Interactive Bees: A Classic Blend of Creativity and Revolutionary Ideas Coupled with Cutting Edge Technology

Interactive Bees

“We are the Ying to your brand’s Yang. We are the Watson to your brand’s Holmes. We go beyond getting the job done; we unearth new possibilities for every brand.”
A popular and established agency with a difference that actually walks their talk, Interactive Bees is a group of innovative professionals that specialize in providing digital interactive solutions in the form of website development, online advertising campaigns or offline solutions in the form of presentations, desktop applications and BTL activity.
While other agencies strive for complete brand communication solutions, Interactive Bees (IBEES) is already implementing it. The passionate professionals at IBEES try to do something groundbreaking every day. But they do make sure that it is not old, boring, or clichéd. They understand that the market evolves with every passing second, and being an ad agency they not only need to just keep up with it but also need to be two steps ahead. And at IBEES, it is not a difficult task. They just do it in a simple yet significant manner. The expert bees of the company smoothly and logically bring together a range of inventive services, and deliver solutions that complement the client’s needs and uncomplicate brand success.
Bringing Out the Best from Passion
“Passion is not just another word in our dictionary; it’s the nectar of our hive, it’s the fuel of the Interactive Bees journey, and it’s the reserve of energy that lets us take brands to the next level.
At IBEES, they believe that passion is what brings out the best in all the variables that sum up success. Think of it as the driving force behind all the smart work, with luck acting as the smooth road. Of course, it is bound to encounter obstacles in the way, but they treat them as stepping stones to grander results. Bit by bit, day by day, IBEES has strongly travelled this road for 9 years and the reason for their success is their never give up attitude, enthusiasm, passion and zeal that keeps them going on.
Creating Benchmarks in Projects
“Ordinary is around the next corner; it’s the extraordinary that gives you the thrill of doing something amazing and makes you look forward to coming to office every day.”
The greatest project for IBEES is always the one that challenges them the most, that allows to test their limits, and that gives wings to their creativity. They believe that problems do come in the way, but no problem is easy or difficult and it’s all about how it is done. And at IBEES, they do it by keeping it simple. For the art of a communication agency lies in simplifying, be it web or mobile apps, online or offline marketing. There’s an Italian word that comes to mind – Sprezzatura. It’s the art of doing something so good, that it looks easy! That’s what we strive for with all our problems.
The Zealous Leader
Monica Gupta is the Director and the fearless leader of Interactive Bees Pvt Ltd. She has over 20 years of experience in the advertisement industry. “Everyday I wake up with a single-minded desire to ‘not do the usual.’ Sure, my experience over the years is critical. I’ve worked with numerous reputed brands in various managerial & leadership positions. It’s given me a strong understanding of what the market needs, and the need of the hour is about staying ahead. This same understanding is what led me to create my own pathway and form Interactive Bees,” asserts Monica.
Monica ensures efficiency in work by letting it reflect all those things she stands for; to be unique, to stay ahead of time, to unshackle creativity, and to make the culture of work fun again. When you do all of this and stay true to yourself, that’s when efficiency and success also come knocking on the door by themselves.
Our Passion is Our Strength
“With passion in our fuel-tank, we’re bound to traverse the changing times, its ups & downs, and still get to enjoy the entire journey!”
Passion is the greatest strength of Interactive Bees. They all come together seamlessly with the same passion to make big things happen on a daily basis. It helps them amplify all the individual qualities and skills that everyone brings to the table, tap into their young & vibrant temperament that churns out innovative ideas all the time, and still to be agile enough to swiftly incorporate client suggestions. It ensures that while they stay innovative, they also are flexible enough to take all kinds of constructive inputs coming from all around.
Creating Wonders in Brand Strategy
“Ensuring innovation & creativity isn’t a novelty experience; it’s in everything we do.”
Unlike other brands that focus on standing apart from the competition, the goal of IBEES is to stand above. And this single word shows their intent to make a mark in the industry, and work along on the existing success. The benchmark of the company is that they always deliver on their projects in a timely manner. No compromises on that! When we don’t settle for anything less than the best, why should our clients?
According to IBEES, their brand strategy isn’t a magic mantra that holds all the tricks to market success. It isn’t something you can tailor-make to fit every consumer’s needs. Strategy is rather, more of a process; a cycle that does that lets the consumer take the centre-stage. They believe that it follows a simple flow, and then no doubt, the ideas will work wonders!
Advice to the Budding Entrepreneurs
“We are currently living in an era where everybody wants to be in the driver’s seat. And it’s a good thing! However, being in the driver’s seat is one thing, and making it your own is another. For that, one needs the 3Ps – perseverance, persistence, and patience. It’s only when you have all three, that you can weather the environment and makes the most of your skill-set. You’re here to not just to survive the market, but to make it your own. And for that, you need to make sure you leverage all your resources, and create a unique proposition that lets customers stick with you.”
Source :-The 20 Pathbreaking Brands to Watch in 2018

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