CAGRfunds: A Full-Fledged Fintech Solution Provider


Fintech is empowering new competitors and start-ups to move into parts of the banking business, CAGRfunds is also one such fintech company engaged in wealth management. They help their clients manage their money in an efficient manner and create wealth in the long run. Their online platform makes the investing process easy, simple and literally a 15 seconds process. Thus, they seek to offer “unmatched convenience” to their clients.
With their digital platform clients experience investing comfortable. The delight in their offerings comes from the customized attention they pay to each and every client that they cater to. They also recommend their clients where to invest and ensure that whenever they want, they have a face and a voice to talk to.
Journey of CAGRfunds
Every new company goes through different phases marked by some very successful and some not so successful times. Wealth management as an industry has recently become very dynamic and thus has attracted a lot of players leading to intensive competition in the space. Add to that, the huge number of individuals operating as financial planners and banks are offering wealth management services. Since, managing your own money is a knowledge driven and hence difficult subject for most people, the industry got plagued with considerable amount of misselling. In a situation where the industry is intensely competitive yet awareness is low albeit increasing, there is a significant amount of value addition possible. And this is what drives CAGRfunds as a team.
The company is extremely passionate about helping people inculcate the habit of saving, create wealth and understand the nuances of different investment products. Instead of just focusing on getting clients, they spend a considerable amount of time on each client to make them understand each product so that they feel confident and aware about the investing calls that they are taking. Moreover, CAGRfunds believes their success lies when a client feel that they are in safe hands.
An Online Mutual Fund Investing Platform Embedded with Technology
CAGRfunds is one of the few companies in India that provide an online mutual fund investing platform which has a complete proprietary technology. They have developed the entire technology in house which offers them a lot of flexibility in terms of customization and create unique proposition for their clients which helps clients to invest conveniently. Unlike a lot of other companies, this company is not tied up with third party vendors like BSE or NSE.
An Inspiring Leader
As a Co-founder of the company, Vikash Agarwal always try to ensure that the culture of efficiency, responsibility and accountability flows from each one in the team. With pleasure, he shares that we have a team of professionals who together have ensured that delegated tasks are completed to perfection. Moreover, we also inculcate the culture of every job being important, irrespective of how small or operational it might be.
Technology Act as Strength at CAGRfunds
CAGR being a brand always keeps technology as the core for company’s growth which became their strength. They realize that that investing is a lot about connecting with the client. The company has tried to leverage technology but always there is a financial advisor who is available for their clients in case they need any help. This approach is quite unique when it comes to a lot of DIY (Do It Yourself) kind of investment platforms. They have observed many clients make mistakes because of incorrect or lack of proper advice. For that purpose, they offer more of a “Always There For You” kind of a platform. They anticipate that their client relationship and the foundation of trust is what has helped them grow so far and will take them to great heights in future.                                                                                     
Priority is Always Given to Clients at CAGRfunds
CAGRfunds’ model is centered around establishing trust with their clients, that is what distinguishes them from other players in the industry. The fact that there is always a real person to talk to gives a very personal touch to the investing experience. At the same time availability of a seamless digital platform adds to the convenience of investing. Therefore, in some ways though they are traditional, they believe that this is what their strength is.  And their tagline says – Let us Grow Together.
CAGR Creation Purpose: Solving the Saving and Investment Problem  
CAGRfunds is created on the principle of solving the saving and investment problem that a large part of the present generation faces. When founder of the company observed that his near and dear ones who lack the acumen to manage their money efficiently, he tried to help them by creating a knowledge blog on their website which helps their clients and the broader audience to understand and realize the importance of financial planning. The company emphasize a lot on continuous learning for their customers and employees.
Tip for Budding Entrepreneurs
Vikash’s advice to the budding entrepreneurs is to keep things simple and follow their passion. If anyone works hard and has an attitude of continuous learning he will have the odds in his favour. Also, a sense of competing with one’s ownself results in some real improvement as a performer.
Source :-The 20 Pathbreaking Brands to Watch in 2018

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