Bangalore International Placement Services (BIPS): Behind Prime Movers in Every Industry

Cities are driving new business on the basis of their creative ideas and innovations, and becoming the reason of development of countries. It opens up the opportunities for other businesses and new talents in the industry. By providing the right talent for company’s effective working strategy, recruitment companies are accelerating their processes for urban development and improving the overall quality of their resident lives. However, it’s not possible with every city to be in the leading global place. Only a few companies are successful in making their identity remarkable.
With the record of serving many clients from pan Asia and in the MENA region Bangalore International Placement Services (BIPS) delivers and covers every range of recruitment services. Over time, a lot of prospective talent from South East Asia has moved to better careers through BIPS’ services and enables organizations to gain competitive advantage. With the innovation and adaptation, they have grown to cater to various clients’ talent and resource needs over time.
Adroits behind BIPS
 Raju Monga, Founder & CEO of BIPS, is a dynamic leader, having over two decades of experience. Raju has a good understanding of a wide range of industries. His initial vision has carried the organization a long way since its inception, through each milestone.  His involvement has led to many accolades, including many Business Excellence Awards. He is a Lead Quality Auditor of ISO 9001 certification from the Lloyds Register of Quality Assurance (LRQA) & KPMG.
Also, Raju is the youngest board member and director of the Employment Promotion Council of Indian Personnel (EPCIP).
Bhavana Raju, Co-founder & Managing Partner, has over a decade of experience in the Hospitality and Services Sector. Prior to BIPS, she has worked with leading international premier hospitality brands including Jumeirah International-Dubai. She also worked with law firms in both India and the Gulf. She has an extensive experience in HR Recruitment and Management for international clients.
Raju and Bhavana were based in UAE in the Banking & Finance and Hospitality sectors respectively, they founded BIPS to provide a one stop solution for their clients to all their pain points in the areas of recruitment from India, as aspiring migrant workers from our country.
“The challenge was to differentiate ourselves from the hordes of recruitment agencies and to emerge as a leader in the International Recruitment market, offering clients viable, innovative and practical recruitment solutions as per the verticals/domains that they did their business in,” asserts Raju Monga, MD & CEO.
Raju and Bhavna’s valiant efforts towards setting up a team of qualified and experienced recruiters, and technical consultants from different industry sectors brings BIPS to reach great heights of success.
“As we acquired new clients across various industry verticals, we concentrated on understanding the client brief, their business processes and systems and their manpower needs. We then co-related the requirements and the demographics, social indices, cultural issues, economic conditions availability of skill sets across India. This has enabled us to offer our tightly focused and well managed recruitment campaigns and services as per the availability and even employability of candidates across India for catering specifically to each industry,” expresses Raju.
Besides deploying Engineers, Industry Professionals and Management staff, BIPS is mastered at sourcing skilled Technicians and trained industry professionals for various sectors. Today, BIPS has clients from top notch Fortune 500 MNCs in the EPC, Oil & Gas, Hospitality, Facilities Management sectors.
Outstanding Services by BIPS
BIPS is an Indian Government certified foreign recruitment agency. In addition to this, BIPS is a lifetime member of the important trade bodies such as Indian Personnel Export Promotion Council (IPEPCIL) and Employment Promotion Council of Indian Personnel (EPCIP). BIPS processes are well built to serve to an excellent standard. They always use cloud-based customised recruiting software to ensure accessibility. For that, the company uses their in-house cloud based recruitment software Web Alligator designed by Blue Leaf. At BIPS, All face-to-face meetings are done with full motion video and integral video conferencing. BIPS provides candidates who are medically fit and professionally efficient. In case they fall short, they are repatriated and replaced at their own cost. BIPS has partnered with many flourishing organizations with their superior services. BIPS understand the human resource necessary for their growth and provide the solution to meet their requirements.
Being India’s most reputed International Recruitment & Manpower consultants, BIPS retains its unique client centric focus and is steadily improving its systems & business processes. With an exceptional track record of providing outstanding services, resulting in repeat business from over 95 percent of clients. While talking about the future of the BIPS, Raju stresses, “As we continue our journey into this experience, BIPS will be constantly adapting, growing and innovating so that we are able to truly address the talent requirements of every industry that we serve. We aim to scale our business model across different geographies/countries of the world like Japan, South Korea, and Europe.”

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