NextGen Sales Solutions: Passionate About Sales

It seems that in this day and age, the word ‘sale’’ has become more of a four-letter word rather than what the true phrase it was intended to be. The sales industry is undergoing enormous change. The evolution of the Internet as well as innovations in multi-media and technology have altered the buying journey, forcing sales organizations and salespeople to change how they pursue and win business.
Words like ‘the back and forth’ and ‘the bottom line’ are thrown around all day without any clear definition. It shreds the fabric of trust and believability, with no one going anywhere. NextGen Sales Services is proud, as a corporation, to separate themselves from the contrite and strive to build as a brand of service first and a one stop sales solution destination.
Sales Talent Search
NextGen knows that the company’s revenue and expansion is dependent on the sales. NextGen Sales Solution is helping the client companies to build their businesses through the efficient acquisition with the best qualified sales talent. Focusing their efforts on locating and placing top performers in Sales, Sales Management and Marketing they don’t shirk on the individuals who give back disproportionate values to their employers. No matter how complex a hiring process may be, the sales hunters of NextGen are always up to the task. With the huge success of Sales Talent Search, the company has added 2 more services, Sales Skills Assessment and Trainers Galore.
Sales Skill Assessment is a tool which will help the organizations to spot the right talent, eliminate those who need eliminating, build up those on whom the future of the organization lies, and retain potential talents. This technique is effective because it allows evaluating the needed skills to excel in sales. This tool provided by NextGen is effective because it is very objective, gives a firsthand view of sales team potentials, covers more than 50 sales skill and it is very easy to interpret.​
Good training is the key ingredient for any company to have a powerful team that is able to produce, deliver and excel. However, companies often need to focus mainly on their core business, instead of having a costly in-house permanent training department. That’s where Trainers Galore plays its role, they have the best selection of talented trainers that can offer all the benefits of having own dedicated trainers, without having the usual costs and hassles of having your own training department and staff.
Force That Drives The Company
After leading and working for some renowned brands such as Tata Interactive Systems, HDFC Bank,  Airtel, Coca – Cola, etc. Rajesh Shethia, MD of NextGen Sales Solution realized that a lot of recruiting consultancies are falling short in delivering superlative Sales talent to its clients. His own HR leadership skills have been a major force driving the company to understand recruitment challenges faced by organizations and planning services to help them attain HR goals. “Our experience and complete familiarity with the industry’s latest trends and Human resources helps us understand the requirement faster and bring skilled talent to organizations”, Rajesh assert.
Works exclusively for Sales Talent Acquisition
In the competitive bound recruitment industry, the foremost objective recruiters have is to grasp the right talent. Choosing efficient contenders from a huge pool of job aspirants has posed a daunting task, even for the best Talent Search Companies. Proficient implementation of such task requires understanding the nerve of the businesses. This helps identifying the kind of talent required by the companies and picking up the right talent in the right sector. To perform this task with efficiency and excellence in the business of talent search Rajesh Shethia founded a sales solutions company. Though a strong competition is prevailing in the recruitment industry but there aren’t and recruiting firm which work exclusively for Sales Talent acquisition. Because of working and focusing on just one part of market, i.e., Sales, NextGen is the best pick for the sales solutions.
Specialized in the Art of Finding the Right Talent
The day to day changes in the paradigm of global business is directing the business leaders in a continuous search for new resources with a competitive advantage in order to sustain in the long run. Adhering to these changing trends, NextGen Sales Solutions works actively to find the best set of employees who can fit in culturally and in terms of skill in their clients’ profiles. The company has specialized in the art of finding the right talent that perfectly suits organizational needs and expectations. Working with the leading MNC’s and large Indian firms across industries also guides the consultancy to acknowledge the growing trends in the market and the changed actions among its customers.
Journey Towards the Pinnacle
NextGen is planning to expand their business overseas and is all set to extend its branches in Mumbai, Delhi and Chennai by the end of next year. In a scenario where many competitors are busy in expanding the number of clients, NextGen Sales Solutions is focused on working with limited customers by rigidly following the processes designed for their clients’ requirements.
From the valued sales recruiting, in-depth skills assessment, and step-by-step training, NextGen Sales Solutions does everything to ensure that difference equates to profit. They know how much both service and the bottom line means for organizations, and their highly skilled management team does everything, from their end, to meet customer expectations.

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