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Digital marketing is one platform that transpires across all geophysical barriers. It is the most preferred platform for the most eminent influentials as well as for the startups in the industry. In India, 2013 to 2018 is considered as the golden period of the internet sector. With the support of various favorable government initiatives, India has observed a secular growth in the adoption of E-Commerce, Internet Advertising, Social Media, Search, Online Content and other services related to digital marketing. With increase in penetration of internet among the common masses, there has been a considerable change in their lifestyle. Digital marketing is clearly the future of marketing.
With the mission to tap into this growing trend, Digital Indya, an Online Marketing agency and an authorized partner to Google, is currently looking to grow aggressively across the globe. Being one of the trusted partners to Google in Gurgaon, India, Digital Indya has cut quite a niche for itself by specializing in Google virtual services. It has gained considerable recognition for making their clients visible and favorable amongst their (client’s) customers through effective Google business view.
Providing Solutions for every Aspirations
Digital Indya is aware that almost every business currently depends on Digital Marketing for customer reach. Competent with an exclusive partnership with Google, Digital Indya offers a barrage of services that include website developments, new Google map listings, Google street view, 3D virtual walk-through, Video marketing, Search Engine Optimization, online reputation management, website design and development, Pay Per Click (PPC) advertisement, copywriting and content marketing, social media marketing, application development and many more.
360º Virtual Tours – The Smartest Introduction of a Business
Digital Indya has the power to enable its clients with a virtual tour of its premise through the Google Maps Business View. It offers its clients an exclusive access to this premium feature that allows Google Map users to explore the Business premises. This feature is not only appealing, but also increases one’s online presence considerably. Digital Indya has successfully implemented this feature for many of its clients in just a few weeks.
Commanding the Digital World
Digital Indya has consistently proven its expertise through its large set of Digital Marketing  services. It has a dedicated team that handles the Search Engine Optimization. This team of experts pulls out its entire artillery when it comes to targeting images, videos, news or industry-specific vertical searches. The service also includes the PPC (Pay Per Click) feature that allows payment only when a visitor has been redirected to the website after clicking on the ad. It includes Search Marketing, Display Marketing, Remarketing, Mobile Advertising, Lead Based Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, and Email Marketing. All this is well complemented by their talented writers who assist in SEO copy writing and content marketing.
The Digital World cannot be mastered without a command over the social media and Digital Indya has garnered a lot of applause for its many social media initiatives. It has understood the norms of a social media campaign and hence, it even provides its clients with its own in-house professional photographers who give the entire campaign the much needed premium feel. Digital Indya gives its clients a premium and an engaging digital space through its masterly crafted websites. It designs responsive websites that are suitable for screens of all shapes and sizes. Digital Indya has also gained its ground in application development by developing mobile apps and mobile field software. A client could literally ask for any sort of customizations and Digital Indya makes sure that its clients benefit from this personalized website.
Managed by a Meticulate and an Agile Visionary
Sandeep Dabas who is the Founder and Director of Digital Indya, is a businessman for 15 years. He was into IT hardware and software business, now since 2012 he is into digital marketing. He took lots of strains in compiling his current band of experts. Sandeep is a staunch patriot, which is evident from the name that he chose for his company. He is adamant to prove that India  is the next big thing in the Internet sector. He keenly follows every kind of innovation that is emerging around the world and makes sure that his team is well versed with the latest trends of the industry. He has kept his team close to him throughout its journey and made sure that each of his clients have reaped the benefits of their competences.
Sandeep believes that more than luck, it was his passion and his team’s sheer dedication that led to the success of Digital Indya. His strong will-power has clearly influenced his team members and eventually inspires any client to approach Digital Indya. Being a strong supporter of the Digital India initiative of the Indian Government, Sandeep invests extra efforts in popularizing the benefits of a digital world.
Delivering before deadline and servicing for a lifetime
Digital Indya has collaborated with many prestigious establishments and has garnered a lot of rave reviews. Their virtual tour services are quite popular in the industry and they are highly recommended for the same. Apart from this, Sandeep and his team have tasted massive success through a mobile app that was developed for the healthcare industry. This app is designed to connect with the right doctor at the right time. They are currently working in the education sector to better aid the students for their future.
Digital Indya is one of the trusted partners of Google because of the trust garnered from the clients. Hence, this doesn’t come as a surprise that their clientele includes Kajaria Tiles, Audi, DC Design, Facebook, and the media partner of Six Sigma Healthcare.
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