Axelta: Serving Best-in-Class IoT Business Solutions

Pyush Jain & Manish Agarwal, Co-founders, Axelta

Starting a business takes, a great idea. Inspiration is everywhere, all around us just waiting to be articulated. Sometimes, that inspiration comes from looking at existing businesses and thinking about how they succeeded where others might have failed. Aspiring entrepreneur can learn a lot from other companies, especially those who see a unique need and fill it with innovative products or clever services.
Instigated by two creative IIT Engineers, situated in Hyderabad, Axelta is a funded and well-established organization in the sector of IoT, providing distinctive and best of breed end to end solutions and framework that enables  IoT solutions. Their solutions have the ability to harness the power of “Internet of Things” and achieve multi-fold improvement in the effectiveness of their client’s businesses.
Axelta’s best-in-class machine learning enabled solutions benefits their client to derive intelligent information and intuitive visual representation to take critical business decisions in real time at a fraction of the cost of their competitors. Also, they provide support for building custom solutions for their client’s specific needs that offers them the speed and agility to form and deploy their solutions faster than anyone else.
About the Fascinating Personalities at Axelta
Pyush Jain and Manish Agarwal, Co-founders of the Axelta, know each other since IIT Roorkee days. Being Engineers, they always had a dream of initiating their own startup in the education business and IoT solution space and that’s how Axelta was formed.
As Co-founders of Axelta, Pyush and Manish believe in offering unique services in the IoT space. They have visualized and created one of the world’s first IoT Education Programs which today reached out to thousands of people worldwide. By offering these services Axelta desires to be known as an organization which offers unique and best education in the IoT space.

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