Revuesoft Solutions: Providing Innovative and Customised Software Solutions and Mobile Applications Globally

Revuesoft Solutions

Established in 2012, Hyderabad, Revuesoft Solutions is a prominent software and product development company in India. The company offers Enterprise Business Automation software product and Enterprise University/Educational Institution automation software. Revuesoft Solutions Provides Mobile Application Services to the niche area of Banking Industry. Today, the company name, their products, and their solutions are highly appreciated by their clients; it helps them to signify their organization as a pioneering software solution provider in the current market.
Revuesoft delivers innovative and customized software solutions and customer support to global clients in various domains. The company is working on an innovative business model with a positive methodology which aids them to deliver advanced solutions in different areas. Their state-of-the-art approach helps them to meet their domestic and international client’s requirements according to the latest market trends.
The organization gives importance to their customer requirements so that they prefer to work closely with them and educates them to implement the required business process. Their process is the only tool and solution for improving productivity and quality and implementing the process-centric framework in all the areas like Business, Development, Testing, and Delivery.
Ingenious Thinker of the Organization
Krishnakanth V is the Chairman and Managing Director of Revuesoft Solutions. He completed his graduation in the field of Management and also has a degree of MPhil. He has more than 18 years of vast Industry experience in Project Management, Development and Consulting Services in multiple industry verticals. He implemented great projects at different industry verticals successfully. With his rich experience, he is now implementing niche area of the mobile app for banking and financial industry.
We are implementing our Brand New product for banking industry which gives the brand to our company and increase market value,” says Krishnakanth.
Optimistic Attitude is the Greatest Strength of Revuesoft Solutions
Krishnakanth believes that their positive attitude towards their goal and devotion helps them to be a leading software development solutions provider in the arena of tech-revolution. Support of their excellent team members in all areas and all stages give strength to the management to reach targeted objectives of the company. Over the five years, Revuesoft has evolved into one of the leading firms with an uncompromising inventor of the solution. Besides engendering the advanced services, the goal for Revuesoft Solutions has been to push the limits of plausibility and to think the impossible.
Krishnakanth acclaims, “My brand promises to our customers is always best product delivery and customer services in 24 hours. Our brand itself shows our commitment towards customer satisfaction, which helps us to grab the client attention and trust”.
“NPA Tracker” the Most Treasured Mobile App
Revuesoft Solutions introduced the innovation in the field of Mobile App called “NPA Tracker”, which provides a cutting-edge solution in the segment of financial institutions, will bring change in the banking history for its NPA Recovery.
NPA Mobile Tracker App is an application which is used to track loans and advances released by the bank through its branches across the country. After launching the App the organization examined the application. The App will be developed for Android, IOS and Windows-based mobiles which are used by the bank staff. The App will be linked to a present banking system. The App will be installed on the main server of the bank; staff can download with a secured username and password. It will have GPS tracking facility, reports facility, and a status monitoring facility.
NPA status can be updated through App, which will be automatically available to the bank management to know about the NPA customer status as on date.
This App will help the management and the staff of the banks to manage their NPA’s and tracks the customers online and at the premises of the customers. If any customer is ready to pay small installment amounts, staff can collect the amount and immediately update through the App.
Unique Strategies make them Innovative
Krishnakanth highlights their business strategies which help them to maintain a vast difference from their competitors. He added, “Change social conversations into reality and attract customers, we will win over Millennia’s by creating mobile-friendly content that fits their needs and preferences, Leverage both offline and online customer engagement, the key is to understand your brand’s emotional connection with consumers and act upon it. Besides, we will be available for our customers always and anytime.”
Maintaining Long-term Relationships with Client
In the long duration of five years of practice, a majority of the clientele have availed the services of Revuesoft Solutions on a long-term basis through multiple projects. Being a good listener and understanding both the project and the financial implications of the client, at the initial level, has enabled Revuesoft Solutions to be in sync with the client and their requirements. Also, appreciating the client’s vision and transforming it into reality is their forte. This instills a certain level of confidence and almost always results in a long-term relationship.
Golden words of Krishnakanth towards the Entrepreneurs
“I want to give honest suggestion towards startup companies and enterprises never leave your dream in middle, start chasing it. Think before you talk, think before you act and think before you start. You should be aware about your qualities because your will is your strength and it will help you to establish your dream organization.”
Source :-The 20 Pathbreaking Brands to Watch in 2018

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