Vyakta: Empowering Your Talent

Employees represent an organization. A poor representation trickles down through organizations and puts cost on large companies in a significant amount per employee. On the other hand, organizations across the country invest annually a substantial amount of money on the leadership training for emerging leaders. But, unfortunately they fail to act accordingly in the development and bringing advancement to the organization. Research conducted by Hogan and colleagues even suggests that, ‘half of all leaders are derailed, and costing their companies upward of $1 million each’.There is an immense need of training programs which empower employees, impart new skills and improve existing skills for increasing the business productivity.
Focusing on development than just deliverables, Vyakta, a consulting firm has emerged with their premium programs in communication, behavior and leadership, simultaneously helping companies win in business by developing talent and aligning it with their organizational strategy. Vyakta connects development of the people with business strategy. Vyakta’s services range from designing learning programs for capability development to advising businesses on what people strategy would align best with the business goals.
Under Vyakta’s coaching pattern, they start with studying individual’s problems and finding the gaps. They connect those gaps by designing an effective program for their long-lasting success. For that they conduct 3 to 4 months long-term learning programs which bring a deeper understanding of the concepts than just conducting sessions.
Vyakta’s premium, focused and different programs are not only designed to train the employees, but involves the valiant efforts by the team such as coaching, follow-up, guiding while learning, and this is the reason, Vyakta is becoming the need of the hour for leading industries.
Vyakta’sprofessional learning programs in communication, behavior and leadership are well received by many reputed organizations such as L&T, Asian Paints, Sun Pharma, General Mills, BASF… to name a few.
Vyakta has won several awards for research papers in the space of learning strategies. One of the notable papers was “Lifting the Karna’s Curse” – Best Paper Award at the HR Summit 2015 by Mr V Kishore Kumar, a partner at Vyakta.
An Erudite behind Vyakta
Ashish Kumar Jha, Founder of Vyakta,is a Journalism graduate. He started his career as a news reporter with the Indian Express in New Delhi and later worked with The Statesman in Kolkata. Ashish switched to being a coach in pursuit of an opportunity to shape the lives of unemployed youth by enabling them to find gainful employment.
In 2009, he started working with corporate organisations and his early success with companies like L&T laid the foundation for starting Vyakta in 2010. He was further trained at ISB, Hyderabad through their executive courses in Strategy and Business.
An avid reader, Ashish believes that making people more capable to pursue their dreams makes not just good business sense, but also contributes towards an inclusive and progressive society.
Adopting innovative approaches
Vyakta embraces the culture of result oriented work environment.The team at Vyakta is driven by the values of care for the learner and rigour in learning.Vyakta understands that the team’s skills development is essential for driving innovation. They invest significantly in the development of their own people. Vyakta’s strategy encompasses hiring of those people who share Vyakta’s value system, who are committed to their own development as professionals and are audacious in adopting innovative approaches to solution design.
Vyakta builds long term interventions interspersed with personal coaching to ensure that the learning transcends to habit change in individuals. At Vyakta, the team enjoys high levels of autonomy and is encouraged to be result focussed.
At the clients’ end, Vyakta commits to the end results and offers differentiated learning programs. Their clients engage them to tackle some of their unique and complex problems that cannot be solved by conventional methods. Vyakta believes in “quality over quantity”, they build a few relationships at a time and invest in nurturing it so that their solutions truly add value to the client’s business.
Care for the Learner and Rigour in Learning
Care for the learner and rigour in learning have been the key values of Vyakta. Businesses face challenges all the time. At Vyakta, whenever the company face it they go back to the drawing board with the commitment that they cannot give up on someone who has entrusted them with their development.
Astonishing Clients with Innovative Strategies
Vyakta’s high levels of customer loyalty have been a result of absolute commitment to end results. Unlike most other companies in this space, Vyakta takes full ownership of the development of the people. Vyakta’s high calibre team continuously engages with the client to gauge client satisfaction levels. They share the insights from their in-house research in learning strategies, which is helpful to them even beyond the scope of their engagement.
Looking ahead towards the Expansion
Vyakta is excited about becoming technology enabled to expand the scope and reach of the offerings. The new learning application will further personalise the learning needs. While reflecting on Vyakta’s technology solutions Ashish elaborates,“We are working towards building technology solutions that would not just improve the execution of L&D initiatives, but will also inform the decisions made towards investments, selection of right partners and staying on course with the rapidly changing external environment.”

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