Tarah Technologies: Offers Best of Breed Solutions in Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Business Analytics, and Digital Technologies

With the digital disruption happening today, there is a heightened awareness of the business possibilities via adoption of digital technologies, primarily AI and machine learning (ML). To add on to it, the disruptive nature of  AI and its subfields like Machine Learning (ML) is forcing businesses to adopt a strategic view for AI. While facing this disruption, enterprises are also facing the challenge of availability of the right talent. It is this twin challenge of needs of enterprises and talent in AI, which Tarah Technologies addresses.
Tarah Technologies (Tarah.AI) which is a boutique consulting and competency development company focusing on enterprises take on the challenge of adopting Artificial Intelligence (AI) for competitive advantage.
Tarah’s decades of experience in AI among the founders, including patents, research publications, and marquee consulting experience, is coming of use to help Tarah Technologies tackle the client needs. They offer focused consulting services in AI for enterprises helping them chart a path of AI. Additionally, they also offer competency development services across a range of AI technologies (Machine Learning, Deep learning included) for corporate and business professionals. They have tailored offerings for entry level, mid level, and CXO level trainings.
Passion for AI has Led the Journey of Tarah with Fluidity
Tarah is a strong believer in power of AI. The founders, have been in the field of AI for over 30 years, observed the field evolve in technology dimension. They say “It is a great relief to see AI come in age of business circles.” This strong passion for AI helps Tarah conceive disruptive solutions for their customers.
With the company’s passion and strong conviction in AI, they are able to handle the challenge of convincing business value of AI to their customers, which is the typical FUD factor with any new technology. Their passion has let them innovate on different aspects of the AI and machine learning technologies, including bringing latest findings in research community to the world of business. Journey of Tarah to train and educate more and more people on AI got a pace via Quora answers on AI, Youtube series of informative lectures on AI,  Speaking at Meetups and Conferences on AI, and Blogs on AI (Learnwithneelima.com).
Challenges Faced and Determinably Overcomed It
Tarah has been consulting for customers across a variety of customers across domains ranging from e-commerce to Pharma to retail to healthcare to telecom. Among all these one that stands out is an ongoing project for an e-commerce company, they are helping on diverse dimensions of adoption of AI. The project is direction of using both unsupervised and supervised learning models for helping the business of this e-commerce company. They have charted out several areas and are providing a set of use cases in each of these areas to help it adopt AI. Representative use cases are: Upselling recommendations via unsupervised market basket analysis, Demnand forecasting SKU wise using Time Series models and Latest deep learning models like LSTM & so on.
In terms of challenge, the biggest challenge is the availability of clean data to run AI / ML programs on. The company has been struggling with the raw data cleaning, as making it ready for ML is a huge task. To enable all of this, Tarah has built a pipeline of data processing filters which help in their reuse across customers. A key realization for Tarah is that AI programs are best with clean data, and so AI projects have 50 percent effort in preparing the data.
A Duo who is Widely Known as “AI Couple”
Neelima Vobugari, and her better half, Dr Srinivas Padmanabhuni are the founders of Tarah Technologies. Their insight to bring AI to the masses, made them entitled  “AI Couple”, which is remarkable and hence became a unique selling proposition for Tarah.AI.
Neelima is a seasoned entrepreneur with decades of experience in IT industry in marquee companies like IBM and startups. About six years back, she strived to take a plunge into the world of entrepreneurship, via a focus on CRM consulting. Over the past few years, via continued re-skilling, and absorbing the right talent the company is refocused on AI and Machine Learning. Neelima being an avid speaker gets invited at several marquee AI/analytics events for addressing about Data Science Congress, Karnataka CMs special task force for budget recommendations etc.
Dr Srinivas Padmanabhuni, is a Ph.D in AI from University of Alberta, Canada, a strong research university with focus on CS and AI in particular. Dr Srinivas brings with him decades of innovation and research experience via his extended experience as an innovator. Researcher and technical architect in startups and marquee IT companies. His expertise has been in identifying the business technology connect, a rare skill in today’s world. He has been an invited speaker to more than 200 events across eight countries. He has seven granted patents, more than 100 refereed technical publications.
Strong Foundation is the Stepping Stone of Tarah
A strong foundation in learning is Tarah’s secret sauce. With the pace of advancement of technologies in AI, their focus is on constant re-skilling, learning, which enable the company to tackle the twin dimensions of project complexity and technology changes. It is this same spirit they imbibe in their employees who are constantly needing to learn on every project.
Reinvent Yourself to be Stable in the New Business
Persistence, Perseverance is the key. This is to face the diverse difficult situations you may cme across in the path. A constant reinvention of yourself is also key to enable a malleability to handle changing trends on technology, business and other dimensions.
Source :-The 20 Pathbreaking Brands to Watch in 2018

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