands in the country.

Their peripherals segment is channel driven while the speakers segment is entirely consumer driven so it took a lot of tweaks to harmonies this segment and make the brand popular among the consumers. It has taken enormous effort to understand a diverse audience requirement in terms of speakers. Like in some regions 5.1 is preferred, while in some parts of India 2.1 /4.1 are more popular. While some prefer high bass the other prefer crisp vocals. To understand the requirement of a diverse audience in Indian market was challenging but the company progressed and is still learning especially in terms of requirement with sound. Zebronics learned that people love their music loud, every festival, occasion or event is grandeur of a celebration with loud decibels hence their speakers are crafted to give out the best output, and this is why they came up with the Sound Monster campaign.

Zebronics’ sound monsters, and the way speakers are ennobled, produce high fidelity sound that is filling all across the room, lifting the spirits of the listener, whose experience is taken to a whole new level. The Idea behind the campaign was that they associate monsters with roaring sound and overwhelming power. This campaign in various forms also made their speakers very popular among the consumers.

Industrious Efforts of Rajesh

Rajesh, a hard core believer of the quote, “A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work.” For him, work efficiency could be accelerated only when someone is receptive to the new proposals. After then showing the guts to take the risk with calculations and lastly the ‘Always Ahead’ ideology which is to think a step ahead of the game. The strong foothold lies in Zebronics’ team. Their teams’ efficiency and unflinching hard work has repeatedly been a cornerstone for their continued success.

Their acknowledgement as ‘Brand of the year – speaker’ and retaining ‘Best peripheral brand’ wouldn’t have been possible without the continuous support of its team members ready to take charge. They’ve won 70 awards overall, owing it especially to theirr loyal customers who have put their faith and trust in their brand and products.

Vision is to have Diverse Range of Products

Zebronics has 31 offices across India and 50000+ of loyal direct and indirect channel partners, resellers making sure that Zebronics products are available in every nook and corner of the country. Their vision is to have a diverse range of products which has suitable premium products for enthusiasts as well value for money products for price conscious consumer without any compromise in quality.

From evolving as a mass brand Zebronics has been undergoing tremendous transformations in terms of serving a diverse audience from catering products that have a mass appeal to successfully setting their foot into new segments. They’ve slowly progressed into launching a premium range of products that cater to a niche class along with surveillance and multi-utility mobile accessories that has been very well accepted.

Mantra of Excellence, Quality & Reliability Makes

Zebronics Unique Adhering to the Excellence, Quality & Reliability (EQR) mantra with strict procedures and standards has helped Zebronics emerge as the most trusted brand in IT Peripherals, Multimedia Speakers, Mobile Accessories and Surveillance. Zebronics reach is all over the country, making sure products are available everywhere for the consumer. Apart from this they also make sure that they get the best after sales experience with 128+ service centers across the country and always strive to improve more.

Ideology of Zebronics: “Always Ahead”

Zebronics ideology to stay ‘Always Ahead’ has helped them in becoming a successful brand with diversified products for the Indian market. They carefully looked into products, which were generally perceived as expensive products like home theatre systems, DJ and tower speakers etc. and worked at making them affordable to the masses without any compromise on the quality of the product. They’ve been a mass brand that has slowly worked its way into also catering to a niche class with premium products.

Golden Words by Rajesh for Budding Entrepreneurs Rajesh advice to the budding entrepreneurs would be to toil on, as good things take time and to never give up on their dream.

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